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from vintagepearl :
I like that one.
from iamnotacello :
from r-e-v-i-e-w :
Hey--did you still want a review? Do you have a link anywhere?
from andwebreathe :
you are incredible.
from msjessica :
big black hooker jackets, too much red wine...chain smoking...a limited understanding, and the poor, pitiful coincidence that someone should update within an hour of ones self......i like your words, i like.....putting myself into some strange little world that you create...
from readthisline :
I stumbled across your diary by accident, and it's fantastic to come across something that doesn't make you want to chew off your limbs just so you're able to get away from the screen. I've added you to my favourites - I hope you don't mind. I'll keep an eye out for more posts xx
from starke- :
I see you have that stats tracker thingy. So I'm the person who's reading a bunch of your older entries. 206.something. Or maybe it's 165.something? Hm. Well I'm in MI. Hi.
from lastflightin :
hm. i like your diary, usually, but i disagree on the fact of not being able to find love at 18. some people, sure. but there are a few lucky ones out there blessed enough to not have to spend lonely nights pining for someone we can't have. not everyone is so careless with their hearts, you know?
from vintagepearl :
Just wanted to leave you a note and say I love reading your words.
from cuddleslut3 :
well, i was going to tell you how much i loved to read your site but apparently you dont need to hear that. anyways i particularly enjoyed your entry tonight. hope you have an awesome week.
from the-elm :
hey, i feel for you. your diary's really deep, and at times i know exactly what you're going through. cheers!
from zinash :
your writting is amazing. everything you say is what i feel and want to say but it doesn't quit come out like how i would like it to. it amazes me how you can put down a pages worth of emotions into a couple sentences and describe it better than anyone i know. point being i very much enjoy reading your writting, and although mine isn't near as interesting as yours email me at [email protected] for a name and password to view it.
from xxwhyxx :
wow!! i love your diary it's so awsome. you sound like a great person. if you don't mind i would like to add you to my buddy list. leave me a note if you want. if you would like to read in diary send me an email at [email protected] and i'll give you the username and password. -mallory
from truth-review :
Just to let you know, your review is up!
from ohh-hello :
your most recent entry put my feelings into words. thanks for being so awesome. ♥chrissie
from pink-circle :
Hey! You still interested?
from simplymine :
I realized... You have to let that person in. Let them not make you worry. You can't keep those walls up. I can't. It ruins me. Thanks
from amber-yoder :
I really love your writing. When I read it, it feels like I'm reliving the feelings that I once had, but it being greater the second time around. Never stop writing.
from simplymine :
my fear of being hurt consumes me in ways I never knew it would. How do you escape it so easily?
from pink-circle :
If you want to know more about the circle, feel free to visit our about page: Thank you for your interest. ~Pink
from pink-circle :
Awesome! I'm glad you're interested. Well, for starters, to join, simply enter the diaryring called circle. The next thing you should know, is that no one expects you to partisipate in every activity, however, the more you do, the better. :) Upcoming event: tonight, (monday 13th), 7pm eastern time, chat in the diaryland chat rooms. :) Feel free to join on in. ~Pink
from pink-circle :
{Circle Invite} On behalf of the circle, I invite you to join our writer's group. I have noticed your shown interest in poetry/writing. If you are interested, please note back. :) ~Circle Counsil
from darceek :
alright, im officially in love. don't ever stop writing, please, for me?;)
from find-katie :
I love your words, so I'll add you to my buddylist
from weavingleven :
Heh, you're still alive, how odd.
from weavingleven :
Heh, you're still alive, how odd.
from effaced :
run away and marry me. i swear ill make everything ok.
from blueeyes19 :
your entry for today really hits home with me. How I know what it is like to be able to be with someone sometimes, but still go on like we are nothing to each other the rest of the time..going on with our own lives, until one of us needs the other again..and we love each other! how fucked up is that?
from effaced :
i'll always love you. <3
from blueeyes19 :
wow, i love your diary. If all guys could write as beautifully as you.
from owndecadence :
<3 another beautiful diary i have stumbled upon.
from alexthemad :
It ends with a muted bang, friend, and it begins in much the same way.
from saturnine69 :
I like the way you write. It's poetic in a way. ----Ravena
from effaced :
i love you.
