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from pink-sapfire :
I've added you to my buddy list, I have enjoyed your diary. It is simple and right to the point and I like that. xj
from omfggwtf :
staying in during the weekend is horrible! i wish i never stayed in now :( stumbled on here through recent entries by the way aha x
from blonde32810 :
i moved!!!
from reviewu :
Care for a review?
from cheersurasta :
it's me NOPANTSBOY and my furious sidekick CUMDANDY
from spritopias :
where are you writing? are you?
from pocket-pool :
When I decided to lock my diary due to excessive bullshit hate mail and such, I sent an email to everyone who had put me on their fav list giving username and password. Most don't seem to have gotten the mail, so here I am cluttering your notes page. The words you need are "stone" and "wall", without the quote marks of course. xoxox
from le-aurelie :
Hi! I'd just like to tell you about a new review site I started called Aurelie Reviews and I just wanted to know if you'd be interested in getting a review there? It's pretty new and I don't have many visitors right now so the reviews would be fast. Thanks. =) Have fun with you blogging! - Neko
from oicur12 :
Oh. My. GOD!!! I like bukkake!!! I was rotflmgao!!! :) Thanks for the laugh. xoxox! ~ Jamie
from oicur12 :
Hey! Found you during a sleepless evening, and noticed we have a mutual diaryland pal, tmb! :) So... um... Hey! :) Great diary. I'll be back. :) J
from jesbohn :
ok, I saw your name and had to leave a comment, my boyfriend plays DDR. its milidly hilarious to see him out there jamming to a video game better than I ever could jam in my entire life.
from jimmysworld :
we may never know
from neshachan :
Thanks! :)
from neshachan :
Happy New Year to you as well! Hope you have a fabulous 2004. :)
from tmb :
Merry Christmas, Richard! (Sorry to hear about your grandmother. I'm hoping she'll be fine!)
from musicismath :
thanks for the email (this is gay.diaryland.blah) -- i did not know know what ddr was until my boyfriend (who is obsessed with it) showed me. fantastico!
from tmb :
Glad you're out of the hospital and feeling better - I thought it had been a long time since you'd posted anything!
from cdghost :
always interesting to take a look at :)
from dc3caliboi :
I moved. There is a computer lab here but we cant install aim unless we are an admin and i am not. gotta stick to emails and notes i guess. sorry.
from seenuh :
from pastagirl :
A day late..but anyway: Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a great day!
from dombilly :
have a great birthday richard! hope you get that gold membership you wanted
from mkboog :
Happy Belated Birthday!
from kathiec :
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a great day... heck, have a great year!! Love and birthday hugs, Kathie
from elliorange :
♥ Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy your special day!!
from ronilush :
Hello, I just joined a diaryring that I was suprised to find YOU run. Mormons? Sounds familiar? Maybe I'm wrong, but from your profile and the few entries of your diary I've read, you don't sound much like an active member of the church to me. If you've left the church, fine, but please, stop running the ring or something. You aren't really showing what Mormon's believe.
from soandsotgs :
hi, i saw this website, and i thought you might find it as funny as i did.... being in the cocksuckers diaryring i thought you could understand the hunour too
from hugznkisyz16 :
I just wanted to say Hello, and thanks for the message, it made me feel special that someone realizes that im around... Anyways also I wanted to say happy early birthday just in case I dont get around to it!
from antireviews :
hi i just made a new review site called antireview...funny name huh?...well i was wondering if u would mid being reviewed, or becoming a reviewer...if so just sign the guest book and let me know... thanks! ~ashley
from pyrostorm :
Thanks for dropping me a line. I'm glad I'm not alone in being Mormon without being in the church. =) And yes. Karma rules all. o.o
from elateddream :
It's bad, then? :|
from preciousgift :
Hi! We're not new in town but our review site is. Please cum request a review if the mood strikes ya!
from offence :
So can you read and/or write in Mandarin? I'm always fascinated by people who take it without being forced to, 'cause the fact is, a lot of Chinese Singaporean teenagers... they kind of... detest the language. It's quite sad. But such is reality, I suppose. Cultural erosion and all but I DO NOT want to get into that. Don't wanna flood your notes page and everything.
