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from darkpoet21 :
funny funny funny. i love your stuff. and keep it up. you have a gift, and i would like to experience it with the rest of the diaryland readers. keep up the awesome work.
from life4rent :
The song humble me by norah jones that you quoted from is one of my all time favourites. Sorry, I have no idea why I felt it necessary to tell you that.<3
from b-lnl2k2 :
are you reading the sisterhood of the travelling pants by chance?
from wordsofmine :
You have the best wisdom. Thanks for sharing it with us.
from kiosh :
Lots of love and happy holidays to the wise man! Keep on with the great work! =0)
from onewetleg :
i like the way betchy put it '16 more sleeps til xmas!'
from danglemyfeet :
Hey sweetie!!! I found a nifty quote, and I think it should be my new motto. You can use it, though, I won't sue you for copyright infringment ^_- "I detest the man who hides one thing in the depths of his heart and speaks forth another" -Homer
from danglemyfeet :
The GSA has a Ntl. Coming Out Day celebration today. It was huge ^_^
from augustdreams :
Woo-hoo for national coming out day!
from redsirenbody :
I loved the president 101 test entry. wonderful. Keep happy. L
from good-lace :
We know he failed the test. Now someone needs to tell the emperor that he has no clothes on. Simple and Brilliant entry.
from imaphatpig :
Ok. The satan one? That is easily my FAVORITE OF ALL TIME!!!
from danglemyfeet :
Let nothing distract you from
from danglemyfeet :
Okay... I just worry is all.
from missmaggie03 :
Odd you should post the choking relation to french fries...considering...I started choking on some of those the other day...:-p
from devian :
hey you! :) thank you for sticking up for me! :) i appreciate it. there's always one bad apple that spoils the bunch...
from kyane :
"Money isn't everything. Sex is. And cake. Don't forget cake." Well, my friend had this to add... "Or sex in cake. Or sex with cake. Or a cake baked by the fiery heat of sex. Thaaaaaaat's the ticket."
from ladybloom6 :
hey no offense but how is that wisdom?
from hcatty :
oh yeah, well my jello pie is better than yours :o� ;o)
from truelotus :
hey! what a cool idea for a diary. just love it :)
from devian :
oh, jamie--i hope you know the feeling is totally mutual!!!! i just adore you as well...
from danglemyfeet :
"AUGH!! Straight porn is gross!" -Jai Rodriguez (Member of the Fab 5), upon snooping through a Straight Guy's computer files and opening a *suspicious* docutment.
from smokeshack :
JAMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is devian--i saw you left me a note--i have another diary, i'm just reopening my "real" diary in oct (gold memberships and whatnot)...come visit this one!!! (i'll add you!) I'VE MISSED YOU!
from jedeg :
hey.. luvv ur daily (non) wisdomness ;) how i found ur diary u may ask... well, i saw ur banner
from danglemyfeet :
"when life throws pies at you, you gotta make a nice tall glass of piemonade."-StrongBad
from latinapeanut :
LOL...Oops I crapped my pants.Got to love SNL.LOL You are too
from tarted-heart :
thanks! I added you as a fave too. I'm glad my banners make you happy, not many say that (and not many click on them either). I am loving my new lay too. Keep up with your wonderful writing and take care :-)
from tarted-heart :
hi! thanks, I like your diary too! and thanks for letting me know about the mis-spelling, I was wondering why it looked funny! lol. take care!
from wordsofmine :
You are too good. I laugh every time I stop by.
from clarity25 :
hey I just discovered your diary! loved it, interesting and inspiring. :)
from punkedupqt :
hehe i like ur diary. ^^ (just thought id mention that...) nice work. *wink* xo- meredith:)
from coldandgray :
shoot! I just submitted a similar banner trying hustle comments and then I saw yours and my heart fell! Yours is much better...
from kstyle :
dev's at "smokeshack" here at d-land...if you're koo-koo for kylie, then you'll love phu's template...check him out too! byyyeeee
from cl2k :
Sarcasm may be unflattering but it can be kind of fun... like wisdom.
from kstyle :
oh and just saw your comment too..."kinda" cute??? ok, i'll take that! ooh and you know devian...have you seen his new diary?
from kstyle :
thanks...appreciate it! saw a bit of yours the other night, cool idea!
from redsirenbody :
Wow! I love that new one! L
from magic-music :
You are so in my buddy list now. Woot!
from sunnflower :
Love the daily wisdom!
from jezolina :
Fanks! I linked ya on in my template. You have a very fun diary. Love it.
