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from two-review :
can you please list two-review under reviews. you are linked on your site.
from list-review :
I'd like to be listed under other. I list review sites. You've been linked.
from button-maker :
Your site's buttons do not work. This displeases me because I would like to use a button for your site. So, I am going to make a button. If you wish to use the button, and for me to make more visit my site and request.
from sole-review :
hey, I'd like to be listed under reviews. I've linked you under "credits and sister sites"
from asreviews :
We'd like to be listed, please. A link to you is under "Linkers." Thanks!
from two-review :
we'd really appreciate if you could list us, thanks, two-review
from theweirdling :
I'd appreciate a listing for fuck nut views...
from lazygnome :
HI, Im Elyse from Lazygnome designs and I would appriciate it if you'd list me under link is under
from flirtreviews :
Hi. I'd love it if you'd please list my review site, flirtreviews, on your site. I've got your link up on the "loves" page.
from girlreview :
Hey. This is Dani from Girl Review and I"d love it if you'd please list my review site on your site. I've got your link up ont the main page.
from laurasadvice :
Hi, I would love to be listed on your site. I am a site that offers free advice.
from reviewplug :
It appears that your site is rather dead...or at least not being updated on a consistent basis? If this is the case, I am going to have to removed you from my list of affiliates; if not, let me know and your name will stay there.
from fallstarrevu :
Hey there, I noticed that you've taken us down due to inactivity. We're back in action now. My second reviewer had left me to do all the reviews and I couldn't cope but now I have a strong reviewing team. Once again, thank you for your note. I wanted to inform you of a name change also, we're now going by the name "FallStar Review". ♥ You're under the "affiliates" page as always x
from yourbruise- :
Hey, if you could put me on your list of diaries, I woud appreciate it a lot. Thanks
from walrusguide :
Alrighty then - if you update again, let me know and I'll put your link back up (since I see it as unfair that I'm linking you and you're not linking me).
from evaluate-you :
Hi. We'd really appreciate it if you'd list us as a review site. Your link can be found under our "thanks" heading on the bottom right side of any page. Thanks!
from velvetdesign :
I was wondering if you could list my site ( Velvet Designs in the design section. The link is up on the links pages. Thanks a bunches!
from nm-designs :
list under design
from walrusguide :
I submitted a while ago - are you on hiatus or just haven't gotten around to updating?
from secretalias :
Add me to the review section? Thanks a bunch.
from nicey-nice :
Could you list my site on the review section? Please & Thank you! The link is up on the "Links" section.
from tidal-review :
Would you please add my review site Tidal Reviews to your review section Your link is on the right side of page. Thanks in advance ♥
from belladesign :
Hello. I'd love it if you could list my new design site <> in the design section. I have made a button link back to you on the main page. Many thanks. <3 Gio xoxo
from duckydesigns :
Hi! I'd like to be listed under designs, please :) Your link is on the main page. yay!
from love-designs :
We're a design site btw..
from love-designs :
Hi, I would like to be added to the big-list! Yay! My diary name is and the big-list link will be on my links/affiliates page.
from diary-nazi :
Hi. I would like to be added to big list. My site is a review site, and we are called Diary Nazi reviews [don't worry, we are not really nazis or anti-jews or anything like that]. The link can be found on the links page. Thank you.
from asob :
i don't know where to put this :D so oh well. if you could add me under your review sites it would be much appreciated. i'm called 'arrogant sons of bitches reviews' and your link is right on my main page navigation. thanks much.
from infidus :
Hello I was wondering if you could list me under "template designs" as Vixi Design, my site has been moved to Thank you!!
from evilgnome :
hi, you're currently listing evilgnome under designs/templates. Recently we've moved the site and I was wondering if you could please update your link? The new address is Thanks!
from velvet-stars :
i would like to be listed under the design/templates category. i do custom designs on my diary and the link to the design page is as follows : : i hope you'll add me! thanks
from vibrant-- :
hello. i would like to be listed under the review section. the link for your site is on the links page. i offer reviews for diaryland diaries only. thanks ahead of time. :)
from un-reviewed :
Hi, my site is a new review site I'd like to be listed under the 'Review' section. Your link is on the index.html page. Thanks!
from konnex :
My site's a design and review site. Shove it in whatever category you want! Cool site. :) Your link's on the nav bar.
