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from anchors- :
Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I'm probably not going to update anchors- very often anymore, but if you're still interested in my photography and would like to see it more often, I sometimes post photos in my new diary at My Flickr account (which contains all of my photos) is also linked on the diary. Thanks, and take care. xo
from jenne1017 :
thanks for the note :) I appreciate it!
from xander :
It's been a while. nice to see you're still keeping up with the diary. How's life? Do you still remember me?
from milkandpasta :
I'm Wojciech. I'm not from the States. hello. Where do you live?
from milkandpasta :
what's your name?
from jenne1017 :
it's my diet journal --
from anniversary :
I am trying new places to haunt.
from throat :
pretty. xo.
from rosarybeads :
05/17: Aw, thank you. :) xoxo
from jenne1017 :
good stuff!
from neurotic-one :
So good that you had a wonderful first day on the job. May all the days give you such joy! =]
from unbothered :
i love this.
from jenne1017 :
from literatura :
Oh lord, the trees have become aeroplanes.
from jetta36 :
I emailed my user/pass to your dland addy but the email came back...let me know where to send it to, K?
from rhoeng :
salut! ca va? comment t'appelles tu? but enough of these pleasantries...who are you? and how can i get to know you better?
from surfgeek :
Thanks man. Yeah, its cool I guess taht people enjoy my writing. I have no clue why though. Most of it is just daily events and irrational rantings.
from castigada :
Gracias for answering my survey questions! I hope you enjoyed your chicken parmigiana.
from phaedo :
hey there! thanks leaving me a note, and umm, now i'm leaving you one.. i wish i would have gone to see mirah this past time. i heard it was fun. well, take best of care! michael
from thefields :
i wish you would link to your notes. i think you are great. kapow.
from mrkristopher :
Almost - seven and a half. ;) Nice flowers, though. -Kris
from anniversary :
maybe I should keep quiet.
from classicman :
Poetry is overrated all too often. I do love your verse, no one strings words together with such wrenching wonder. That does not, however, discount your ability to make the mundane meandering of life a tasty treat! -B
from metame :
hi :) beautiful diary, content and display!
from mrkristopher :
Hi hon. ;)
from kif :
when you write you really sing.
from classicman :
My heart brims glad and good to know you are here! Thoughts of you flit across my consciousness at the oddest moments! Take care wonderwoman! -B
from im-a-doll :
you are really wonderful. always remember that. <)love))]
from thefields :
no link to handily note you like i wanted so i have tracked you down! mwahwa! like a hunter. (a really dumb hunter)
from redd :
your words are very pretty.
from mrkristopher :
Hey, when do we get pictures? P.S. I love your style.
from classicman :
shine bright, sing loud, laugh unabashedly! You are WONDERFUL! -B
from classicman :
shine bright, sing loud, laugh unabashedly! You are WONDERFUL! -B
from lonley-sky :
hi, i thought it was weird you left me a note, i didn't know people knew i existed. I never know what to write in these things, so with that said, bye.
from classicman :
take care sweet prnicess...the streets are dirty but the moon shines bright above and will cast a magical glow to prance upon. -B
from inthe1920s :
h e l l o back , _ have been making progress with your archive. fond of entries. +
from classicman :
words like nectar drip succulent from your lip. wet-bright eyes smiling through aching ~ a beacon of fortitude against the milky dark. Stay strong, your existence is a comfort to me. -B
from praiseandrew :
raise the praise to andrew!
from im-a-doll :
it's been too long since i sent my love. keep shining. -jessica ann
from fuckingdrunk :
"I come to earth by way of Idaho," pausing briefly, he continued. "where first I was squeezed out of the womb, and into the chaotic air. I don't remember it, do you?" "My heart does though, I'm sure of it. Memory of the heart is all that is real. Our hearts keep within them all that is most important. After all, what matters more, than matters of the heart?" -Sweetie Pie. Thank you. I like your diary too. TJ Lee Williams.
