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from starlight42 :
guess you guys closed down, since I didn't get any notes wishing me a happy bday last week?
from chuffnutt :
Happy un-birthday to you!
from pastagirl :
I haven't been receiving e-mails anymore since a while. I was wondering what's wrong.
from cutielatina :
Hi. What happened? I used to be on the committee,but I'm not being sent any e-mails anymore. I do want to be on the birthday committee and even requested to join again, but I haven't received a response.Can this matter be solved?
from elliorange :
♥ Did something happen, hun? Emails aren't being sent out to tell there's a birthday. I hope all is okay with you.
from ihatepizza :
I was just wondering, thanks for clearing it up.
from ihatepizza :
Yeah when did a penis become pornagraphic?
from sillers :
thats okay, take me off. my image is NOT pornographic, it's a human body part not being used in any lewd act. it doesnt matter tho, I dont wanna be on here anymore anyways. and how about today.... not this week sometime. thanks.
from sketchedpony :
Just wanted to let you know that neither of Nihilistbear's communication worked.
from angelmum :
Thanks for the Birthday Wishes
from viks :
thank you for taking the time to sign my notes page to wish my a happy birthday- I cant tell you how much it means to me. /i joined Dland birthdays ages ago andd cant believe i got messages this year as well as last, thank you. I hope you have a lovely Christmas, Thank you again, Love vikki x
from gonzostar :
thanks for sending everyone to my guestbook! that rules. ;)
from what-a-peach :
Thanks very much for the Happy Birthday wish! I've never gotten so many notes before, much less in one single day. I definitely feel special!!
from cosmicrayola :
Thank you for the invitation, but I only maintain a list of birthdays of my readers. Thank you anyway!
from scorpio123 :
thanks so much for the awesome birthday wishes! love always and forever, Vanessa
from mkboog :
Thanks for the b-day wishes!
from cutielatina :
Thank you for the wishes. They made my birthday even better.:)
from sunrice :
Thank you for your B�day wishes. It made me smile. :D
from dombilly :
Thankyou for the bday note! :)
from smartepants :
♥ Thank you for the birthday wishes! So sweet! xo
from vyv-xx :
Thanks so much for the birthday wishes. The email picture Amy sent me was really cute.
from liebstar :
Thank you! Wow I feel important! ^^
from humbi :
Hi there. I don't remember singning on to your list, but I am very happy that I obviously did. I recieved an enormous amount of visits from people all over the globe, dropping notes and signing my guestbook. And all because of your list. So: Thank you very much!!
from iluvjessee :
Happy Birthday! ♥
from windmage :
thank you very much! i'm having a great day! :D
from quietxriot :
hi, i just wanted to let you guys know i changed my diaryland username. i used to be riversluvsme, my bday is october 17th. thanks. <3
from damodred :
yep that email works. thanks.
from damodred :
how come I'm not on the birthday committee anymore?
from damodred :
it appears that the diary for june 2nd is locked. did this just happen or what?
from preciousgift :
Bree, I submitted a change of address to you and I'm not getting the birthday's in my mail. Please correct. Thanks!
from mkboog :
The form on the site for changing infomation is not working. I have tried four times today and 3 yesterday.
from kitty1980 :
hi i got my birthday added under july 2nd butthen i tried addign my husbands stuff as well for july 1st but it didnt add??
from makahagirl :
I'm wondering why my email isn't working. I re-typed it in and made sure that my diaryland email was turned on. Lets try this again :)
from twisted-mind :
Thank you thank you thank you!
from saze :
Thank you!! =)
from tornlace :
thank you SOOOOOOOO much :)
from quietthought :
I dunno how I appeared on it but its a nice idea and thanks for the messages. Happy belated birthday to those on the committee close to today's date :D
from parkplace :
from saladwhore :
Such a great idea! I added my b-day! Thanks!
from dlandbdays :
You must save the image to your own computer, then upload it to your own host. Link the button to:
from starlight42 :
How do I add a link to my site? I see you have the links made, but no codes for them...
from tornlace :
thank you for coming by and leaving the nice note :) i love this concept, so i added my day too. thanks again.
from dlandbdays :
Will do.
from streetfaerie :
Heya Rose - I need to be deleted from the committe and mailing list b/c I'm no longer going to be at dland.
from dlandbdays :
Bravenet was acting goofy yesterday. When you send email via that form, it will take you back to my main page when it sends correctly. Will be adding you now.
from girl-aflame :'ve been trying to join the list all day but i was getting an error message from bravenet, then i just tried again a few minutes ago. i think it went through this time, but there was no kind of confirmation or anything. it just took me back to your main page...does that mean i'm in or did it mess up again? help, i want on the list!
from resonant :
ThAnKs!!!!!!! i hope i have a great bday too!!
from jason75 :
thanks for ther kind wishes.. all of you
from bluecharis :
Hi Rose! Thanks for adding me to the fave list... I've been wondering for some time now: Do you have an online diary, too and if so, will you tell me the URL? Happy New Year, LOVE, Charis :-))
from raw-voice :
thanks for the birthday love!
from okielion08 :
I think it's a cool idea to make a b-day site!That's coolerz! ::hugs:: -Christie
from evil-edna :
Hey, I love this! I'm going to stick my birthday on.
from hapithoughts :
thanks for the bday wishes!!
from autumnwinds :
Hey, Thanks for the Birthday Wishes, it meant alot. <3 ya, Autumn
from bluecharis :
Hey Rose! I'd like to keep it over... it'll take me some time though to set up a data base for automated emailing... let me know if that's okay with you, Love, Charis :-))
from pearlie147 :
Hi Rose - thanks for the birthday wishes!!!
from bluecharis :
Hi Rose! Thanks for answering! My question wasn't about YOU going on vacation, but ME! Sorry, I'm German, so sometimes I don't get across what I mean... and does everybody on the committee congratulates everybody? Have a nice Sunday, all the best, Charis
from bluecharis :
Dear Rose! Thanks for letting me join! It's VERY exciting... I just wonder: What do you do when your on vacation or something like that?
from bluecharis :
Hey! What a WONDERFUL idea! I hope you'll make me a committee member! All the Best, Charis
from britneypink :
Hey, thanks for who ever added me to the birthday list. Thanks!

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