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from queen-mab7 :
I was curious to check out your diary, I LOVE BLUR, yes I do. Unlock your Diary....Entertain us!
from vadergirl :
where ya been ? You been away from the diary longer than I was! I just got back to writing again today and open your diary up and see nada! :( +sniff sniff+ Hope you are alright!
from decemberguy :
Hope you have as much fun at Blur as I did..
from decemberguy :
Spanikopita is excellent...
from doombilly :
Yes. Ms Phair is a long way from Guyville. Such a shame. She still is white hot to look at...but so what?
from decemberguy :
Off the top of my head:Girls and Boys, To the end, This is a low..They might have played some other songs I didnt' regognize..but that's about it..
from vadergirl :
"It must be my roomate's" Definitely something I would say in that situation. Aww, Latin Mommas. They fatten you up with their food. ^_^ Have you ever had pupusas ?
from indie-snob :
hello there. i added a review for a Yo La Tengo show i saw the other night and thought you may be interested. i have a bunch of other reviews here, too, including the Faint, Sleater-Kinney and Cat Power. check it out, if you please. thanks!
from vadergirl :
You too huh ? +shakes her head+ And my sisters can't believe I always fall for dorky white boys.
from vadergirl :
Oh My. The cartoon in your layout is DARLING! ~Me0w~
from vadergirl :
Fuck the plant! You can always get another one but can you replace the kitty so easily ?
from ihatepizza :
Yeah he's a real winner! I wanna punch him.
from kbaa :
your layout is awesome
from onegotaway :
I got the CD on Monday and I luuuuuurve it. You have awesome musical taste! Rock!
from ladygoodman :
thanks for posting the song list. i feel a little bit famous now. ;) <3
from ladygoodman :
...and i'm glad the tape made it to you okay. i don't trust canada post!
from ladygoodman :
i mailed your tape today!
from vadergirl :
Hello Kitty maxi pads ! @_@ Geez! +imagines having to bleed over poor Kitty+ ARGHHHH!!! The horror ! Kitties are for petting. I like Kitty but I also like Choco Cat. ^_^
from ihatepizza :
Yo, I forgot to tell you how much I love you and how cool you are etc. In fact, you were the first person I ever added to my friends list! *Memoriiiiiiies*
from vadergirl :
Even tho' my name is SW oriented I am very much a feline lover ! Hisssssssssssss on anyone that hates the lovable fur balls.
from doombilly :
hang in there. I thought the same thing too about my probabilities of ever dating/loving again. Consider talking to a professional counselor though. It's not all bunk. Good luck!
from kicknpunk13 :
Check out some of my older entries...
from cat-alogue :
hey, I stumbled across your diary -- it's pretty interesting and has a nice layout, I'm adding you to my favs. :)
from notebook93 :
damn. i must really care. third time i'm trying this...nothing important from me. was perusing thru chicago users last night and stumbled into yr world and spent an hour reading, only to look up and exclaim *damn, ive been readin bout these trials, tribulations, and sexual frustrations for an hour!* then i tried to email you twice and both times had them sent back. needless to say i was fascinated by your happenings and was impressed with the presentation. go you. ending on a curiousity, i wonder where you attend school. uic? should you see this and care to respond, cheers all the same. peace.

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