Diamonds are a girls best friend...

Read on, it'll tell you everything you need to know about my neurotic, random, illogical pattern of living. Humour: optional.

My favorite diaries:

legolass profile - diary
comments: a person that keeps me insane or sane, depending on what you wish!
jenoline profile - diary
comments: one my best online buds and hopefully offline at some point, i really relate to her and connect with her sense of humour and wit. we've spent nights on the net till 4:30pm talking random crap about Tony Hadley's fall from grace!
dozydormouse profile - diary
comments: My friend Heather who has helped me so much recently with my fears, an incredible writer and a lovely person.
shithappened profile - diary
comments: my beeeyotch Heidi....speaking the truth!
mortalveins profile - diary
comments: Lins, who I've known for quite a while now!!! Fantastic writer and even better person :)
skinnylizzie profile - diary
comments: Zoe's diary, the fantabulous darling who has a love for Frank Lampard like yours truly.
leggierox profile - diary
comments: She loves Jensen Button. And Coldplay. And Richard Hammond. And for that, she is the coolest!
phatgrrl profile - diary
comments: Met Dave Grohl, loves Nirvana and I hope her pregnancy goes well x
gaffor profile - diary
comments: Is a dude. Enough said. But I want to write more. Because I heart this guy. I'm a Gaffer/Adam fan girl....wooo!
the-moo profile - diary
comments: Because she is gorgeous, funny and a sweetheart who loves life.

My favorite music:

comments: Air, Fourtet, Zero 7 etc. Love being able to stick this on and relax. CSI Soundtrack features heavily!
comments: Snow Patrol, Queens of the Stone Age, Nirvana, The Bravery, Kaiser Chiefs, Muse, Razorlight, The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, Rooster, The Smiths and a crap load more.
comments: Ha - Human League, New Order, Steve Winwood (Valerie was the orginial version of "Call on Me"), ABC, MC Hammer (not really, but "U Can't Touch This is legendary), The Stranglers, Belinda Carlise (embarrassment), T'Pau, etc.
comments: Gotta be loving Eric Prydz - "Call on Me" - Reminds me of Ipswich, as does O-Zone (cheese fest), United Nations, Narcortic Thurst, Daft Punk, Jem etc
The Rest
comments: Which I can't be bothered to name.

My favorite movies:

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
comments: To be fair, I need to see this again. I saw it once with a guy I absolutely adored and stood on my wavelength, and I absolutely loved the way the story was told and the meaning behind it. And trust me, months afterwards, I wished I could have had my memor
Vanilla Sky
comments: Why oh why was this criticised so much? I never understood that. I love this film. It's so arty (in my humble opinion) because it's so far from the norm its eerie. Two actors that are used to main stream films acting PERFECTLY together (the
comments: Technically not a movie, but I LOVE CSI - I have all the DVD's and I just love being able to zone out for an hour and try and figure out whats going on. Superbly acted too, and the musical scores rock.
Red Dwarf
comments: My ALL TIME favourite programme, again not a movie, but it would be injustice to leave this off my favourites list. Anyone who hasn't seen it, GO AND DO IT NOW!

My favorite authors:

Tom Harris
comments: Brilliant books, well duh.
Jenny Colgan
comments: Sweet, funny and realistical writings from a very good author.
Cecile Adhene
comments: Sister of the woman that married that blond one from Westlife (useless piece of info there) but although her books aren't necessarily challenging, they are very good and a nice read.
comments: The author who wrote "The Lovely Bones" - One of my favourite books fo all time, as eluded me. Any ideas? Note me.

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