from offence :
How did you find it?
from offence :
You took Mandarin? Wowwwww.
from elateddream :
Yes =)
from elateddream :
Back :P
from rich-monsoon :
fixed. sign it :) I was missing coding
from artega :
Rich, I'm glad to see you are doing better. I love your new layout. I'm jealous of all these people that can make cook diary layout! I'm glad that you didn't let Gabe get to you that much. Nice pic BTW... and I like the hair. I've always wanted to have longish hair too, but my hair won't cooperate. ;) Take care and *hugs*
from joshhartlvr :
aWw, gee thanks!!! teehee. ;) <3<3 Leesha
from rich-monsoon :
my email is [email protected]
from astro-vamps :
I really don't think you could get any like the Cranberries AND Rocky Horror Picture Show...that's just so freaking cool...
from gimpazoid :
note me
from joshhartlvr :
my last name is bowen, but he said now he' putting in the good word for me because my last name sounds so much like his. lol... you're so observant. bye-a! <3 Leesha
from gay-n-out :
hey slut. I will keep you informed.
from boyeclipsed :
hey babe! I will be unlocking it again when I fix a little boo boo. I am not awake, I started to leave MYSELF this note. =�
from mooms :
hello! i just was peeking around and saw yr design??..which i rather like becos it has a lovely glass of wine on it...i just spent utterly AGES tweaking html wise and now have a delightful shiny toaster on my diary page, which, i like very much as i like toast very much..but..i have to say, not as much as id like a glass of wine on it..seeing as i like wine more than toast..etc...etc..Anyhoo..your diary looks quite hefty and slightly intriguing so im going to bung you onto my list and have a peruse around when ive more time..darent even look at the design page lest i get all twitchy and start wanting to change from my ace toaster design, thus resulting in becoming a serial template changing psycho...
from thehottopic :
hello, was just looking at my good friend jonathans diary and I was bored so I decided to check out your diary, well I can say we have one thing in common...we are gay...but im not sure about anything else HEE..send me a note sometime ^.^
from quitenasty :
Found you through the review whore ring. Stop by for a review, see if you're brave enough.
from adobogirl :
hey thanks for tagging my board too, hehe. So you're into ddr I take it? were you part of matsuri? I want to go to that next year. Laters...
from starlight42 :
Found you through banana jenn. that's so sad, i assume nani is a dog? I read several entries, but it never quite said...i know it's tough loosing a pet.
from mishkawelis :
Surfed in, read some, grabbed many hugs, and left... to come back soon!^_^ Mishka
from eddiemonsoon :
hey rich email me and i will give you the new address.
from tuluum :
it's still a blow .. :\ *hug*
from elateddream :
Thank you =)
from candid-revu :
Want your diary reviewed? Try candid-revu for your reviewing pleasure ;) *This isn't spam, we just want everyone to know we're open for business!* (shameless promotion, we know�)
from fantasy4 :
Just thought that I would have peek, and like what I see *Winks*
from joshhartlvr :
aaah! haha, it's been so long and i just saw you signed my guestbook. anyways, how's it going. i have finals and all so it's been a little rough but i'm hangin' in there. anyways, i gotta go but write back arite!? bye! i love you! --leesha
from ciaramyst :
Thank you for joining my diary ring zilch!
from sp1nn3r :
i miss you so much... talk to me
from perfectmeow :
hehe, ^^ glad you like it *grins* sure you could use it, just give me credit. And which one do you want again?? *hugs back* ^_^
from neshachan :
I highly recommend a DDR pad! They're running pretty cheap on Ebay, if you want one. I'm having a great time with mine. Unless you get the super-expensive one though, (I don't have that one), it's probably a good idea to tape it to the floor. Have fun! ~Nessa
from cutiepie1983 :
Just wanted to say Happy Holidays and hope you have a Happy New Year! I loved your Help The World entry! Keep up the good work! ~Nancy~
from joshhartlvr :
hello friend. whoa, i love the new template. it's so cool! ORANGES! i love oranges! and the color orange! bright colors are the best! luv ya, leesha
from breaux :
merci beaucoup M. ddrboy, merci beaucoup.