from finalscore :
congratulations on getting into finals! i voted -- you guys are ahead! :]
from truth-review :
Your review hasn't been completed because you failed to follow the rules. Re-read the rules and request again if you still want a review.
from andwebreathe :
honesty is overrated.
from lullaymarie :
The new song you sang at the show was amazing. Everytime I see No Hope For Heros play I love the music even more.
from closeup :
justin, this is melissa from way back when. i used to live in miami and we had a pretty nice friendship. i just ran into your diary by accident. very dark, but i hope things are going well for you. my aim is still the same if you ever want to talk.
from starlet-21 :
thanks soso much, love. that note meant the world and he is going to hear me out now, so thanks again. i'm here if you ever need a favor. <3 - katie
from starlet-21 :
this is going to sound insane, but i'm about to lose someone i really care about and if you could do me a HUGE favor and leave chris-uk a note to tell him to forgive me, it would mean the world. i'm hoping if enough persuasive notes are left it might impact him to listen to me. <3 - katie
from effaced :
every word means only as much as the emotion behind it. if you write from your heart, you'll get there everytime. emotion is understood by everyone, even if they don't admit it. your writing hits home when you write with your emotion, because there isnt a soul alive whose never felt it.
from safetyxpins5 :
why must every single entry you write blow me away? you;ve got a damn good way with words boy. if only i could do the same. <3
from aliblogs :
you're awesome
from msparacelsus :
Gday drawtheline, What a pile of horseshit ! If I still had fav. diaries I would add you to my list of manure. You smell great !
from ambrosiah :
Salutations Justin. Fabulous! I love your writing. Please, make it your life.
from arsenic-kiss :
I can see its going to be hard not runnign away to boston to kidnap you ;) <3 lex
from justenough :
god i can never get enough of your words
from insane-whore :
Goodbye ♥
from half-hearted :
you take my breath away. ...simply amazing. <3;*
from ambrosiah :
from ambrosiah :
I'll be at the show, and just maybe...I'll know a few words. Just keep it on rocking (:
from ambrosiah :
Salutations. The show was fucking awesome. You have a great voice and alot of energy. I can't wait to see you guys play again. Granted, the crowd wasn't the best, but atleast people liked it. Feel free to leave me a note at my diary. Don't mind the shitty poetry. I am very dramatic at times. heheh. I'll leave you know where I be. Toodles. (: ~*~Tasha~*~
from x-y :
it's like that sometimes, champ. it sucks, but you'll survive. besides, chicks dig scars, even emotional ones.
from xbarbwirdrmx :
hello! oh i hope things get better for ya-i feel your pain my b/f just broke up wit me an hour ago. good luck wit all that. - ♥
from mymurder :
want to know the truth? i dont think youre amazing. i like your writing because you see yourself making mistakes. you see others with an analytical edge that any true cynic could only pray to have. i admire the fact you were able to make it through PI, i admire the fact you can see things for as they are, but that doesnt make you amazing. that makes you you. and it makes you real.
from justenough :
wow. need i say more? WOW. you are amazing.
from razordreamer : just so completely stunned by your writing. just wanted to say hi and i did so i'm contempt now. xXjessicaXx
from leely :
you have talent; i just wanted to say that to you</3
from prncssliz44 :
MY LIL MONKEY!! (who's your beautiful beautiful princess?? hehe) I love you, JJ...and I'm so proud of everything you've done so far, and everything you'll accomplish in the future. I don't need to get publicly mushy, you know how I feel. I'm just glad that you're still my lil boy. Love you. Lizzie
from liesawake4u :
love is always enough. without it there is nothing to look forward to when you wake up in the morning (my diary is locked but you can go to my profile for the password)
from utter-views :
Hey just stopping by, I wanted to get the word out that we're looking for new reviewers. So far no one has applied :o( And yeah I've signed other places, no luck yet but hey we have a good review site over here & need good reviewers. I'm trying to find some...
from februarykiss :
holy moley!
from l-e-a :
Welcome back. You've been missed.
from radioflyer- :
I like your entries. They make me think. Most them remind me of a quote of the day or something.
from simplymine :
I'm tired of everything else and now I'm waiting on you.
