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from banefulvenus :
hey there stranger... saw that you had updated your blog but forgot the password info. hit me up on my new site if you would like at I used to enjoy reading your stuff and would love some advice from you about my site, when or if you have time. Kell :)
from operastar :
i was wondering about you. i have typed out every poem, story, and thought i've ever had and it came to over 250 pages. now the issue is the editing which is something i'm terrified of.
from operastar :
what's up? are you ok? haven't heard from you
from operastar :
i want to write a book. do you think this is a good idea? and if so, what do you think are some of my strengths in writing? all compliments (neg/posi) greatly appreciated
from operastar :
you're so great. thank you for reading and for your continuous support
from operastar :
i have a quote for you in regard to your "it's a mad f#cking mission" entry. "don't worry, nothing was lost. neither of us ever loved the other; you only wanted to and i only thought i did."
from banefulvenus :
cheers darlin
from banefulvenus :
what nights are good to go to the club?
from lustykazoo :
just wanted to send a congrats on graduation & wish you well on the move ;) ... take care, poppy
from banefulvenus :
Ever been to The Castle in Ybor? Or heard about it?
from banefulvenus :
Happy Thanksgiving!!
from banefulvenus :
: )
from grapebubbles :
i found you on bluechicken's buddy list and decided to check out your diary. i really like your most recent entry, "your's was a hard itch". i know what it is like to be in that situation, it hurts, i know. i like the way you express yourself.
from arc-angel666 :
Hello Ms Folkbitch: I saw you on a number of friends favorite diary list, thought I'd stop by, plus curiosity was getting the best of me, I have never met a folkbitch(its kind of fun to say). This is an interesting place, hope you don't mind if I visit
from operastar :
it amazes me that my words could have any kind of status over your wanting to live and that my writing has kept you read for so long. if you only knew how painful humble i felt about the whole process you would know that your note was all too overwhelming. keep reading though. my mind is yours for the eating.
from syi :
hi. may i know what's your password and id for the lock? deleted the email long time back..
from operastar :
i've taken over the diary "fword". it's a collaborative website serving the purpose of getting feminist ideas, poems, quotes, and essays out into a public forum. please send any feminist related contributions to [email protected]
from banefulvenus :
Just wanted to say a quick hello... Hope you are doing well? :)
from banefulvenus :
I found paradise in Koki Point...
from coolwindyday :
The Dead Poets' Society makes me cry too.
from opusshrugged :
thank you so much for the note ... i'm glad to hear you're happy & taking a moment to notice the beauty behind you ;)
from reader-mg :
whoa. ever get the feeling real life happens in short spurts?
from opusshrugged :
yes, m'dear ... please send me the information ... [email protected], i'd like to keep reading.
from knock-first :
hey! I moved some time back and write in ursaminor2 very seldom. I am (of course) knock-first now and would love to be able to check in on you from time to time.
from folkbitch :
Locked the diary. If you really want to read it, you're going to have to e-mail me at [email protected] and let me know who you are and such. I may also boost other, more anonymous account to gold sometime soon.
from maxg :
hey. you locked your diary and i always liked your stuff. can you email me a password? my email is [email protected]. i hope i can keep reading, and i hope that whatever brought this on isn't too bad.
from hisgirl- :
Hey if you want a fast and awesome review go to the link I posted. ---> They are honest and don't take much time at all! {I'm not any part of this review site, but I'd like to help it get started so I can review. Thanks for your help!} ---Kendra
from xtooprettyx :
hey.. want to get your diary design review? doesn't matter who made the review... if you do, you can request a review at xtooprettyx design reviews...
from banefulvenus :
Happy Birthday girly! I hope you have a wonderful day!!!
from banefulvenus :
Life may be crazy, but you are still a great writer!