from joshhartlvr :
oh yah...i know! my slambook is kinda long. i was jus bored one day! haha! but thanx tho! yer SOOO nice! haha. bye!
from joshhartlvr :
i had a really good day yesterday! i didn't see you online :( but anyways, i got alot of stuff and my sister came to town and we went shopping. i got alot of stuff. i got over 100 bux, and i got alot of cards, presents hugs, and "happy birthday"'s from my friends. thanks so much! i love your diary too! bye!
from miss-l-69 :
I tried to send you a wee password but I'm not sure if you'll get it or not because my email thang aint workin right. If you don't get it then let me know and I'll send it again! xx Lori xx
from miss-l-69 :
Hi i just thought I'd leave you a wee note to say hi and that you seem like an awesome guy your diary rocks:). xxxxxxxxxx xx Lori xx xxxxxxxxxx
from kyane :
Jon? Jon is the diaryland user, Murk (, one of my closest friends. :)
from blackcat14 :
ddr is like, so cool. i went thru a ddr-freak phase before.
from watty :
Hey there! Just wanted to drop in and say hi. I hope you're doing well... still reading your older entries... I like what I've read so far. Cheers!
from foxfyre :
dood you have the same background as me. good taste ;) so whats wrong with your neopet? lol, thats all i caught in my quick scan was that it was sick..
from curioushunk :
nope!!!!you're the 7th person who told me thats not father is Italian and my mom is half French and Irish. I was born in LA and spent first 8 years of my life in Europe, and I'm a student of Washington State University(was UCLA but i like this better!)and unfortunately law major......hated the states so i went back to Europe(Italy) as a foreign exchange student (university of rome) and now i'm back here in the states(sucks). am i boring you yet? i'm just bored.....! alot of people thought i was that jeff palmer found in the web but no that's not me.... only i look better(what the fu-k!!!) no....seriously. tnx for that though!laters
from fishy-review :
Hey! I know u've been waiting forever for ur review, and I'm really sorry it's taking so long. I'll be getting to it soon =) Oh, and I tried signing ur gbook, but cdn't, it said a gbook w/ ur name doesn't exist. Thought I'd let u know. Take care :)
from grlygrl :
it's there. look again. =D if you have anymore troubles I would love to solve them. You can E-Mail me At [email protected] Izzy
from elateddream :
Heyyy your diary kicks some serious ass! Wanna link through favourites? Katie
from elateddream :
Heyyy your diary kicks some serious ass! Wanna link through favourites? Katie
from reeks :
hey thanks for letting me know =) but who was it do you know? there's about 500 people in that ring. take care =)
from sleepything :
my account is sleepything could you like send me a note or something and read my diary if u want? u sound cool
from invisibledon :
thanks for visiting
from ddrboy :
from grlygrl :
you have been reviewed!! I must say that all of the reviewers at our site, fancy your site very much!~
from eddiemonsoon :
Richard, I know your busy. just wanted to let you know i found a few rare madonna tracks. Including "Queens English"(work it bitch). which is really hard to find.
from sexililchica :
Just wanted to say, I know where you're coming from... even though i have only read your diary i know your deepest thoughts.. and that really shows you what a person is like, you seem wonderful and brilliant.. don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise <3 GoNe CraZi
from tuluum :
sweet new layout you got there :)
from xxxemogirlxx :
i always read it its on my faves list
from goldenlights :
good luck my dear! -lex
from l0st-girl :
ilove your dairy. <3 l0st-girl
from apocolypse :
hey there, i just realized i got listed, i feel so special. but anyway, you are awesome sugah! maybe i'll catch ya later or something. remember: strangers love you
from evilangel081 :
Cool diary you have here! =) Rich you inspired me to go to Lex designs and got my own design too. Laterz xoxoxBrEn
from rachie1214 :
are u gay?
from mstwheelie :
Hi, Thanks for the comps on the background to my diary. I think it says a lot about me. :) You might also like to take a look at Also a good graphic. Powerful.

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