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from portlypete :
I've been having similar thoughts recently (apart from the bit about cats). All the amusing dLand people have moved on, in various directions - apart from present company of course, and I don't include myself in that description.
from laidinruin9 :
Good to hear from you, old friend! The site seems to have stopped emailing me for notes, so I'm not sure how long it has been since you left the last one. I am glad you have found a pair of cat-friends to keep around and that you seem to be happily busy with your other projects. I just moved down to Miami, Florida for a job, as you may have seen on Facebook. It was not my first choice to go and live in the center of an evil city, but honestly I needed the work. In any case it is a good opportunity to explore the beaches and learn more coastal ecology. I do not anticipate living here long. I should have known I can't live happily around so many other humans! I hope all continues to go well for you!
from tawny-amber :
You wrote a note to me...likely quite awhile back. I haven't used this in awhile and just discovered it. It was super touching and I am so thankful that I could reach you in that way. That is what it's all about and it does mean more than we could ever know. "you convinced me a grown woman can fall in reasonable love without blame or parasitism, black markers white paper--- just reawakened simple happy"
from laidinruin9 :
Hey, just thought I would drop in and say hello. I'm back on this site, at least to write out my thoughts in my diary. It has been far too long, but I finally seem to have a bit of downtime to myself. I hope life is treating you wonderfully. I miss talking to you. Hit me up here or on facebook; I'd love to catch up.
from snowxbaby :
LOL Dog militia. That just cracked me up. LOL
from stepfordtart :
Avon Haiku: New face cream today! Ten minutes: My face burning now - Lumpy, sore. Bollocks! s x
from stepfordtart :
"big hitter"??? Im totally taking that as a compliment. Thanks very much! Still on the haiku vibe, Im not much of a crazy cat lady but some of these amused me greatly: s x
from stepfordtart :
Haiku dont pop up very often on d'land. Not sure why. This is the only one I can remember: William Blake, William Blake, William Blake, William Blake. Say it and feel new. s x
from avantbedroc :
1.!!Google can't die!! i loathe fb. 2.the truth of "cross the street to love" kills me. 3. Ironic that the Eternal Life quote is from "anonymous"
from avantbedroc :
again, just awesome
from lullaymarie :
Happy events. What has become of this place? Seems quite different than 6 years ago. Don't mind me. Remembered your screen name. What the in dickens closed down chat? note me back if you won't mind. thanks.
from avantbedroc :
bit of an entry explosion there
from avantbedroc :
second to none :-)
from avantbedroc :
hello. thank you for letting me read, i do enjoy. tried emailing you but no luck with the @diaryland address. may i have your email?
from elgan :
Que passa? Long time no touch base.
from orgami :
bought BALLYS oxfords made in Italy for ten buck from INVALUABLE VILLAGE checked online and they are three hundred and up brand new I use them to mountian bike Not only are they sturdy and comfortble but they still last and havent fallen apart as they are leather of the finest quality and I look extremely cool in them Culture means to cultivate and this takes thought reduction and working to create an item of function and worth Like some domestic old typewriters I cannot afford or find and people oddly enough and so it goes
from realitykills :
Hey friendly. Unfortunately I am having a hell of a time finding a place. No shortage of places to live here, just lots of crazy landlords and sketchbags who don't show up. I've also lost my job; the store was sold to the U. So I'll likely be living with family for the first time in three years which will be interesting. My father's not getting any better, although he did survive his surgery, so it will be nice to spend some time with him. Ted is happy but sleepy, and I hope Taser is getting up to lots of shenanigans. You'll be happy to know that two of the neighbourhood cats I feed had kittens, sweet, fluffy little balls of joy who follow their parents around everywhere. I have named them Moe, Curly and Larry.
from realitykills :
Hey Big G. Yes, I harvested a bunch of lilac branched and put them in a small vase, it's amazing how strong the smell is and how lovely the colour looks. I wish they lived longer.. it would be wonderful to smell them in the dead of winter when even the happiest of people are desperate for signs of life. I have not yet moved - I actually just cancelled a lease application I filled out today because of the cost. Shelter is hard to come by when you don't like sharing it with anyone else.
from realitykills :
I was just catching up on your entries and stumbled upon the wonder of the laughing baby. How mirthful. I held a baby for the first time in December. It was very odd to be holding onto a warm, squirming gurgling thing that was not covered in fur. Ted says hi. His nose is wet from slurping water and licking things that have fallen on the floor. RK.
from realitykills :
Your haiku made me chuckle. Amen. Unfortunately Ted and I spent this beautiful day inside studying lots of old dead white guys talking about who knows what. Have you been gardening at all, or is that to come? I was helping out turn soil and prune bushes on the homestead a few weeks ago and it was nice. My father misses his garden an awful lot. I bought the most delicious pink lady apples this week that were easily the size of my fist. Just waiting on the lilacs now.
from realitykills :
I appreciate your words - they are both what I can't hear and what I know. Looks like I won't be in Old East much longer as the house here is being sold. It's funny how all of these seeming disasters happen at once.
from realitykills :
Hello wondrous G, apologies for silence in recent weeks/months. I've lost track of time. Famdamily is very ill which warranted a week's trip back to the old country to be useless and present. I hope you are enjoying the glorious, glorious weather and that Taser is too. I imagine he has gotten rather big. Ted's got spring fever despite a violent seizure last week, they sure do bounce back quickly. RK.
from livlivliv :
Hey cool blog. Maybe you can add me as a buddy. Please comment on my blog!!!! I think it's pretty interesting, and don't worry, short.
from biggoomba :
test test test
from realitykills :
Hey Big G - I just wanted to give you the farmer's number: his name is Ahn Phan and you can get hold of him at 519-443-5568; my cousin says it's best to reach him later on, in the evening. RK.

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