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from miedema2002 :
Geat diary. I added you as a favourite. I hope to see more of your writing. Bye.
from tobehis :
I tag you!
from cyndimae :
very touching and up lifting...keep up the good work!
from not-ruthless :
I randomly came across your diary and was facsinated. I'm adding you as a favorite. You can read me if you like, but no obligations. We seem to have quite a few similar interests, according to your diaryrings. We both like Madeliene L'Engle. We both enjoy writing. We both enjoy singing/song writing (and are both sopranos). Most importantly, we're both Christians. Well, I'll be reading. God bless!
from puddinggrl :
er...what is your email?
from puddinggrl :
yea, I'll send u an email w/my password. I'd love for u to read my diary. I locked it cuz I didn't trust someone on d-land though. just a random fact. Anyway, it's good to know ppl read my diary too! the Terri S. case was confusing! That was a very well thought out prayer (prayer?)!
from puddinggrl :
hey, im a Christian too! Wow, you have a lot of faith. I try to read the Bible more, but time goes too fast. i'll give u the pass to my diary if u want.
from thechemister :
Hi, I've got you on my favourite diarys list, but I just had a look, and thought a little more. I'm really sorry about the comment I left. You're not ignorant. You're faith is different to mine, and that's great. I only read your early entries, and you seemed a little childish. But your were a child. I was probably just in a bad mood. So I'm sorry. You're not ignorant, or stupid. You seems really interesting. And I hope you could forgive me. Or at least take my apology into account. Thanks, dude - TheChemister
from hamiltonian :
I have a journal on livejournal but dland easier to deal with...
from mikamw710 :
Hi! I love ur diary. Its really inspring. I wish i could have that much faith n christ. Dont get me wrong i am chirstian but u know. check out my diary s.time. oh and yeah how do u deal with being tempted. M. Wilson
from eowynne :
Hi!! I just applied to your diaryring. I really like you - I read some entries and it's so inspiring to see someone like you who is living your life to glorify God. It's so refreshing and nice to see such strong faith!! Keep it up!! :-) ~Éowyn~
from holyfool :
Hi, I just got your comment on my diary. Thanks for reading it and I'm glad you liked the stuff about healing. I was a bit worried people might be offended or something. You have a very inspiring diary and story :) thank you for having it online so I can read it.
from no-yes-maybe :
I just wanted to tell you that I stopped in, I was glad that I stopped in, it was interesting.
from soon2bestar :
I came across your diary and couldnt help but sa this,God has a divine purpose for your life the best you can do is follow his path, I even feel the same way i want so much to controle everthign but im learning to let him take the weel. I will pray for you and i hope things work out for you, Bekah
from lightedpath :
Hello! Lighted Path is now up and running! You are more than welcome to come and add your site to our Christian Directory! Can't wait to see what God does in and through us as we all work together! - with much love, Christy
from got2shine31 :
Hey freeinjesus! I noticed that I'm listed on your profile as a diary you like, so I decided to take a peek at who you are. I can see your last entry was a while ago, but I wanted you to know that I'm praying for you now and I would love to give you some answers, but the truth is, I think we all go through this stuff at times. It really isn't fun, but I think it's life. Looking back on some experiences I've had that I remember all too well, I know for a fact that God put me there and asked me to walk through that for many reasons which only come clear on the other side of the experience. I hate to give cliche answers and I hope that I'm not being a hypocrite while saying but not doing, but, God is sovereign and He has you right where you are for a perfect and indescribable reason. I don't know you, and I have my doubts I ever will, but we know the same Father, and through Him I can hope to help. I'll be asking Him on your behalf and I hope things have straightened a bit since it is always nice to have a break from the whirlwind of confusion life seems to roll in. Just keep looking forward and glorify Him amidst the problems and confusion and I know that He is faithful and will pull you out in His timing. love in Christ, got2shine31
from onedaftcow :
Hello Sara, Just found your diary, I'm new to the community. I wish I had words to help you, but all I can say is don't give up. Any thing else I say will just sound cliche. It's so very hard, I know, but try not to run from God right now..try to run to Him. I'm trying that, I'm praying it works. Jesus is a great equalizer, it's just easy to forget that sometimes. Remember, we can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens us. Take care.
from watercolored :
Curl up in your safe place for a little while Sarah, we all have to sometimes.
from tikimolly :
Hey I have finally had a chance to look at this sight. I won't have much time probably after school starts back up again but I will play with the sight as much as I can. I hope your feeling better from the last time we talked. I do miss you and hope that things are going well for you.
from ravenheart :
Thank you for joining my Frodo ring, you are welcome!
from erinmj :
Hi Sarah! Thanks so much for the lovely email! :) It was very encouraging. Of course you are free to add me to your list of favorites. Thank you! I've added you to my list as well.

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