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Hm. What sums up my life? Um. Music from the 80s, the color red, crossword puzzles, English classes, working at Chick-fil-A, and last but certainly not least, Colt, my fantastically geeky boyfriend. I am rather dull, but I enjoy writing. If you do not enjoy reading my diary, then you can kiss it.

My favorite diaries:

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comments: My boyfriend's diary.
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comments: A friend's diary. This diary rocks.
trancejen profile - diary
comments: The coolest chick ever.
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comments: I like a man who's into the 80s. This is one of those men.
betabitch profile - diary
comments: Right on, brutha-man. If my inner bitch had an online diary, this would be it.
eggwhite profile - diary
comments: These are hilarious IM conversations starring a funny lesbian and random dumbasses.
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comments: This chick likes 80s music, and she writes beautifully. My kind of woman.
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comments: I love this girl's interests, and her writing style is very engaging. A great read.
purplebanana profile - diary
comments: Coolest lesbian in the universe.
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comments: Oranges are cute. She isn't.
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comments: Leon is so awesome.
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comments: My review site. Come on over and get reviewed!
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comments: Awesome diary. Awesome chick.
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comments: Things that make you...
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comments: My new 80's woman.
gumphood profile - diary
comments: I don't have words. Well, I mean, I do. Just not for his diary.
fluidlife profile - diary
comments: It's always interesting to read about a mom. Especially a mom who writes well.
rkwj1 profile - diary
comments: He has three kids and a wife. Why am I hooked on parents' diaries?
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comments: I've read 'em all. You should too.
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comments: A very interesting read.
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My favorite music:

Def Leppard
comments: A good hair band. I love hair bands.
comments: These guys are from Canada, but they still rule.
Pink Floyd
comments: My all time fave, even though it isn't 80's.
Depeche Mode
comments: A quintessential new wave band.
Duran Duran
comments: Another great 80's group.

My favorite movies:

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
comments: Man, this movie rules in every way. Tim Curry should have been born a woman.
Beauty and the Beast
comments: Favorite Disney flick. You can't watch it with me, because I'll be saying the lines and singing the songs.
Office Space
comments: "!!" I love this movie.
The Wall
comments: Pink Floyd in movie doesn't get any better.
Reservoir Dogs
comments: Tarantino is a fabulous director, and I love movies with blood and cussing. There you have it.

My favorite authors:

J.D. Salinger
comments: My favorite book being The Catcher in the Rye, I have to list this author.
comments: I'm an English major. I'm a Shakespeare-lovin' fool.
George Elliot
comments: I do love that Adam Bede.

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