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from singledadguy :
Or... if your doing it yourself maybe you should take it to a tech???
from singledadguy :
Yah... so um. Sorry about your system. However, as a professional tech, I have absolutely zero po'ed or unhappy customers. Is it possible that your support is just... not intelligent?
from eibisch :
Okay. I give up. Your guestbook hates me and your email bounced back. I barely remembered my p/w to send you a note. Ah, fate. How you mock me. This what I would've written in the guestbookm had it not been an elitist bitch: I was just at Weet's. Looks like a damn good time. Every year, I promise myself that I'll go next year. '08 it is. Unless it isn't. Kim
from dylanwashere :
what a discription in your last entry. did you make an A in creative writing? if you not, you should have.
from surleigh :
You worry about shit too much. Chillax.
from trancejen :
Dulce de leche Hershey's Kisses. Not bad...
from wordsofmine :
I've been going through similar thoughts about getting rid of my car. It causes me stress since other people have hit it and not left a note and now my pretty car has scratches. Plus, there's the high price of insurance and registration. The one draw back is that the public transit system out here is horrible; so, I keep my car.
from wordsofmine :
I was always that way with 80s music. My feet had a life of their own even in my own kitchen.
from cruel-irony :
I miss you!! Kiss, kiss, love, love...
from wordsofmine :
Personally, I don't believe dieting was meant for the dieter to be around anyone while dieting. We can't tolerate anyone!
from wordsofmine :
You're oh so very brave to cut your hair short. Mine is down past my waist and I would be a basket case if I did that. I have days I would like to break my glasses because if I can't see something (i'm legally blind without my glasses) it doesn't exist.
from surleigh :
My yurt would have broadband. There are some really cool ones here.
from cruel-irony :
Did you learn nothing from Mare last weekend?! When you start to feel maudlin, you're supposed to hug someone. Or a statue. Whatever's comfortable for you. On a more serious note, I hope you feel better soon. And, it was great to see you again.
from missy-17 :
hey, i like your diary myself!!!!!!!so how are you, doin good so far??
from zencelt :
Hello! I have no idea how I found you, but it was probably through someone on your fave's list. I've been stalking your entries for a while, and though I'd introduce. LOVED the almost penis entry today! -- Zen
from f-i-n :
beautiful site
from drowning13 :
No, it means I am paranoid and uncertain and decided to padlock the bitch for a week or so. It's unlikely I will post again anytime soon--but if so, I'll send you a skeleton key.
from singledadguy :
:D Happy Birthday Dude! (stay away from the boone's farm :D :D )
from ann-frank :
Sounds like one hell of a wedding. Has anyone made the "barbequetionist" joke yet? No? Just little old retarded me? Ok then, yea for pig in a spit fire!
from wordsofmine :
I'm not one for play cupid either but like your idea of "let's have a drink" style. If they hit it off good and if not, good.
from deareddie :
I've been snooping in on your journal from time to time because it always makes me smile. Keep it up. Also, on the microwave-heating-of-water, it will only explode like that if it's purified water. Normal tap water has too many impurities and junk in it to resist boiling or steaming like that. So fear not your microwave. For water-heating, anyway.
from wordsofmine :
Ooh, I'd join you as I love pudding too.
from drowning13 :
Yeah, bring on the pudding! The muthafuckin pudding. That's all any of us really want in this existence: pudding and lots of it.
from drowning13 :
It's all about the judicious use of the word "motherfucker."
from biensoul :
You're going to JournalCon...aren't you? Puhleese? How am I going to pretend to hump papier-mache gorillas without you?
from marn :[alt%20mix].mp3 goes to a Modest Mouse remix you might like. I love this song "Clincally Dead" but I'm not sure if the link still works From:
from purplecigar :
Ah, we do become our parents don't we? Don't fight it, man, just give in. Also? How much do you love C2? I lurve, lurve it.
from surleigh :
You know what I like about you being home? More updates. You know, you could have called, I'd have left church to keep you entertained. But then, I do have a glass collection, and it does take up a lot of my time.
from eibisch :
Oh your poor, poor hands. Cracked, snaggy, dirty is no fun. There go the "mad foreplay skills." Damn.
from drowning13 :
I like looking at the bottles. The pretty-pretty bottles.
from drowning13 :
You think YOU would've been upset? Think how I'D feel about it. Taking a bullet probably isn't as much fun as I imagine. Personally I'll take getting hit on by forty-year-old women in the beverage aisle any day. ANY day.
