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from findlaech :
That's why I've largely dropped the lists I used to belong to. I just got sick of endless threads about how to make plywood thrones and how to disguise nylon carports. Eventually, you just get past all that. Though it does get a little lonely out here. :-)
from knitgeek :
Let me assure you the reality was even worse.
from bluperspex :
a merry, merry to you - may it be blessed and utterly fabulous!
from bluperspex :
congrats to you :) we still. don't. have. a. tree. hahaha
from knitgeek :
I'm so sorry to hear about Cosette. It's a terrible thing to lose a beloved pet.
from redswanne :
Thank you so very much... As I said.. They got me good. *lol*
from martel :
I just check my buddy list for updates, not that hearing from you directly would not be a treat! :-) No knitting started, trying to get KASF project and a new tunic made.
from martel :
Thank you! I have the yarn, The needles and the pattern now if I can make it come out to two socks that look more or less alike....
from knitgeek :
Using your own saffron in a recipe is just too cool for words! Any recommendations on winter plants that do well in low light? The area is well-protected, so it's not cold, just dark.
from rosine :
Shriekback... but I can't remember which song (thanks to you, I now hear the chorus though). Newts sometimes do it - skip the "get with a guy" stage of reproduction.
from maliger :
I know, I get dyslexic when I type fast too. It's worse when it's the password and you can't see that you've typed it wrong order of keys, and you think... "hmmm... I thought that was my password for here. which of my other passwords could it be?" and go on a wild goose chase.
from rosine :
from rosine :
There's a reason why drawing-and-quartering was on the law books of the folks who gave us Opus Angliorum. May your rescue of the needlework go well and bring you joy. Better in your hands than under that man's boots.
from rosine :
This will pass. I know, I know - that doesn't mean a d*mned thing right now when all the foo is falling but you know in your child-heart that this will. Try to occassionally put yourself into your future and look back on this, rather than squat in the middle of it (as it were)... it may give you a chance to breath before you let loose things you'd later regret. I've lit a foo-burning candle for you. May your troubles melt as easily as the wax does!
from rosine :
I'm sorry to hear about your Grandfather, but it does warm my heart to see that some of your students have their moments of compassion and giving. May your pain pass quickly (as I think, in a way, it is) and your love for and from your Grandfather never be in doubt. He is a blessed man.

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