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from catsoul :
6/6/2018. Hi Kari, I'm Sue. I wanted to know I read what you write. I added you to my buddy list. So here I am, and will read what you are writing. Sunshine and daisies are beautiful this time of year. Peace. =^..^=
from krissallae :
You shouldn't be so quick to judge. I have tried to turn to Jesus... I went to a Luthern church for 6 years, went to CATECHISM class, sang in the choir, was baptized and accepted jesus into my life. I also went to a christian church (pretty much the same thing) for 2 years, and I went to a holy worship church for a year. I have NEVER felt his presence nor do I feel he has ever been part of my life.
from for-you-only :
You think your hot huh? Hmmm... I think I'm hot too!
from vampyrate :
hi, will you be my friend?
from crazy6mofo9 :
you rock kariann! lets get married!
from ashtraygurl :
fanks for taking my survey. and although i doubt jesus loves me, i appreciate the sentiment. nice taste in music, btw. *mwah*
from naivereact :
give me a moment to stop laughing....
from joeys-doll :
Hey, stumbled across your diary, Ghoul is so hot! ;) Where did you get your template from? I've been looking for a 'Dolls or Joey one for ages, but to no avail :( Note me back?
from manders33 :
okay. Username is now Dead and Password is Rose
from manders33 :
What'd the bastard do?
from manders33 :
I locked my diary because my dad found it and started reading it, so the username is manders33 and the password is doodiddly. Just if you want to check it out.
from manders33 :
yup i know that place. I never been there though, but yeah texas history is good for somethin. I live near Houston. YAHHHHH!!!! Fattest city!! score one for the record books
from manders33 :
dude that entry with that girl saying all that crap and all was really annoying. that's all i have to say. Geebus, she kept typing with those stupid exclamation marks! that drives me insane! yeah okay i got confused there too. do you live in texas too?
from blank01 : <--- its not nice to lie
from blank01 :
thanks for being a concieted judging retarded idiot on my survey.
from manders33 :
lol i'm returning your message. Ozzy rocks. So does Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson. Soo good. Later, I guess
from gcqueen :
i can't stop either lol ***sings:I'm Adict, i'm adictted to this****
from gcqueen :
nice profile! kittie is da best girl band lol. fuck Bible Thumpers who don't like magic of manson!!!!!lol i gotta make a profile man
from crazy6mofo9 :
um hey. guess

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