self absorbed, self centred, over anxious,dramatist; The musings of a disenchanted romantic

Because sometimes writing it out eases the pain of broken dreams.

I'm still waiting for my prince to come. I was born a romantic but life made me cynical. I've learned the hard way that life isn't all moonlight, roses and happy endings. I still wish it was though.

Sorry have had to lock this for various reasons. Think I've emailed most of my readers. If you want the passwords just email or note me and I'll send them to you.

My favorite diaries:

x-despair-x profile - diary
comments: Someone as closely acquainted with fear and trying to overcome it as I am. Helps me over some of the rougher patches
soffs profile - diary
comments: One of the hardest working most persistent people I know. really deserves to achieve her dreams.
jenoline profile - diary
comments: Listens and makes me laugh. Finds a positive in almost everything. Yet underneath she hurts like the rest of us.
x-sammie-x profile - diary
comments: (discontinued) Loves Piglet, is so good at putting her feelings into words and someone else who knows how it is to live with pain.
onthesix profile - diary
comments: More Becki. She's so much more honest and open than I could ever be
little-laur profile - diary
comments: Reminds me of a way of life I loved and would love to live again.
obsessedHan profile - diary
comments: She puts things into words that I couldn't begin to express. Admire her for having the courage to express her fears so eloquently. Wish I could make it better.
broken-spell profile - diary
comments: Reminds me that most of the things you learn at university don't come from books.
mortalveins profile - diary
comments: Someone who is there for me when the going gets tough, even when it's tough for her too.
then-why profile - diary
comments: Someone I'm learning to know and who reminds me that it's never too late to have dreams.
real-lies profile - diary
comments: Thinks I'm pretty! So I love her. Carries on fighting even though she's had some really hard knocks recently.
dutyofcare profile - diary
comments: Has it tougher than any person his age deserves too yet still mangages to find the time and energy to care
underthesuns profile - diary
comments: Karin
jengaroo profile - diary
comments: Jen abroad
missspiller profile - diary
comments: Agrees with me that work is overrated. Anoteh rperson who has seen the inside of too many rheumatologists offices
mixandmatch profile - diary
comments: Sweet & kind. I don't think I've heard her say an unkind thing about anyone.
hollyberry79 profile - diary
comments: A very good friend. Always there in an emergency. Provider of Gin, chocolate, tissues etc in a crisis.
no-map profile - diary
comments: Because sometimes she says things I can really relate to and she has sent me some kind notes and made me smile.
the-moo profile - diary
comments: no-map's new diary

My favorite music:

comments: I just love Flowers in the Window & Why Does It Always Rain On Me
Robbie Williams
comments: Ballads only love Angels and Eternity but some of the rest is dross methinks
The Beautiful South
comments: I just do
Richard Marx
comments: He wrote "Right Here Waiting" what more can I say...
comments: What's not to like?

My favorite movies:

The Princess Diaries
comments: I have this fantasy about my rightful parents claiming me and giving me my throne.
The Prince and Me
comments: If I can't be born into Royalty I'd settle for marrying into it.
Mona Lisa Smile
comments: I one respect I'd have loved it; that beautiful college the history, the other girls, the glamour but when you look at the opportunities oh how glad I am I was at uni in the 90's
Little Women
comments: More Comfort Viewing
Legally Blonde
comments: The Girl comes out on top & wears pimk!

My favorite authors:

Elinor Brent Dyer
comments: and other "Girlsown" authors. I like Girlsown because it's feel good, escapist, comfort reading. I recommend Elsie Oxenham, Dorita Fairlie Bruce, Gwendoline Courtney, Margaret Biggs, Clare Mallory and Christine Chaundler.
Elizabeth Peters
comments: Her Amelia Peabody novels are so very comical yet at the same time informative. I now want to visit Eygpt. I am in love with one of her characters, Ramses Emerson. More escapist reading too.
Janet Evanovich
comments: Her Stephanie Plum novels make for funny escapist reading. I am in love with fictional hero Joe Morelli. Are you beginning to see a pattern here?

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