from just-maggie :
Damn. Your diary just about made me pee in my very own pants....
from jezolina :
" All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us." from Lord of the Rings movie - Fellowship of the Ring.
from danglemyfeet :
No, sorry, I don't have Yahoo, but since I'm on AIMexpress you should be able to IM me from your yahoo account.
from miss-honesty :
There are many worlds out there, you just have to find the right one.
from me-me-meee :
I came across this link and thought of you.,1284,64254,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_2
from jb101 :
When it comes to life, remember that it's not about what you can and can't do. You CAN do whatever you want to do; it's just the question of whether one should or shouldn't that stops most people.
from danglemyfeet :
Public nudity is the highest form of self-acceptance.
from gumphood :
okay...where is my compliment. hhehehe (i liked the banner)
from danglemyfeet :
The Hives, on why they dress the way they do: "It kind of acts as an idiot filter... if they can't hear past our clothes, we know that they won't pay attention, and they fine."
from ambrotosa :
Hah, that birthday quote was wonderful.
from voicewithin :
I saw your banner, and I love your site. It's great, I added it to my faves
from sunnflower :
Okay, I came in through your banner and immediately feel in love with your drops of daily wisdom. It was the pie heaven quote taht got me. I am adding you to my favorites list right now!
from wordsofmine :
I don't drink red wine or eat a lot of fat and I'm learning to just shut up. Do you think that will aid me in living a long life?
from losinstreak7 :
the handjob/diamond thing was pure genius.
from what-she-is :
I like you banner, too. I just saw it and crackd up laughing! I can't stand Tinky Winky, but the sun is just CRAZY. I'm gonna try to read your diary sometime, so keep it cool.
from banefulvenus :
LOVE Your banner!!! ha ha ! My friends used to joke about that little sun in the sky....
from onewetleg :
1400 hits? wow! good one.
from godmoney :
found myself quoted on a banner + smiled!
from finalmelody :
cruNchy! wise, very wise.
from oldjake :
If you artificially inseminate animals: you have sex with out pleasure! BTDT
from danglemyfeet :
And again:" He who has a thousand friends has not a friend to spare, while he who has one enemy shall meet him everywhere." Ralph Waldo Emerson (I found a bunch)"Once the game is over, the king and the pawn go back in the same box." -Italian Proverb
from danglemyfeet :
Ahem: "He who joyfully marches in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would suffice." -Albert Einstein Just because. Oh, yeah, and forgive me, me email still is crap.
from candoor :
clever fun :)
from pandionna :
Delightful concept you have here!
from sisterbert :
HA I love this. 117 won a special place in my heart...good old George. Heh.
from wordsofmine :
You have the best wisdom!
from danglemyfeet :
(My email is down temporarily, so I'm putting my wisdom on here) (sorry) shoot for the moon; if you miss, at least you'll land amongst the stars.
from onewetleg :
thanks for putting me in daily wisdom. that was nice of you. love,
from autumn-dove :
I just hit on your banner this morning. I thought I'd start at the first 100. Stopped at your Feb 3, 2004 entry. If ya have a few, see my entry of 6-25-04. It will explain that - it is a thought tickler called 'earworms.' Have a nice day.:)
from mangofarmer :
I clicked on your banner. I LOVE "The Crawford Hillbilly". Very nice. :)
from godmoney :
correction: oicur12/ oicur12
from godmoney :
"where do bad folx go when they die? they don't go 2 heaven where the angels fly--they go to a lake of fire and fry." -some old punk band. oicur/ oicur.
from oicur12 :
Yup! :)
from godmoney :
i borrowed June 19 w/out asking--is that allright?
from godmoney :
i like June 19's
from sorceress-47 :
Why are you ending your diary? Well, I will miss you.
from sirhcdetsiwt :
also, i think there r 3 kinds of MEN. the ones who learn by reading, the one who learn by seeing, and then there's always the 1 guy who just has to go and pee on the electric fence.
from sirhcdetsiwt :
about humpty, dumpty. where in the rhyme does it say that he was an egg?????
from coolwindyday :
I love Depeche Mode. You rock.
from liquid-mojo :
Defintitely clickworthy... Way to quote Depech btw. :)
from betchy :
hello, found your banner and chuckled my way through all 98 entries, hee hee. am adding you to my faves, hope that is ok, check me out sometime, leave me a note xxx
from godmoney :
just found ur banner!
