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from angrystarlyt :
After hating it initially, because it hurt so badly, I've come to accept that it's pretty good. Except for the last five pages. SK tells you not to read them, and I suggest you take his advice. I guess I'm just sad that the series that I've fawned over since I was into adult fiction has ended, and the whole book was just so...emotional. I hope you love it, like I'm learning to do.
from angrystarlyt :
AIEEE! Have you read The Dark Tower yet?
from uberfrau :
hey welcome to the spinster diary ring...sorry it's so belated. How are the sims 2? I am afraid to buy it, as the sims was like crack.
from angrystarlyt :
It would have been exactly as I imagined it if only Remus and Sirius looked like Greek gods. Personality wise, they got it down.
from angrystarlyt :
Mmmmmph, I watched that Star Trek marathon as well, and I'm not even the world's biggest ST fan. But oh lord, that Ricardo Montalban.
from suzza :
Having fun isn't hard if you have a library card ;) I read your blog:) Just thought I'd say so.
from angrystarlyt :
I wish my disturbing dreams were like that, eheh.
from nabikineum :
Not to make it worse, but DT V ruled. You'll be so glad you have it. It's worth the wait.
from nabikineum :
Ohh ohh. Post a link to the cursing site!?
from avalonia :
That is, I cried. *cant type* Ahem.
from avalonia :
Hello! I just joined your Daniel Jackson diaryring. Oh boy. I don't know how far behind Australia is with the Stargate series, but we just had the episode were Daniel died a couple of weeks ago. A cried *blubbers* :(
from avalonia :
Welcome to the Archaeology diaryring! Thankyou for joining :)
from cateldragon :
hiya, not 2 sue if ive left u a note yet but thanx 4 joining the 'mash4077' ring. :)
from windshadow :
Welcome to the garlic-lover diaryring! Thanks for joining, and don't forget your breath mints!
from heidiann :
Hi there! Welcome to the Geek Love ring! Thanks so much for joining. =)
from mistresslink :
thanks for joining the dark tower ring. :) can't wait till november!
from roapearl :
Thanks for joining the ring. Eccentricity is wonderful, innit?
from gemini52381 :
Hi! Thanks for joining my atwoodfans ring, and I love your layout! I'll check in!
from slant-nchant :
I loved your thoughts on the fouth of July. You made wonderful points and I agree with you. I enjoy your diary and I've stuck it onto my favorites list. And thanks for welcoming me to the Lupin diary ring. Everyone has to have the Moony love.
from fragglefaery :
why thankyou for welcoming me the Lupin diaryring,its good to see other people love Loopy Lupin as much as I do! :)
from dernhelm :
It was your birthday? Happy birthday, darling! Hope it was a good one. :D
from lezbian :
I'm just letting you know that I read your diary! Check mine out if you'd like :)
from hobbitmuser :
merry Christmas! i wish you merriment and much hobbiday cheer, from one lotrsister to another. *God bless us, everyone* ~Taya
from sillyralph :
hey. thanks for joining the emu ring.
from dernhelm :
ooooh! Tommy! :D
from dernhelm :
wow. scary statistic. eep.
from shisa :
My Art History teacher calls it the Bowling Pin Hat too ^_^;
from neko-carre :
Welcome to the Hitchock diaryring. :)
from goovie :
hey, thanks for joining the folk music and gamera rings!
from dernhelm :
Hello! The website for the musical of "Wicked" is (I don't want to risk linking it, because I'd probably screw it up). "Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister" and "Lost" aren't quite as good as "Wicked," in my opinion, but I like them anyway. They're bizarre but interesting and oh-so-creative. He's really brilliant! Also, after reading "Wicked" I became (*cough*mildly*cough*) obsessed with the story of the Wizard of Oz, and there's another cool book about it, "Was" by Geoff Ryman. If only I had a thousand dollars to spend on books...
from gbg :
Welcome to the Emperor's New Groove diaryring!
from lacorneille :
Welcome to the Alan Rickman diaryring!
from aviclark :
Sarah, we forgot to link your guestbook, and there's something wronky going on. If you go back and click older entries, the extra stuff doesn't show up. So here's what you do: Go to "change HTML" and put the links for everything on the second option. See if that changes anything. If it doesn't, well...we'll work on it. And don't forget the guestbook link. Sorry for heckling you, but I just noticed it. :D

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