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from kirlianstate :
what's cookin?
from cdghost :
i wanna see you 1, 2 step
from cdghost :
a heroic raisin
from cdghost :
stumbled across your words and enjoyed reading them very much
from fallstarrevu :
♥ Hiya, if you would like a review or know anyone who needs a review, please refer them to FallingStar Reviews. We are currently looking for reviews and reviewers. We provide reviews that give a detailed and constructive criticism for the benifit of the diaryist. We are not here to provide an ego boost, nor are we here to rip you diary to shreds. Just to produce a good, constructive review xxx ♥
from foxinsocks :
i'm leaving a note for myself.
from cozmo103 :
rock on! im glad that made your day. im also glad i dont have exams anymore. but for real i liked that poem. i like that its real and not all dressed up artsey stuff.
from alwaysinhim :
sorry about the two g-book entries. this stupid thing is being wack lately.
from deepblue3 :
Guestbook is being naughty today so I'm leaving you a note. Thanks for taking my survey. Now I know that you're a big fan of Wayne's World, you don't see any revelence in a typical psychological question, and your MOST RECENT dream was wayyy before 9/11. Weird. Good day.
from tryhonesty :
Hey someone told me to listen to Thousand Foot Krutch but i only heard one song. ... Bounce it was. Anyways, I like your diary and im from NS too... Ember
from invisibledon :
Have a great holiday weekend 8/29/03
from middle-ofn :
Hey, i've changed my diary around a lot, check it out sometime
from thisisjohn :
Hi. Thank you very much for your comment, its nice to know what you write is appreciated. Thanks also for reading me. Everyone writes in their own way. My diary probaby really isn't a diary, as it is just a collection of poems. But every poem means something to me, so in a way, it is a record of my life. But its a lot more personalized. :) Peace out, John
from invisibledon :
Happy Wednesday to you - and I am having a most excellent day how about you bill and ted -most excellent as well - so everyone here is having a spectacular time we hope you are too
from invisibledon :
Happy Valentines Day @-'---
from cozmo103 :
thank you for your thoughts. GOOD music relative? if it is (which i am fearing), then i don't think i like that.
from lunatide :
i beg to differ on the dexter ruling the world wuote. Pinky and the brain would rule the world everyone knows THAT.
from invisibledon :
Happy New Year
from invisibledon :
Happy Holidays
from invisibledon :
Oh I am doing just so absolutely Fab that I can't stand it - well not really that well but pretty darn well - I'm Super thanks for asking
from invisibledon :
was that a poem about you - or is it just a poen - either way i like it
from cozmo103 :
thank a big sissy
from cozmo103 :
why do i have to have to enter a username and password to read your diary now? what does emo music stand for?
from cozmo103 :
hey. well, ive read your and craig's stuff on here and i think its cool. rock on! dont sell out!
from invisibledon :
how you doin' today?
from invisibledon :
thanks for playing in the neighborhood
from invisibledon :
thank you I hope yours was absolutely Fab too
from invisibledon :
from invisibledon :
take my survey --it's called invisibledon
from invisibledon :
thanks for adding me to your fave list
from invisibledon :
thanks for visiting
from wistfulme :
hannah, you are way neat. i dont know this from experience, but i am learning this vicariously from your friends. keep self-disclosing in this online thing. its just so healthy, you know?
from starlight1 :
Hi i just happened by chance to come apon your dairy. I must say I once knew what you felt..the lonliness, the wanting so mcuh to fit in (well i still want that ;) but i'm not saying this because i'm sorry for you i'm only saying this because i'm intrigued with say you dont write..but your words hit home to me like none other..not even shakespear could write such beautful words to me as the ones you did. If you ever want to talk, i'm willing to be your friend :) and i have a dang good pair of ears too! LOL

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