from fud :
I love your writing
from grrrl-razor :
thank you so much for signing my guestbook-it made me smile. i love your diary also, you are a beautiful, strong, goddess. you rock my socks off. be safe and stay strong. xoxo-weetzie
from fud :
hey.. easier said then done, i know, but, feel better. I'm having the same sort of thing, off/on, more on when i'm not distracted by other stuff. It hurts, i know. But, hey, chin up, stick through it. You can make it. :)
from candyfiend :
you like carissa's wierd!!! ah, it makes me happy.
from lavaland :
Thanks girl! I did a new entry (doing it now actually) that may sum it up---soo tired. xoxo, MC
from fud :
what exactly does swanky mean..?
from lavaland :
Hang in there sweetie! Give you love to find the strength in YOU! xo, MC
from alaskan :
Yeah...! more later... xoxo- MC
from fud :
Thanks for the nice comment on my journal. :) I'll write more, that's a guarantee. I'll check out your diary when I get home. :) Thanks again! -Ben
from lavaland :
Hey girlie! I finally made it back to d-land & happy to see you still at it! I met U at a D. Lindley concert... Mutual friend :)...more later...M
from spearmint :
hi. ssx tricky for ps2. my eyeballs hurt from playing so much! hope you're doing well...
from classicman :
so much for carriage returns, that guestbook entry was supposed to be poetic and nicely broken into pretty lines, though all run together it still seems to speak the heart of my message. Take care ~ dress warm, I hear it's cold up there. -Brad
from spearmint :
thanks for the note! I'm doing ok. hope you're well.
from classicman :
thanks darlin', it seems the pressures I was feeling are lifting quicker than I expected, helped along in no small measure by your note. So, thank you again. Have a beautiful day, Good Morrow to you, my friend. -Brad
from invisibleink :
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww thanks. i blushed and giggled and yeah. thanks.
from classicman :
congratulations on your new job. It sounds like it's everything you need. Well, almost everything. Have fun, get some, and smile. -B
from loungelizard :
Thanks for the kind words! Now that you mention it, my is IS stll kinda sore...LOL Harrison
from dmbfanatic16 :
thank ya ;) If you want any um.. Im on AIM [bustedstuff17] and ICQ [23362730] haha otherwise Im sure you could find anything I've got on Morpheus or DC Or whatever :)
from classicman :
your latest entry (rita the metermaid) was refreshing. It washes through me and leaves little bits of dew behind to sparkle and wink at me when I'm not looking. Koi...yeah, I think you're right. -Brad
from jetta36 :
hey..I got the note from dave in my email the other day too. Actually I read your entry about it and then I read my mail...and there it was. Do you like Seattle? My Uncle John lives there. He is the TV guy for the Seattle PI. He drives a VW (new beetle) too so he is cool. You are so lucky you met DMB. I have seen them 3x (the first time was in Hartford in 99 and there were riots and all kinds of wacky stuff!) but never met him in person. Ashley is a lucky lady. Bye for now!
from classicman :
your verse captures the essence and throws it, Slap, against our faces. Thank you.
from im-a-doll :
frenchpress, you rock my world... yeah!
from i-just-hope :
well...i missed them when they came recently (wah.) but I saw them at the Greek last year, which was awesome. I was right up in the front. A girl next to me had made an Adam DOLL- crazy stuff. Every time he saw it, he rolled his eyes. It was too much fun. I stayed until 3 am in the morning,and met him. It was awesome. I like DMB, too. Nirvana just came onto the radio, and that's good, too. Anyway. Take care, and welcome to Ca.! I love seattle.
from justvisiting :
Hey, we're kinda opposites: I grew up in Seattle, and now live in the Bay Area - but I moved here from LA. Spooky, huh?
from justvisiting :
Hi, enjoy your diary.
from classicman :
greetings, frenchpress. Seatle seems to wear on you well. At least the changes seem to drape about you pleasantly. I only know of that city what I have heard in cliche. If it is true, then I hope you, like my friend Beth, find happiness and joy in the rains. May your day shine! classicman

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