from starcrossd73 :
wow, i like it. its awesome..keep up the great song writing
from sad-doll :
I'm so glad to see you're updating, after so long it's comforting to see you're still there some what okay maybe heart broken, Love always, Audrey
from jewelsiren :
amazing you are, indeed.
from sad-doll :
I miss your entries
from redplaid :
it's been forever since we've talked. just thought i'd say hi and see how you were doing and whatnot. take it easy. xo
from simplymine :
"Welcome to existance. Everyone is here. Potentional is here.. Between who you are and who you could be. Between how it is and how it should be." I'm spellbound by the utter truth in the way you see it all- in the way the ripple effect of your thoughts has collided with my world and the way it seems to piece itself together. xoxo
from qtebabe2103 :
your diary is truely inspirational. how do you come up with this emotion and thoughts? i really like it and promise to keep coming back for more beautiful reads :)
from broken-alias :
amazing. to say more would only insult your work.
from goody2shoe :
Your diary is beautiful. You can say so much with just a few words. Thank you for sharing.
from bi-n-proud :
I've been reading through a bit of your diary (I found it through your banner) and I think we're really on the same wavelength. I'll be back for more.
from memissmisery :
revel in your emo-ness. god knows i do.
from redplaid :
that really sucks about your car. and about the accident in general. it's good to know that you're ok though.
from me912 :
i'm glad ur ok.
from getaway :
hey just randomly came across your diary. i've only read a few of your entries but i think they're awesome. i'll definatly be back for more : ) take care babes.
from sad-doll :
that was beautiful
from simplymine :
I was flying, I really was. Riding so fast, gliding along... then some self centered ass stole my silver 12 speed... and all i wanna do is run home. Jerks.
from redplaid :
i really do hope everything works itself out. you know where <a href="aim:goim?screenname=eiectricvioiet">i am</a> if you need anything. xo
from girl101 :
sketches upon sketches piled up in black and white/ charcoal covers faces hands curves and lines and blurrs and i think you/ve got a little (little) on your face/////ps, are you reading eliot and thoreau? liking it?
from simplymine :
i think it's beautiful.
from xxfadeawayxx :
Open your diary again! Or just tell me the password...mmmmmmm kay?
from dravencrow :
hi. just wondering what happened to your website. i haven't chatted with you in awhile and can't remember your livejournal address. i miss reading your daily diaryland poetry ;( -sara [email protected]
from cissy15 :
ok, hi. ive been reading your diary for like over a year now, and now its blocked or whatever. is there anyway you can get me the password? im kind of addicted to your diary. you dont know me, i dont know you, i would like for it to stay that way, but still, i love this diary. if you want to give me the password, email me at [email protected] thank you so much!
from punkgurly :
I like what you say. If you published it, I'd be happy. good idea. I hope you have success cos you deserve it.
from me912 :
you seem very cool. i would very much like to talk to you; you have a most excellent taste in music.
from endemic :
One day we're going to send a ship out to space and it's just going to hit a painted backdrop.
from superchiken :
hey i like the way you write..
from raining-sky :
oops. forgot to finish the hyperlink. im tired.
from raining-sky :
good writing. go <a href=""> if you want my *real* diary. dont tell. its a secret.
from roxymarie02 :
I hope things work out for you.
from roxymarie02 :
I think youa re interesting. I just stumbles onto it and it is pretty cool, keep it up.
from thehightide :
Intersting views on things...I like it!!
from hazelrain :
hey, you quoted from "Constantine", thats cool. Maybe I should stop reading your journal now in case its annoying. But I was just randomly looking through them and I really like yours just so you know.
from lousrose :
hey, I love your diary a lot, you write beautifully. love, whit
from hazelrain :
hello I think that you sound interesting I am impressed with your writing skills as you sound very poetic.
from prncssliz44 :
and to think, youre mine, all mine...
from loosinghope2 :
you think like me. my first name is distance, and I don't care if I ever wake up again.
from vitality :
i just think you have a talent. <3
from cavastar :
some of the things you write make me melt...wish i could meet a guy who could express in words how he feels as you do...keep up the good work
from ladymcbth83 :
I never thought of a trainwreck as beautiful. Love ya, babe! Smile!
from ificouldfly :
Hey Justin. I don't know what you're up to these days but don't be blue. Our secret project is going to be stupid fly. One love, Toby
from rockkid :
that was a really good 2 sentances.
