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from hedgehoggy :
For me, I'm just getting started with Essential X-Men #8. Prior to that, it was the new Batman graphic novels with Damian, his son. I've got far too many graphic novels to catch up on as I am suddenly finding myself quitting comics. Except for the Messiah Complex in X-Men, I've no interest so far. Sad.
from hedgehoggy :
Recommendations? That's tough because I'm all over the place by going here and there since artwork is most important. I love Hack/Slash but that last one was awful. Grimm's Fairy Tales are a kinky side to all those old stories we used to know as kids. My favorite is Bloodrayne but the last one was awful. The first few! Sexy is a woman with blades. Good point on Marvel's screw-up with the universe. Spidey's gonna lose it because it's all about his old enemies now knowing who he is. Boo. I loved Witchblade but only the older ones along with Tomb Raider. What happened!?! Geez, they used to be so good. Hated the new Spiderman movie. The only thing that could save Fantastic Four is if Alba were to show her tits. DC has only Batman going for it because Superman is too boring. I want blood, dark humor, and insane bad guys.
from hedgehoggy :
I'm curious if you're into this World War Hulk thing or more into indie comics. Marvel has lost it for some time but it's nice to see Hulk get some publicity even if his girlfriend had to end up splattered by a missile.
from hedgehoggy :
Well, I'm more sinister but that's a whole new argument. I know what 'Previews' is so I'll throw in my 2 cents. Hated Civil War. Boring and badly drawn. All the good artists seem to be sleeping (J. Scott Campbell hard at work on a new Spidey) and just where the hell is Jim Lee!?! Love 'Bloodrayne' but the artists change all the time. Ultimate Spidey is my fave but the creaters are finished at #110. Nobody stays with a book anymore so I tend to read a lot of graphic novels (X-Men, Batman, Spidey, Batwoman, Dogwitch, etc.) Saturday the 14th was very scary for me since I saw it at a young age, too. My little brother hid behind the couch while I tried to act brave. Good times til he figured out how to hit me with a plastic lightsaber.
from fortheweak :
Spiffy template -- did you make that yourself?
from completeliar :
Alt+F4 divided by the square root of one million times an inside out hippopotamus
from aras2006 :
i like the way you think. very interesting diary.
from aquietboy :
a lot on your mind. it sounds heavy.

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