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from gcotiku :
haha! Ahhh I so feel your DDR pain! We'll both be in "PWSADDRA" ... "people who suck at DDR Anonymous"! awesome. And laser tag is the best!
from f0rbidden :
the song's not that great, really - the only reason it amused me was that they used to play it at our elementary school dances
from traptdaisy :
Thank you for visiting! I saw your collective soul template! Im jealous!
from geeked-out :
I just now read your list of hates. I hate blue food. So much it hurts.
from shmellie :
i know exactly how you feel... just when you think you can manage without them they come back and you need them even more than before. i gave up trying a long time ago... and i'm just waiting now too
from suenosverde :
I haven't forgotten about her, I think of her everday (mostly because she is some sort of reincarnation of myself) I have some more stories to put to paper, once the move is over! thanks for the not tho :)
from shmellie :
hey, yeh writing about "him" is tricky. i can't say his name cos he occasionally reads this then gets mad at me cos i'm not meant to tell people about how he feels. i'd love your password if your still thinking of locking your diary xx
from geeked-out :
me = in love with you 4 eva
from gcotiku :
hey I'd love the password if you'll let me have it. I enjoy your entries.
from shmellie :
i came across your diary, and i love it. i don't know why but reading other peoples love stuations helps my own. i know exactly how you feel. hope you don't mind that i've added you. keep writing, its great <3
from gcotiku :
hey thanks for listing me as a favorite. I'm now wondering who this is ... cool diary by the way.
from love-fatal :
1. almost three months. & then i got bored. 2. andrew. 3. definately not. 4. it makes me think of 'little bunny foo foo' & all that jazz. 5. yes. & that song reminds me of my friend tj. haha.
from love-fatal :
whoawhoawhoa. i think you might be me. i mean, old me. well. same me, but old situation. i fell in love with my best friend years ago. i know how you feel. ♥
from suenosverde :
thanks for listing me as a favourite, I've done the same with you, I love your layout by the way its amazing!

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