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from makavelli :
Sounds like one guy was extreme the other was the opposite. Step back, take stock and just do what you feel is right. Only advice I can offer is love takes time, it does not happen overnight...that is Lust.
from jonquille :
hi there! I'm glad to know things r going well for you. Take care xxx
from jonquille :
Hi there! Thanks for dropping by. Would love to give you the password to my diary, but as it's a bit inconvenient to do so here, how about you drop me an email at [email protected] ? I'll reply with the username and password soonest. Cheers xxxx
from needingalex :
hi. i noticed that you added me as a favorite and i wanted to say that it's fine...and wonder why. hope to talk to you later. -alicia
from finalmelody :
you have the same birthday as my boyfriend!
from makavelli :
congrats on the a levels!!!
from anna-spanna :
Hi there. I was searching random diaries on diaryland and i came across your diary. It is a lovely diary and i like the way you write. I will be back to read more. Anna <3xx
from jonquille :
Hi there, I've been reading your diary for awhile now, and I'm sorry I haven't gotten round to leaving a note sooner. Am really sorry to hear about your break up, as they are never easy, but somehow our lives are inevitably littered with heartache. Do take care, much as this sounds cliched, don't feel beaten and defeated, because you can only emerge stronger from now on. *Hugs* Be well. Drop me a note whenever you need to talk.
from makavelli :
you know, breaking up is a very hard thing to do. We all deal with it in our own way, people will shower you with words of advice and tell you what's best. But at the end of the day, we all deal with it differently. If writing here makes you overcome the sadness then that's a positive attitude you are taking and a step to moving on. Seems you are already making steps in the right direction...
from ltv :
Hi faerieclaire soz i haven't left u a note in a while, i've been pretty depressed and stuff. Get everyone to send a note to evilbiotch, telling her it'll be fine that'd be fab! (she thinks she is fat)loved your diary entry(yer latest 1) from L.T.V x
from ltv :
Hi Faericlaire, its ltv again!!! i am just leaving a mssge because i wanted to say thanx 4 writing me a mssge coz now it looks like i have a couple of people reading my diary's(i don't mind if you havent)I've read your long mooans entry and it sounds like u were pretty depressed/pissed off dat day, don't worrie though cos i know how u feel. From L.T.V
from bookwormsoph :
Heya, glad you like the template I had made *smiles* ~Soph
from ltv :
Hey faerie Claire wots up, i just wanna say your diary's brill, i tell you whose diary you'd like, evilbiotch she's great and rantpad!!!!You sound like a really decent person and you're template/lo is wckd, i'm ltv come look at my diary and leave me's a note so i can finally have a note from someone. I am going to put you in my faves cos it woz so cool. See ya later from ltv
from makavelli :
added you as a fav. been reading for a while. I like your style of writing. Its very different....;)
from gemini52381 :
Hey! Thanks for joining my diaryring! The first of many, I hope.
from bookwormsoph :
Bleh, I don't even want to think about my exams @[email protected] I've blocked them out, traumatic memories that they are... ~Soph
from bookwormsoph :
Heh, my exams are finished (finally!) How about yours? Oh, I hate to be a pain, but your older page is in a bit of a state @[email protected] If you need a hand, just yell :-) ~Soph

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