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If you were recently removed it's likely because I saw you hadn't posted in 3 months... doing fall cleaning.

I'm an Aertherial, one of those whom believes in uplifting influnces upon others as a lifelong goal, and in positive creativity to fill other's souls... Breathing in the stuff of life is not about stimulants of the chemical sorts but about experiencing pure raw emotions and knowing that "hey, that person lived WITH PASSION!"

All I've learned just might sum up in this one sentence... "Look inward not out so much"... I think that'll resolve people's problems once they find out what really makes them happy and what makes others happy is something human beings have in common.

America, for my love

of love and position against

violence, I have become

a fly on your windshield...

UNTIL you realize the truth

behind love for all you

cannot understand love.

Another of my favorite authors is Spider Robinson, with novels such as "The Free Lunch," and I like old silent movies with actors like Charley Chaplin.

My favorite diaries:

musicman6724 profile - diary
comments: He knows the now-gone guy who showed me diaryland... (like me) pretends to play chess
veronicalife profile - diary
comments: young musician, minstrelite has her listed
sorceress-47 profile - diary
comments: if anyone ever needed a soul mate to make them feel better with the world, she does.
candoor profile - diary
comments: she is wild wow wanting, missing something because she needs more than this world
bornearly profile - diary
comments: she plays bass! "she bangs! she bangs! ... ooo baby" j/k I love that instrument and she has good eyes in her banner. In a way if I was less rooted in community I would do what she does, and tour. Intuition says she's moody, gentle & ki
alanajar profile - diary
comments: charitable, and hilariously smooth at stating the truth
blueeyesblue profile - diary
comments: another cynical soul, whom loves work and is the meaning of life to her
hamiltonian profile - diary
comments: cursed with a more active mind, may you find the best ways to use it in your relations
sumi37 profile - diary
comments: beautiful lover of life and cares about pets! and at the museum!
myownjourney profile - diary
comments: graphic design
mydesign profile - diary
comments: Raging Pistachio Designs, highly recommended
jonquill profile - diary
comments: reminds me of novelists
notme2000 profile - diary
comments: very cool guy
selfbiased profile - diary
comments: writes drama!
bindyree profile - diary
comments: another cool dude ... "how many times we get up again" is indeed what counts
bebelua profile - diary
comments: under a new moon
for-you-only profile - diary
comments: artist poet. last person I have room for!
all-on-paper profile - diary
comments: a writer that is shy to be read... is there such a thing? yes!
brightopal profile - diary
comments: a cool fan of mine
fitzgeraldxx profile - diary
comments: has lived life in most of its drama yet has positive outlook

My favorite music:

comments: Because he stands up for what's right
Norah Jones
comments: Because her music is tranquil and yet exciting romantically
The Cure
comments: Because of their mixes of styles in a new freer music style of their own, and because of their passion
Pink Floyd
comments: Dynamic, powerful, doesn't skirt current issues
indie or garage rock bands
comments: they lend the spirit of the music when I need a boost of confidence

My favorite movies:

The Lion King
comments: Had a sense of foreverness
Jurassic Park
comments: Fascinatingly depicts the weaknesses of human scientific discovery when they are not careful
Breakfast At Tiffany's
comments: I feel strongly connected to this movie, it makes me cry.
B&W Charlie Chaplin
comments: the best comedies, though hard to find they challenge thought and provoke true interest
independent films
comments: they usually make more of a difference, because they don't simplify nor "play down" to the audience

My favorite authors:

Ray Bradbury
comments: For writing books about the value of books (F451)
Piers Anthony
comments: For "Thousandstar" and "On A Pale Horse"
Isaac Asimov
comments: For "Foundation" and the novels based on this concept of pseudohistory to predict social changes
Emily Dickenson
comments: for the coolest writing styles, obsequious (too modest) but passionate
those that write challenging novels
comments: they make it so that I can look at things from new angles and reevaluate my values or methods

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