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from danglemyfeet :
...Elaine... come back... we miss you!
from neangel :
so sad to see you leave, good luck in life!
from chaoticflame :
I really am starting to sound like a stalker, I know, but... Look, I cant honestly say that I know how you feel per say, right now, but You need to understand that if he doesn't get how you feel, then he needs time to figure it out himself. Plus, right now he's probably feeling like he fucked the whole relationship up by springing this on you too early. Maybe send him a letter saying that you want to meet, and work the whole thing out; but you were just expressing honestly how you felt. Dont feel too bad, okay?
from chaoticflame :
Alrighty - advice on the guy? In my *proffesional*(I studied at the nonexistent advice college for 4 years) opinion, she should wait until shes lost the extra weight, then go after him! I wouldn't say lose the wieght normally, but if she's worried then she wont come off as self confident. She needs to be able to show him what he would be missing if he said no.
from chaoticflame :
Iknow that Im starting to sound a little stalker-ish, but Koko rox! Hooray!
from chaoticflame :
Its okay, youre still brilliant. A helluva lot smarter than me, if it makes you feel better.
from chaoticflame :
Yay!! Im cool!! And Madeline sounds SO adorable!! And Im using too many exlamation points!!
from chaoticflame :
ahem... Forgot some stuff in my note. sorry... 1) you have good taste in movies. heh... fifteen... 2)I am going to throw a temper tantrum over the cuteness of Madeline...*throws a spork* 3)I cried when I read that your Grandfather died. I'm sorry that he's gone. 4) Why havent you written about your lovely pets??*Vein in forehead throbs* WHY??????? --Sarah
from chaoticflame :
I'm sorry if I sound wierd saying this, but I am officially addicted to your diary. It rocks. You're a good writer. And I'm kinda spooked by your 2003-04-20, 10:01 a.m. entry... It hits a little close to home... anyway... um... yeah. Moo.
from comment-anon :
I don't believe dreams always have to mean something. Don't let yourself worry over it. -boo
from roxygrl15 :
hahaha.. vomit. Sorry it took me awhile to see that you signed my guest book. I hope everything works out! -Kelsey
from soillsich :
absolutely wonderful :)
from daisyplum :
I am really sorry to hear about your grandpa joe, I know that it is hard to get over, but when I lost my grandpa I was torn between sadness and happiness because I'd lost him, but his pain was finally over. Anyway, I'll shut up now, I hope that things get better. -eileen
from roxygrl15 :
I'm so sorry to hear about your Grampa. I hope everything gets back on track for you. Once again I truely am so so so sorry. -Kelsey
from intheory27 :
Welcome to the English Majors' d*ring. :) Sorry it took me so long to add you, Real-Life (tm) took over. But welcome nonetheless, it's great to have you. :)
from elaineslife :
Yeah well, Warren and Jen are very happy, and Patrick and I are very happy, too. Yay for happy couples!
from roxygrl15 :
I knew Warren had a thing for you! Don't ask me, I don't even know you or anything, but the first entry of yours that I read, I though he had a little thing for you by the you wrote about him. haha.. anyways.. good luck with everything! -Kelsey
from glared :
sounds like it was a great date. good luck with next time too! hope you have an awesome time at the thanksgiving party! *smiles* toodles..*
from roxygrl15 :
Hey it's me again! Yeah, I added you to my favorite entires list.. yeah. Ok, bye bye!! - kelsey (that's my name by the way)
from roxygrl15 :
Hi! I know this is really random, since you have no idea who I am, but I came across your dairy and I just wanted to wish you luck with your new room mates. You sound like a very neat person. =) -roxygrl15

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