from knock-first :
the "my god you are beautiful" entry- no shit...I second every word of that in application to own thoughts
from uncouthgirl :
holy remind me of myself and its really scary.sorry. i probably just insulted you by saying you remind me of me, it wasnt meant to be insulting though...Anyways, your diary has become a new favorite since i just found out, your profile too.nick drake is one of my favorites (infact thats how i found your diary). : ) marissa
from knock-first :
if you feel comfortable giving me the new [email protected] if not-no big deal, I wish you the best wherever you may go in life and I hope someday that our paths might cross, though we would never know eachtoher, hehehe (me: Tall skinny, long redhead with tiny features)
from faded-souls :
I love your diary, and I cant get enough, i'd like to keep reading. :-)
from silveringrid :
i have re-discovered your diary and love it. your words remind me of traveling on open roads and lightning bugs and lemonade in june. i would love it if you sent me where you're writing now - my email is [email protected], or it would be rockin' if you just left me a note. thanks so much! hope all starts to get better...bonnes reves
from syi :
would like to continue reading =)
from maxg :
i would like to keep reading you
from bloodyme :
it's a funny thing: i've been reading your journal for a while, and i love love loved the previous photo of leonard cohen. now jeff buckley which is great as well. he did a cover of leonard cohen's "hallelujah" as you probably know, and it was amazing. anyway i think it's really cool you write with such honesty.
from knock-first : is college free for you? It has been a while since I checked in on you and I thought I would note you form my new local. Hope you are well.
from operastar :
thank you for your note. i found your diary a while ago (i'm assuming before you found mine) and i adore it. i don't really like a lot of writing or diaries and yours is truly great. i can read entry after entry and never tire. thank you for enjoying my truth. feel free to IM me at "redreadwords" at any time.
from ursaminor2 :
I know what ya mean. I dont get along with girls very well. And I have never had a guy friend that didnt eventually end up trying to get in my pants...sort of inconvenient. Where are all the gay men when ya need um.
from banefulvenus :
hey there holly. I checked out your new layout. Your page looks great! Is that Pete Yorn on the main page?
from keeds :
are u in the folk gang?
from ursaminor2 :
man i am so sorry for the pain you are going through right now. I have been there and I can't think of much else that is worse. The only up side to every down side is the knowledge that you will eventually stand on top of that hill looking back on all the pain and effort it took you to get there and realize how good it feels to be on top again. Until then, trudging through the trenches sure does suck.
from diaryofkim :
I clicked on your banner, and I just wanted to leave a note saying I like your writing.
from fearnothing :
hi, i read your diary i little while ago, the one where you retured someone.s pj pants. and he said how he made his way into your diary, well that reminded me of i wrote a poem that made me feel a whole lot better, idk if it.ll help you, but it.s worth a try.
from linz426 :
Your Unique. Kind of strange. But deffinately Unique. Very Cool. **Linz**
from neangel :
hey jus tstopped in to say I clicked your banner. nice layout... happy 4th of july if it applies... ;)
from ursaminor2 :
locked it all me an I will send you a passwrod if you [email protected]
from ursaminor2 :
sheesh I hate to have three notes in a row, it makes me feel horribly pathetic, but what else should I do all! naaaaa. So your entry, "I never told you", I relate to that WAY more than I would like to. Is it wone of the guys on the band site? You oughta tell him (assmuning you arent married to someone else that is) but that was still a nice hint. I liked their design. The whole camera thing is very cool. Do you know who designed it? My husbands band site could use some help.
from ursaminor2 :
OR! I claw foot bathtub on a pedastal.... RAISED in the middle of the room!! WITH a couple of tile or marble STAIRS leading up to it....yup...I will I will I will!
from ursaminor2 :
Wow! I loved your last entry! I am not quite brave enough to write about my real life and real feelings from anything but an objective standpoint most of the time. It is refreshing to read someone who is not such a wuss. Kuddos to you!
from hardluck :
Haven't been online a whole lot lately and have no idea how old your note is, but have spent time playing catch up whilst staving off sleep deprivation. No "Say Anything" on your list? i too know the hopelessness all too well. A little comfort would be nice these days...
from banefulvenus :
Girl I am so there with you!!! "Losing hope is easy, when your only friend is gone.... and every time you look around it all just seems to change...." I leave my cares behind and hit the beach when I feel the way you were describing in your last posting....