from jpoet112 :
i think . . tonight . . we were both thinking the same thought. mine was winding and long. but in the end it came back to that one single thing . . . that we have strange powers inside. and a will to go on. peace brother. - j
from recall :
you're amazing.
from lostnfallen :
That was beautiful [smiles]
from lostnfallen :
Short and Sweet. I like what you write....
from prncssliz44 :
I love you, JJ! I am so freaking proud of you, and are my world and all that good stuff. I love you, I love you...
from age16racer :
from deathorglory :
its been awhile. lets chill.
from lanugo-pearl :
is the glass half full or half empty? -- depends on whether you are drinking or pouring.
from evilsalad :
jus checkin in, and yea i wanted to comment on the ksising on the first date. you might as well, i mean what do you have to lose, if nothing's there then you got a kiss out of it, if something's there then you've got alot more... and love isn't an illusion, its more real that most things in this world, and unlike them its not "made in china"
from orangetulip :
my obsolete computer doesn't like loading your diary but i like reading it.
from hydroshine :
You're right about love. Love shouldn't be an emotion that can change.. it's a lie, an illusion... god, I wish I could just get rid of it!
from nap0le0ns0l0 :
look at the trouble i went through to leave you this note. um... i love your journal, if i didn't all ready say that a million times. you're an awesome writer. come back to our humble little state of mass. soon.
from bistogiggles :
Hey Justin, Jean here, Ive just been catchin up on ur diary...looking fairly cool. I was on the net looking up stuff for projects(college crap!) and decided to drop u a line!!! There's no strange here in good aul Ireland. I'm here drinking a pint of guinness and that's about as good as it gets!!! Thrilling!!! Its little christmas next Wednesday in college which means no lectures, we'll just start drinking at about 11a.m and stop about 3a.m the following morning...drink,drink and more drink!!! Lets see anything else?? Oh yea Liza says hello. We're pretty pissed off that we're not going over now but there's nothing we can do about that I guess well seen as I will be training to be in de police...horrah. So anyway maybe I might talk to u tomorrow beford I head to Meadowlands or come home from Meadowlands..whatever. C u later and even though I haven't said this in ages I still miss yea loads xxx
from crimson-cry :
Hi, I love your diary. You bring a lot to mind here, in your own little corner of d-land. Right now I am in crisis, in need of real live constructive criticzm. One of my latest entry's entitled, "Let's Play House." Is in need of criticzm, I need to know what you think. How it affected/effected you. What does it say? What does it whisper into your ear, a nd into your heart, or doesn't it? Also, my other works need to be read over also, there aren't a lot, so it shouldn't take long, nless you are a slow reader. But anyhting that you could read and comment on would be most appriciated. And let me know which ones you like or dislike, and why? Let the ol' gbook know what ya think it really and truly is important to me the kind of feedback that I recieve. Then I also get a tase of what touches people somewhere special, what it makes you and others think of. Do my works make sense, do they remind you of something. Well I hope that you get a chance to drop by, and read and let the ol gbook know what you think. And if you don't want to I understand. But if you could at leaset give my entry "Let's Play House," a once over and a quick comment in the gbook, it would make my day. Thankx. Heart.
from torpidity :
I love the beautiful words you write.
from evilsalad :
i cant say that i love you, for i am incapable of saying that to anyone now that i have said it and not heard it in return. but i will say that i believe in you...
from un-bad :
And all I can think is Wowie Zowie. Profound, no?
from legallynsane :
and you, do you have words you need to hear before you slumber?
from seraphical :
your words are so beautiful. so, so beautiful.
from boyrepellant :
I wanted to IM you to tell you that I enjoy your diary and can relate to it, but you do not have aim turned on. drats.
from interstate8 :
Stilll reading. Guess you're doing something right.
from blacksun :
I wondered around and got to your diary. Thought I'd say hi. Hi. Well, my job here is done. Even though it required no responsibility. Bur-bye.
from fadedave :
familiar thoughts, ever record?
from strangelilme :
you. are. amazing. continue with the good work. im hooked.
from cissy15 :
Hi, I read your diary all the time and its super cool. Not that I can ever tell what you are talking about, but oh well. I like it a bunch. Keep writing!
from drawtheline :
you suck.

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