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from hikaru-sama :
Loved the entry, but I believe you meant to have you and to switched ^_~ "...before me did you to and I promise..." It all brings back memories... yay for musiQ, capital letters and odd numbers! ha HA!
from girl-genius :
i was browsing the new diaryland pages and checked in on who has me listed as a favorite. i finally added you on too :-) regarding your comment, am i really that dreary?
from miedema2002 :
Hi, thanks for adding me as a favourite. I don't check who's added me very much. Rarely infact. I should check more often, maybe I'll find more great reads like yourself. Take it easy!
from caresses :
I just happen to come across your diary. I like very much the way you write and I loved reading it
from desist :
i really like what you have to say. i feel for you. hello.
from girl-genius :
cleverly leet
from mckindley :
Holler if you have heard me. This is Scott. I saw your little linky-doo at the end of your e-mail. I get bored and read yours. I decided you can get bored and read mine. Have fun!
from bellhead :
good entry
from bellhead :
happy new year!
from emmaanne :
hey babe. head on over to my page. :D

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