from banefulvenus :
Just wanted to pop in and say hello HELLO!
from banefulvenus :
I would love to go to USF but I still haven't applied...I'll probably end up going to SPC because it's close to home. I stil have to be able to work full time and come home for lunch to make sure my dad eats lunch.... I still have to take care of him...
from banefulvenus :
thanks for all your help Holly!
from banefulvenus :
hey girly, Do you know of any poetry contests going on right now? I'd like to submit some stuff....
from banefulvenus :
Hey girly! You didn't truely freak me out :) I'm sorry I hadn't had the chance to write this sooner. I think you're great, and I love your writing.
from banefulvenus :
hey girly! I just got your message this morning. I'll try to drop ya a line really soon and we'll go hang out. Oh, by the way, Kitty is a guy I dated in the past. I still havn't gotten over the fact that he's almost 10 years older than me....I don't know if the two of yo have met. He dj's in Ybor sometimes though....
from banefulvenus :
hey girly, I read your posting today and saw the pic of Darryl. What a cuttie! You always have an interesting diary posting...You are a great writer. How are you doing? Do you have any plans to see any good shows in the future? I have heard of a few things comming to town that sound interesting. Concerts, and plays... I hope all is well with you... Take care, Kelly
from banefulvenus :
hey girly!! I just got your note! Thanks for stoppin by! I just started a new job so I have most of my weekend free if ya ever wanna hang out. I'll talk to ya soon take care, Kelly
from banefulvenus :
Hello Holly, HOw ya doin? Long time no chat. Kelly Here, I just wanted to ask you, what's in a diary ring? What's it all aboooot?
from notbada :
you kinda think the way I do. I can never be matter how hard I try. I like to write as well. I like to write songs..and not the girly sissy kind..even though I am a girl. But I can never finish a song before I think it sux. But just wanted to say I can relate.
from dragon-fly23 :
Very intersting...gave me lots to think of- I have to say that I am curious and will be back
from dreemfreek :
so THAT'S why i get so damn annoyed by my fucking bf!!! he's doing it on purpose to annoy me. ah... luv the layout, great diary, i'll be back for more insight.
from symbiotic :
happy birthday
from smellyfinger :
I hate Alf. I wish he'd eat a poisoned cat and die.
from bleedingink :
i live in st. pete so I just wanted to give ya a shout out and say hi!
from xrxsxjx :
hey just wanted to say thanks for leaving me a note... hope the ex i resemble wasn't quite terrible
from broken-glass :
May I join you on the new planet?
from clutter :
happy for you hollygrl. love and be loved. -sterling
from my-mind :
hey, i'm in your bmovie ring. i know how you feel about locked diaries, but i just locked mine. it should only be locked for about a week. so please don't delete me!!! thanks :)
from peephole :
what happened to ani? peephole
from soulsurvivor :
lovely.... back for seconds....
from hardluck :
Confession:you have been on my faves for awhile now, but it's been a long time since i last checked in.Glad that i did though. Ireland, eh?Yeah, supposed to go in March-ish, not sure if it's still happening though.At any rate, i'll be back later.much love,J
from twinarrows :
wow... i just went and read that note left to you before mine... haha, pretty deep, eh? chat with that girl sometime, allow her to unlock the secrets of the universe (or just suck your i.q. like a leach... one of the two)... byebye
from twinarrows :
and you didn't put joan baez on your favorite artists list? or bonnie raitt? oh no! hahaha, how are you doing, compadre? hope all is well... hope things are ok with your current crazy lover (after all, you are the sexiest little pookie)... leave me a note if you so desire (but you certainly don't have to)... have a fanbloomintastic day! twin
from chickas8er :
your profile kicks ass...even though i haven't read you diary.feel free ta read nosy or whatever ~_^ i'm kidden..but yeah.your cool.why have i never heard of you until now?well.this will temporarily remedy the situation(look at all the big wurds!)never knew i knew that many wurds with that many syllables(another big one).no.i'm playin.just bored right now.your cool though.holla at me anytime in aim-chickas8er .~1 <3 nikki.anime luv: =^.^=

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