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from try-me24 :
lakers are gonn do what now??lmao they are outta here
from butta7772000 :
where have you been? Missed you. I took you off because there was like a 2-month period where you weren't on...i thought you had, you know, found a job. (Wait, you did.) Damn
from eccentrik :
Yeah, it HAS been a, but don't worry...I'm still out there supportin' my fellow diarylanders.... :-D
from eccentrik :
Girl, you'll find a job :-D
from ricandestiny :
Wassup grl, long time no tlk, i been tryna tag u but ya board aint wrkin. Anyway I hope u have a good holiday. Leave me a note or drop me an email at [email protected] so I can give u the pwrd to my diary
from earthangel07 :
my dad is a preacher too and he freaked when me and my sister got tattoos on my 21'st b-day...then after he was like well i guess its ok cuz i found a scripture in the bible about tattoo lol
from lilmlele :
hey babes i know we havent talked in like forever but happy belated...i hope things have been great for you...i have missed you...i have been really busy, i am working and soon i will be doing the whole college thing too unfortunately...but i love you girly and i am here for you -LeLe
from butta7772000 :
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Congratulations on finally being semi-legal...the rest comes later. :) Enjoy what's left of your b-day...
from eccentrik :
Happy Early Birthday!!!!!!!
from eccentrik : @ the plaid shirt situation. When's your birthday?
from breybre :
Hi, How are you doing today, I am a junior at Roland Park and when I not paying attention in class, I am reading your diary. My friend Nella got me hooked. I am also interested about Hampton U and want to know about the school from a current student's point of view. Thanks, Brey- Brey
from earthangel07 :
its choclathalo....did you get the password?
from darlin-nella :
hey chica I was just wondering how much you like Hampton U and what the social life and all that stuff is like because I'm really considering applying there. It seems like its a good school but when I visited it seemed like it was in the boondocks and I can't be having that lol. Oh yeah I'm gonna send u a password my diary :) *Nella
from eccentrik :
How old is your younger cousin?
from earthangel07 :
omg girl the other day i was going to send you a note asking if RJ's screename was RJcool67. Then i read todays entry. THis world is so small. Is he from MA? Because i know someone who goes to your school with that screename. HOlla back at me...also if it is the same person he thought i was stuck up to so dont take him saying that personal...holla
from butta7772000 :
your poem in your latest, I understand where you're coming from. For real. You take it easy over there, k?
from eccentrik :
Hey, where do you go to college? What state?
from lilmlele :
hey amelia just thinkin about ya and decided to send u a note...well u are going off to college. i am happy for you and quite proud too...if i can be...u give me inspiration... though we talk on and off now...u have always been a great friend with your positive attitude, consideration, understanding and compassion...thanks for being you and i love you...have a great time in college and i hope to see you soon... -LeLe
from earthangel07 :
Thanks girl. My dad is a minister, he thinks im an angel..he has no idea what i have been going thru. But your entry is making me think...
from earthangel07 :
Im glad you re-dedicated your life to the Lord...its inspiring...thanks
from stykz :
hey, thanks for the note! my cousin told me that you said something to me on AIM, so i thought i'd follow up.. i think it's really great that someone enjoys all of the confusion and drama that is my life! sometimes i think that i am the only person experiencing certian things, but then i read diaries like yours and i realize that i'm not alone! i don't get a chance to read your diary everyday either, but when i do happen to get there, you always write something great. anyway, thanks for the compliment, and as long as my mom doesn't take my computer away, i will continue to update! YOU SUELLA !!! ~*stykz*~ (i really suck at writing these things..)
from lilmlele :
hey hun well i was so surprised to get a note from you but you are a sweetie and you do what you can to make other happy. i admire you for that too. anyways, i just wanna tell you that i do love you and you are indeed a friend of mines. and dont worry about brandon,he is the homie but you WILL find much better. you WILL find somone who loves you for you. a person who will treasure you for the THICK QUEEN you are. (smile) love you much my pk homegirl Le'Doree
from sweet-faerie :
Hey well I am glad were just a-like, that's very cool. Thanks for leaving me a note, that meant a lot to me. I will continue to read your diary, there's a lot of stuff I can relate to. Thanks! *Krissy*
from butta7772000 :
Stalker-ish? No, of course not. (I like that word. I'm going to have to use that.) Anyway, you ARE doing a wonderful job. And I wanna know what happened with the guy (from the last entry)--you can't just tell most of it! ;) Holla back!
from dev1ous :
what up girl!? thanks for the love for real! btw i love ur template...purple is my fav...hope all went well with ur valentine....and keep posting cuz i'll keep reading...noticed u're a nikki giovanni fan...dope so am trying to go to her booksigning at ucsc...hope it all works out!alright peace..
from rainman73 :
Hey, how ya doing ? ! Just thought Iíd let you know about this nifty site Iíve come across for fans like me and you of Stevie Wonder. You get points for stuff that you do like requesting songs on the radio, doing quizzes and polls. You get to trade these points in for cool things like posters, cdís and other swag. If you fancy it head over to It tells you all about the ĎConceptioní tribute album that comes out on 18th March as well. Theres loads of other artists that they do e teams for too, check em out at
from uneekwordz :
....but you DO have someone. thanks for the props you gave my diary. your thoughts are intersting as well. and DO have someone. think about that
from rach-a-mafee :
hey you much. i'm here whenever you need to talk, and whatnot. i love you very much, and i'm always your az sista, ok? we saw your papa, and hew as doing EXCELLENt..he was in NO pain, and God is really taking care of him :). he's in my prayers, and you are too. love you! stay strong, and keep the faith. God is watching out for you. you just keep talkin to Him, and if no one else is around, He's listening. love you. ~Rach
from ms-antrea :
Hello. since you dont know me and I dont know you...lets get to know each other! lol. I am 19 I live in Daytona Beach,FL. I have a boyfriend named Chris. Rachel is my bestest friend. I love NYSNC & Nelly. Ill holla at you laterz... ~Ms-antrea~
from rach-a-mafee :
I'm the FIRST ONE!!! HAHAHAHA :) What up ma!?!? I WILL update my diary, and yes, you need to go read my Testimony Corner!!!! :) Love you! ~Rach

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