from over25revue :
i would like to be listed in the review section. i would also like to ask why onewetleg is not listed on your public diaries listings. let us know so we can update our listings page. all in good fun. love, jj
from dc3caliboi :
i would like to be removed "personal diaries" on big list. thanks very much. i'm taking down my listings and i didnt want you to think i took it down to be mean. i just dont want to be listed anymore so im telling all my listings. :) thanks and have a nice day.
from dot-reviews :
Hey hey hey! If you could list me under your 'review' section, that would be marvelous. Thanks!
from beach-review :
Hello! Could we please be listed as a 'reviews' site? Your link is under the 'links' link at the bottom of the page. Thank you!
from kepo-reviews :
Hi! We run a review site and would like to be listed under your "Reviews" section. Your link is under our "Rings" section, sub-categorised under "Non-Rings". Regards, Jen & Des
from walrusguide :
I would love it if you could list me. I'm a directory site, much like yours. Name: I Am The Walrus URL: . Thanks!
from gypsy-design :
Hello could u list me under design sites. Name: Gypsy Designs URL: your link is under my supporters page aka fellow slaves.
from autumn-revs :
Hi! Could you please add Autumn Reviews to your review list? Thanks!
from d8zed-ezines :
Hello! I would love for you to list me under "template designs". You link is on the main page under 'Plugs'. thanks!
from byndfixation :
Hey! I'd like to be reveiwed, thanks!
from threereviews :
please add my review site. your link can be found under "links". thank you!
from acidreviews :
Hello. Could you please list Acid Reviews under 'reviews' please? Your link is on the links page. Thank you.
from kooltuo- :
Heya! I'd like my site to be listed under Personal thanks. The link is under 'links'.
from seemysite :
Heh. Apparently I already put a note on here requesting that you put me on your page. I'm newwave-red, and my note is a few notes down. I guess you don't update much. :-P
from seemysite :
Hi, I started a new review site and I'd like to be added to your review list. I also have a personal diary that I'd like you to add, but let me make a new note for that. Thanks!
from x-reviewme-x :
heylow, will you please put my review site on your list? [x-reviewme-x]
from starlit-lily :
Hello! Will you please link my review site on your list, please? Thank you.
from starlit-lily :
Hello! Will you please link my review site on your list, please? Thank you.
from enchantedds :
Please list me in your design section. Your link is on the main page
from adviceadivce :
hey i've added u to my favorite diaries please add me, u can email me at [email protected] and the sight is please visit!!
from lime-reviews :
I'd like my review site to be listed. its ... thanks :o)
from newwave-red :
I would like to get listed! I've been a diarist for about two months and I am fairly addicted. I've linked you on the left side of my site. I'm not sure which category my diary goes undae, but I just have your run-of-the-mill diary. Thanks! - Red.
from dylanwashere :
Sorry, I forgot, I have a personal diary in case you were wondering.
from onetruestar :
Just stopped by to visit...and wanted to let you know that many of the sites you are linking are might want to go through and clean up the list of the dead sites.
from dylanwashere :
Hey, I linked you to my diary. I'd like to be on your big-list. Thankx
from julesspeaks :
I've linked your site at my personal diary, please add me to your list. Thanks
from britneypink :
Hi, love your big list banner which I've added to my personal diary site. I would greatly appreciate to be on your list. Thanks.
from adviceadivce :
Hi! I was wondering if you could add my site under advice sites? I just made the site so no one has come to it yet, but I would love to get it going and get it big!
from lizziedsigns :
Hi! I've know I've been listed before but it's not Lizzedsigns, it's LizzieDsigns. My link is still up. Oh and um, the button I made, I've made a better looking one. Could you use it instead? Thanks!
from eternalscars :
can you add me under personal diaries? it's a poetry diary and i try and update it daily. thanks. link is on the right side of the page. =)
from charmdesigns :
Can you list Charm Designs under design templates, please? Thank you.
from dee-design :
May I please join? I have a design site at dee-design and I have your link up. Thanks!
from pink-design :
Hiya! Just wondering if I can be listed :)) I've got a link to you on the links page. Hugs, Beth
from specialrevus :
Hi my name is Miss Rose. I run Special Reviews. I linked you under the supporters page. Can we please be linked under the review sites. Also if possible can you put a note that we need reviewers by our link. Thanks ever so much hun.