from wvlady :
I'm sorry you're having a rough time. Whatever it will (eventually) pass. Hang in there...:)
from rishi :
Babe, please email me and let me know what's going on! [email protected]
from rishi :
Darling, I must say I'm missing the martinis. Any reason you ditched them?
from drowning13 :
Why? Were you, too, going to post an entry about riding public transportation while wielding a knife for everyone to see? Right on!
from mccullen :
laughing out loud in the computer lab. man you can't write things like 'souring milk' and 'making wells go dry' without a warning.
from surleigh :
Jesus Christ guy. At least my working tenure among the elderly left me feeling respect for them and they generally treated me well. Sorry guy. Fuck the fucking fuckers.
from sugar-slit :
Found your site in a diaryring that I just joined and I'm glad that I did. Your design is wicked!
from patadrina :
You have some...interesting fans in your guestbook Chau. I'm almost jealous. almost.
from smallfry42 :
hey, I was looking up random diaries and I stumbled across yours, I thought it was pretty nifty. I live in pleasanton also(hence how I found yours) but I just thought I'd let you know that your diary seemed cool. have a good one. ~Maggie
from superjo :
it's nice to have you back. i was worried there for a while
from patadrina :
Sometimes, you don't have to say anything at all... Never worked a single day in retail. Never is enough.
from patadrina :
Thanks for the advice. But- you can't tell me you're thinking about returning to your old workplace.
from drowning13 :
I appreciate the offer. But I probably wouldn't get very far in the Saab. My magnetic field, remember?
from drowning13 :
Aw, it's all such a big mess. But I'll probably try again tomorrow. Consequences be goddamned.
from faery-tale :
~steals all the black jellybeans~ my favorite!
from patadrina :
I don't want to make you dwell on it- so I want full details after the conference.
from patadrina :
I am happy to return your sentiment: Good for you (on quitting). By and by, did you say something about meeting David Sedaris....?
from drowning13 :
Oh, that JG Ballard! Yes, yes, I do recall reading "Crash" a long while back--as well as "Concrete Island" and "High Rise" a longer while back. ReSearch Publications put out a big book of his stuff, chock full of fascinating interviews, short stories, and novel excerpts. Wonderful, wonderful writing. How could I not like someone who titles a story, "Why I Want To Fuck Ronald Reagan"?
from drowning13 :
jg WHO???
from drowning13 :
I usually do something stupid at least once or twice a day. But I've come to accept that. My stupidity is an adventure. Lunchables are fine, but I suggest Day-Quil. Do the Day-Quil. You'll thank yourself when you can breathe again.
from drowning13 :
Sorry about the car. I may be to blame. My magnetic field sometimes interferes with the electrical systems of many automobiles, computers, and some small children. A delayed, though unintentional, jinx.
from yamakingj :
I live reasonably close to Utah. It would be nice to have someone of a like mind somewhere in my hemisphere, but I'd hate to be seen as an advocate of Motherspeak.
from miss-edith :
Oh yeah, and Fry's is still heaven for geeks and regular people who have inner geeks. I love Fry's. Does that mean I'm a geek? Oh well.
from miss-edith :
Yeah, I am not a big fan of the heated room. I used to practice Ashtanga Yoga, and we didn't heat the room, but we did turn off the A/C, and this is Texas. In Ashtanga you use a special kind of breathing and some static muscle contractions to generate the heat internally, but you still get really sweaty. Since I have wobbly joints and injure easily, I have been lately practicing more gentle forms of hatha yoga. I have lots of flexibility and almost no stability at all, so I have to focus on building strength more than anything. I wouldn't reccomend the Yee stuff until you are more experienced. I tried to go that route before I started taking classes, and I think it is too difficult for beginners and he doesn't explain enough. Once you know what you are doing though, his work would probably be helpful.If you can find anyone who teaches viniyoga, I would reccomend that, especially as a beginner, because it is very laid-back. Iyengar yoga involves very strict attention to alignment, and there is a lot of holding poses for long periods of time, as opposed to vini or ashtanga, which involves movement with the breath. It is always good to take an Iyengar class here and there as the instructors are very well trained and can help you form a solid foundation in technique. I can't stick with Iyengar however, because I prefer a more fluid yoga. To each their own though. For some people the stillness of Iyengar is ideal. I do like the B.K.S. Iyengar books though. Light on Yoga and Tree of Yoga are great, and if you are going to try to teach yourself out of books, I would reccomend one of the many Iyengar books out there, or Yoga For Wellness by Gary Kraftow. Try to go to a handfull of classes if you can though. There are so many things your body does that you won't even notice, and if repeated over time, these minor habits can lead to injury. Another book I like is The Heart of Yoga: Developing a Personal Practice by T.K.V. Desikachar. If you are in good shape to begin with and want to try Ashtanga, which is such an amazing high if you're ready for it, check out anything by David Swenson, Doug Swenson, or the guru himself, Patthabi Jois. Even though the guru says she has bastardized the discipline, Beryl Bender Birch is also good to read. She popularized "Power Yoga" to the shame of all Ashtanga devotees, but my teacher reccomends her anyway. That's all I can think of right now. When you figure out which area of yoga interests you, I can make another list. Also, if you get really into it, and want to study the ancient texts, I can hook you up. Much Love, Miss-Edith
from eibisch :
new layout = ooo pretty!
