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from bluechicken :
hey i filled yr survey out. you make me smile.
from shaded-lily :
Thank you for updating. Sometimes it's hard to get through the day without a dose of that very special misanthropy of yours.
from worldofwings :
Hehehe...I looked at the picture of the gnome and he does look like he is packing heat! Naw...its just a really big stick to ward off the evil garden pixies! :) To edit your profile just go to "edit your profile" and add the names of all the diaries you like! I have been reading you for awhile since CatNapn introduced me to your world (which is soooo much like mine!). I am one of the three that does the Librarians diary. We never get much of as chance to update it, but we try as much as possible. Trust me...we feel your pain! :)Thanks for stopping by and I love your survey!
from librarykitty :
dude, it's me, the Sulkbrarian. i wrote you back over at my blog but i just had to write here too! this is the best damn thing i evah set eyes on, thank you for telling it like it freaking is!! i'm gonna get a shirt made: "nobody hassles children's librarians but children" and send you the proceeds! i think everyone is lucky i was not around when the 3 year old got his ass beat down because someone would have gone to the morgue if i had been. i can't abide that, ever ever everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......xoxo love sulky :P
from catnapn :
Forgot something...oops..."How to Handle Volunteers in the Computer Department 101". Make sure your security is tight on all machines (Deep Freeze is worth the buy), then give them EVERY STINKING ONE of the doofy questions, weird patrons, and patroling. If that doesn't work, tell them you are actually a federal agent and they are keeping you from doing your job. I haven't tried this, but would love to!
from catnapn :
"Nobody hassles a Children's librarian but children, asshole." Thank you. That's the other side (and somewhat less nutty side really) to what I was hired on for at our library. Having the computer section dumped in my department a few years ago was not in my game plan and I constantly find myself going from "Mizz" Renee to "Hey, they told me at the front desk you were the computer person." every five minutes every day of the week. So, imagine the image I give off when I come prancing out with the pre-schoolers and their teddy bears during storytime only to be confronted with "Excuse me, my computer is frozen." My immediate response automatically goes from being flighty and kid-like to "all business"...It's a weird transition really, and no one gets it. But I just wanted to say I appreciated your comment as would every children's librarian out there. So, thanks, Dronie.
from catnapn :
Again, I can relate to the endless torture you go through...our labserver was hit by lightening about three weeks ago though, and man if it *wasn't more important* to update the os's instead of trying to save the Barney and Magic School Bus games...oh, more endless printouts and "But I didn't print that!" from the only kid using the computers. As for the chimes...(anyone looking?) a loose sound card could be the answer to your prayers on that one. (Maybe I'm kidding...maybe not.) Hey, us drones have to stick together, right? Good luck.
from captvfirefly :
As a Sys Admin, I totally feel your pain. I clicked on one of your banners and love your diary. I added you to my favorites. At least the users here don't smell like crotch. LOL
from weezer1d :
er, yes, i can spell. i meant masturbater.
from weezer1d :
your solution to the fat masterbater was classic. as another who must find ways to entertain herself at work, i have found yet another diversion.
from catnapn :
hi--saw your banner, clicked on it, read all your entries, and loved them all! Ever heard the expression, "Been there. Done that. Worn the tee-shirt?" It so fits. I currently play the role of children's librarian/tech admin at the library where i work, and can RELATE TO EVERYTHING in your entries. I'm passing you on to a few diaryland friends who I know will love your diary equally. Check out our librarians diary for a good laugh from time to time, too at Keep up the good work!:)
from soulbreaking :
i...i...i can't believe that anyone could stand by and watch a three-year old get the crap kicked out of them, and do nothing. that's almost worse then the act itself.
from cagey :
you suck!

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