from designchal :
hey i have opened up a new site called Design Challenge, its a site that is like a contest for designers maybe you could give it a look-see oh and maybe you could link me!
from lizziedsigns :
Hi, I'd like to be listed in big-list! Big-List is listed iunder my links page. I also made a button which you can use if you want to. It can be found
from aprilz21 :
hello.. can you add Aprilz Designz ( to your list please... your link is in my credits page. Thank You!
from two-designs :
Hi there! Could you please add TWO-Designs to your list? the URL is: and our email is [email protected]. Your link is on the "thanks" page
from best-of :
Thanks for contributing to our site -- your listing has been featured on our pages! Please consider relinking us on your main page. Have a happy holiday season.
from onedarksoul :
Hi. Could you add me to the personal listing. I've got you linked on my reviews/lists page. It's at the bottom. Thanks. -Alex
from youvegetable :
hi, can you please add youvegetable reviews? your link is up at the bottom of the page. thank you!
from widescreen :
Hi there, can you add (Raging Pistachio Designs) to your design listing? Thanks. Link is under the Thanks section on the main page.
from ubdesign :
Hi, I would like to have my site listed under design/templates. The site is called Useless Beauty Design. I offer free stock templates as well as doing free custom designs. Thanks.
from exposed-revu :
Could you exposed-revu under dland review sites? Thanks so much!
from knotreviews :
Could you list knotreviews on the Big-list? Link under drop down menu... thanks!
from alwysromance :
Please list us as Always Romance Reviews. Your link is under "links." Thanks much!
from tasteyouview :
Hey there. Could you list me as Taste You Reviews please??'ll find your link under "affiliates"
from randomlayout :
could you list random layout please? you can find your link under credits.
from christrevue :
Hey, could you add us to your list of Review sites? The link is under "Linked" on the main page. Thanks!
from pikodesigns :
hi! my diary is and i would like to be listed under template designs.
from htmlclinic :
Thank you for listing me.
from mr-oaf :
Hey - come and visit and we'll bake a cake... We're all about substance over style - well, that's the alibi anyway. Tuesday are generally quite around the office - http//
from ocean-review :
Hi! I'd like to be listed under reviews. Thanks so much!
from justcritique :
Could you please add us to your list of review sites? Thank you.
from review-list :
Love to be affliates. Your link is up on our layout now. Thanks. -Alex
from n-layouts :
Hi there! I'd like to be listed here under template designs. The site is The link is in the main page. Thanks!
from moronicangel :
Hi, I'd like to be listed. =) My diary is located at and it is a review diary. =D I've linked you on the listed at page, which is located at =D Thanks very much and your site is awesome.
from xtooprettyx :
hi! we like to be listed here please. ours is a design review site... your link can be found on our Linkd @ page... yep yep
from uniquedesign :
Hey, I just started a design site, there's not much yet, but I'd greatly aprecciate if you could list me . I'll be linking you (links page). Thanks
from yellow-pages :
Thanks for listing us. You'll now find a link back to you on our navigation. -Alex
from bake-a-cake :
hey. ive recently started a design site. i have only a few layouts, but hope to create many more. as ive just started, it would be much appreciated any publicity etc that you could give to me. i will be placing a link up. thanks
from dramatizer :
Well you should. ;) I'll still leave the link up for "being a step ahead of me". Except I might forget that I'm leaving the link up and take it down at any given moment. I'm like that sometimes >> you know >> forget things? Yeah...thanks for plugging me!
from dramatizer :
Can you list me under the personal diary list? Thanks...also can you list I run that site as well and I'm gonna go now to put a link up even though it's not required.
from kodachrome :
May I recommend an interesting site of stamp collection? It's at
from prosa :
Thank you for adding me to the big list. This list is a grand idea and I hope it'll grow by leaps and bounds, live long and be prosperous.
from anti-spoon :
Could you link my review site? Your linked on the Listed At... page - thanks.
from maskedmofo :
Thanks for lettin' me join. Code's up on my rings page. Cheers-MMF
from her-she :
Thanks for adding me to your list. Good luck keeping it update. Designers come and go like lightening.

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