Eccentricity 'R Me

I'm weird, but everyone who knows me knows that!

Revel in the world that is my own... oh, and try not to make a mess. I hate cleaning up after other people.

My favorite diaries:

tpchelle profile - diary
comments: She's my sister and I really admire her eccentricity... but she now defunct. Poo...
got-chris profile - diary
comments: I randomly picked his diary out of hundreds just because I did have a Chris of sorts... hee!
ryo-ohki profile - diary
comments: If AkaiPussy is my evil twin, this is her little sister.
frontal profile - diary
comments: She just started a journal(yes a journal, people!) on diaryland. I look forward to more...
dr-rndmprsn profile - diary
comments: I got randomly picked! I am special, aren't I?
nekonezumi profile - diary
comments: I've corrupted her beyond measure... into starting an online diary. Yay!
madanarchist profile - diary
comments: Hazzah! Another co-manager has started a diary. What can I say?
bloodredtear profile - diary
comments: Randomly clicked on her banner and got sucked into her world... Fwah?!
akaipussy profile - diary
comments: Frankly, she scares me, but she's been kind enough to host my diaryland images... and she threatened my life. Eeep!
lostplatypus profile - diary
comments: Clicked on her banner simply because it said "Platypus Crossing". Pure genius...
rumblelizard profile - diary
comments: Clicked the banner... found skulls. Awesome!
lunardwarf profile - diary
comments: I can only guess what this guy's thinking...
maryboleyn profile - diary
comments: I've always loved old English... I found this through the now defunct bannerreview.
charymessiah profile - diary
comments: I clicked on a dragon banner... and found a lovely poet.
ramenchan profile - diary
comments: The Goddess of Good(or Neutrality)... hee... another one corrupted. This diary thing is catching!
fallenorra profile - diary
comments: This is eerie, but... nice. In a dark sort of way... heh...
legolas-lady profile - diary
comments: She's so great! And she has songs... that are sooooo funny!! ::Laughs::
pandonut profile - diary
comments: Banners work. Anime girl piccies... Totally skazzy!
ljungberg8 profile - diary
comments: Gravy! Read the words, ignore the pink... you'll be fine.
swcprincess profile - diary
comments: I had to click her banner... and spent the rest of the day reading her diary. Ack!
defektengel profile - diary
comments: She took my survey and I fell in like... um... yeah. She's uber-geeky in a good way.
momochann profile - diary
comments: Another one brought over to the diary side... mwah ha ha ha!
clocks profile - diary
comments: Just as gravy as when she was ljungber8!
invaderniz profile - diary
comments: Willie Wonka and Pegasus? Yes, they are the same person...
akaikitty profile - diary
comments: She's back!

My favorite music:

comments: They're cool. Manson is so interesting. Her style and accent.
No Doubt/Gwen Stefani
comments: They're cool. Stefani is so interesting. Her style and attitude.
comments: I have every single Now CD out there up to 13? The rest is crap.
comments: I love movies and their music as well.
comments: They have awesome lyrics and a great sound!

My favorite movies:

Mel Brook's films
comments: He is one of the best writers/directors/comedians/producers out there!
Star Wars: ALL!
comments: I love fantasy/sci-fi stuff.
comments: I can't help it, I love cats and it's a musical!
Snatch/Full Monty/Monty Python and the Holy Grail, etc.
comments: Ooo... those Brits know how to put together good movies.
Pirates of the Caribbean
comments: Now my favorite Disney film.

My favorite authors:

Piers Anthony
comments: I've read almost every single one of his books. Xanth stuff especially.
Patricia C. Wrede
comments: Fantasy is good... Genesis said I left out the C.
Robert Asprin
comments: His MYTH series is so funny and the PHULE series is great!
Fanfic writers
comments: Currently reading Jellicle Cats, Harry Potter, and Dragonball Z fanfics.
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