from ruthiebat :
Thanks for leaving me a note - it's ok, you don't have to make me laugh, I like your serious writing, too! All this holiday stuff is enough to throw off everyone making Diary entries. It's not the quantity, it's the quality. Best Wishes-
from superjo :
i really can't stress the following enough. if you're sick of working at a job were everything HAS to be done now, everything that goes wrong is YOUR fault, and even if everything goes right no one will thank you, then please do not move into the hospitality industry. plus the pay sucks, the hours suck and the uniforms suck. also, strangely, displays of drunken behaviour are much less fun when you are not the actual intoxicated person.
from yamakingj :
I resent giving to people who need money less than I do, and work less than I do as well. Though, it is admirable to be caring, but why spend energy caring for someone who doesn't care for themselves. Or something like that. Have a fun week of work...
from ima-chipmunk :
Thanks for clearing up the Chicken of the Sea thing with me. Your diary's cool! Sorry to hear about your shoes, tho'.
from yamakingj :
RIP, shoe. I lost a jacket once. I feel for you.
from theotherchad :
Yeah, I can see how some people might be offended by that, but, ya know, I was mainly lampooning youthspeak. If you hang out at the movie theatre and listen to 15 year olds talk, you'll hear about 26 things (people, places, movies, songs, etc) referred to as "Gay" as in "that's soooooo gay." Sounds like you reserve your right to use any word you see fit, just like I do. I still feel funny referring to stuff as "dope." Apparently, that word feels funny if your pants aren't big enough. Oh, God, please tell me you don't wear huge pants at half mast and I've offended you! Anyway, thanks for stopping by and I have enjoyed your writing quite a lot. I'll be stopping by from time to time to check up on your exploits.
from ravenheart :
Hello! I have you in my Diaryland favorites, I like your writing.
from miss-edith :
Wow! Thanks for your note. I just discovered your diary today, but it was love at first read. So happy you checked out mine too. Much Love Miss Edith
from roseywater :
Hey, do you realize we are the only two people who put down Irving and Palahniuck as favorite authors? Yesss...Actually some other people might have, too. But doesn't it feel cool to be special? Anyway, come read my diary, you non-poseur. Love, Rosey
from yamakingj :
Your writing style makes for a fun read. Plus, you seem to have no shortage of worthwhile things to say. I will be back, for sure.
from paper-rose :
zen and you need to fix your older entries page!
from redstar5 :
mmmm, rushmore .... i also heart hitchcock, but i neglected to post that. i always appreciate notes.
from beckymojo :
thanks for the note. bye
from neshachan :
hey, thanks for the note and the compliment, always glad to make someone else think I'ma weird chick. ^_~. Take care.
from neko-carre :
Wow. I thought I was the only one who understood the greatness of "Joe vs the Volcano." A deep story hidden inside a comedy. So nice to see that film in someone else's favs.
from phatgrrl :
and I thought my responses to your survey were rather tame... if you think that was disturbing try reading my diary!
from mikachicle :
Hey. Nice page. Yes, I'll be checking up on you from now on.
from weetabix :
Lessee.... the Hotel New Hampshire, Watership Down, "Last Night", Swedish autos, penchant for baking, dry intelligent wit.... if I weren't married.....
from gopgirl :
at first i was going to defend my flare, but then i noticed that you currently have 69 entries. to which i say: Hehehehehehehehe!!!! 69!!!! heheheheheh! (gotta love maturity, am I right? No? hmmmm. must be because I am drunk. oh well to hell with it.)
from surleigh :
So tell me, was the Haunted Mansion made up with a Nightmare before Christmas theme?
from chauffi :
Note to self: Find some friends.

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