from velvet-stars :
i love your wisdom! :) it brings a big fat smile to my face
from reynedecoupe :
I applaud you.Coincidentally, just yesterday my sis and I were talking about circumcision, and she mentioned that a friend of hers had had it done to their baby boy. I asked her what she had said, and my sis said she hadn't a chance to say a thing as the mother and father had a pre-prepared statement full of "SICK of others opinions" and "OUR decision" etc. My response to this would have been "Sorry, but no. It WASN'T your decision to make." I also stated that I would no sooner associate with someone who had done this to their boy than I would with someone who did it to a girl. It is shun-worthy in my book. When I looked at my newborn son in his perfection, the mere thought that ppl do this bought tears to my eyes. Sorry bout the rant, just a subject I am VERY passionate about! It is an emergency medical procedure and should only be regarded as such. Religion? Bah! Do we still stone ppl to death routinely in the western world?
from gettingnaked :
OMG...too funny. They're assholes. Heh. Have I told you letaly how much I love you? XOXO, Molly
from scottie1402 :
hahahaha...considering i give my diary the title "scottie's words of wisdom," how could i resist visiting a diary with this title? nice work...
from sorceress-47 :
you truly are
from cutielatina :
Oh my goodness!!!! LOL...Tampons on the ceiling! LOL .I used to get my dad's shaving cream and make a big huge cake of it in the sink, and then blame it on my little brother, since he was younger than me.LOL
from beagle47 :
well, okay. click i will...
from sorceress-47 :
Hey found you in the directory. Your funny
from love-song- :
lol, you�re poor mom. It�d be even worse if she had a guest over, and then they saw a dozen of your moms tampons hanging from the ceiling. Anyhoo I love your writng, I'll have to come back and read more.
from paintedgray :
ahahahahahahahahahahahah! love it! happy writing! - deb (check me out!)
from finalscore :
haha to the ASS.U.ME thing -- there's also, "and you know what assuming does: makes an ass out of you and a guy named ming!"
from pixie-led :
Honey, your wisdom site is asking my to log in a user name and password for loopiboi. Help?
from ilovemd :
"All success hinges on human effort"
from bisa-pet :
~ <------ it's called a tilde. Courtesy of worthless knowledge from bisa. *snicker*
from ilovemd :
Hi I love your diary! It's well funny lol keep writing in it! but here's some wisdom for you... People say: "you make your on destiny" how can this be true when you get randomly stabbed? I don't think people plan that! I don't swim in your toilet, So don't piss in my pool! *mwah*
from pixie-led :
I truely enjoy your entries. I am a quote junkie, wheather it be famous and old or just made up. Keep them coming....because I have you linked. :) Peace, love, and happiness after Bush is for me! (Don't I wish)
from theatre-geek :
Regarding the ASS-UME saying: I think it goes more like, "Don't assume. It makes an ASS out of U and ME!" That way, you use the whole word. That was the way I always heard it.
from hcatty :
*does a double take* ...Whoa!. Erm..... nice illustration.... *blush*....
from pinkfreak1 :
Love your banner! And I love badger badger badger too :)
from reynedecoupe :
Ah, Jeez. How jaded. Thats just rotten. You shouldnt even be thinking those kinda thoughts. No, wait....ach, ne'er mind, me laddie.
from hcatty :
re: allergic to wool. Just wait till he or she tries "woolgathering" ... Hmmm...
from hcatty :
A man gets on a plane and sits next to a woman. The woman kept dabbing at her nose with a hankerchief, then she would sneeze, followed by an uncontrollable shudder. After about an hour of watching her do this every few minutes, he finally asked, "Excuse me, are you alright?" ... "Oh yes, she replies. I have a rare medical condition. Every time I sneeze, I have an orgasm." He is shocked by this. "Oh my goodness! What are you taking for it?" She looks him straight in the eye and replies, "Pepper."
from kiosh :
By the way, thanks for the "He's a nice guy. I aspire to think more like he does." part! I feel honoured!
from kiosh :
Wow, this is smashing! Just like good wisdom should be: Funny, thought-provoking, sincere, deep, honest and interesting. Way to go! =0)
from reynedecoupe :
One day they will wake up. One day. Fight the power! (I fink you'd be a wuvvwy daddy!)
from onewetleg :
well, well, well. starting a side diary, i see. splendid, splendid. thank you for adding me as a favorite. loooove,
from godmoney :
from drearocks :
Hehe I love you!! You're such an awesome person I enjoy reading your journals. I'm such a girlie girl! Anywho! DailyWisdom! Awesome! my girlfriend will like this one hehe! *increase the peace*

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