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from blue88 :
I sucked at costume class years ago....couldn't even sew a basting line. Now, years later.... I can sew buttons and rips in theatrical drapes as if I'm Robinson Caruso. Mistakes in College are mistakes you prepayed with tuition. Mistakes in the production houses. Well, the company pays because, mistakes happen. And if your lucky, your I.A.T.S.E. and they can't touch you....
from sasori-gal :
Welcome back!
from sasori-gal :
Aw...sorry I didn't ask. But congratulations on being #1 ! It doesn't come as a surprise to me! Yay, Kim!
from rayodelsol :
I think you should name your crab "herpes"
from sasori-gal :
Glad to hear you survived the ordeal and hopefully the recovery isn't painful at all. Enjoy your new look! :)
from no-yes-maybe :
I just love your diary. You are so interesting to me....and you have a beautiful layout.
from magentafluff :
Haha, your boyfriend liked Blue Crush. Odd, because my ex-boyfriend ALSO liked it. It must've been the surfing, no?
from persistence :
Morbid, eh?
from persistence :
Raid away, senorita. Mi Kingdom es su kingdom
from persistence :
You know, all things considered, none of us wear enough pink. Including the cats.... Here Dakota....
from sasori-gal :
Whoops! I sent a thank you to the wrong Kim! You are the Kim with the ceramic boxes! They sound really cool and I thought it was kinda cute to image a mini-turkey leg in a box!! Glad you enjoyed your tournament! :)
from sasori-gal :
A Simpsons Monopoly set?! Cool! Have fun in the tournament and enjoy your snacks! Sounds like a fun time ahead!
from persistence :
What the hell have you been smoking, and bring it home with you for pete's sake.
from speculating :
Thanks for joining my Crayola ring. ;-) It's great to have you as part of the gang. hehe. Nice diary, by the way.
from sasori-gal :
Thanks for adding me to your favorites! I'd like to do the same. I loved your "This is the End" entry. I think we have a lot more in common than just our names!!
from sasori-gal :
Being a fellow "Kim," I just had to click on your banner that said "Got Kim?" I'm so glad I did. I'll be back to read more! :)
from magentafluff :
So I signed online just to come check my buddylist (because I clearly have no life and a severe diary obsession). I ended up completely ignoring those numerous painfully bright little names that like to sit and taunt me, laughing because I cannot read them all at once, nor can I read them in the thirty minutes I planned to be online before I could go watch "Saturday Night Fever" like I've been dying to do all bloody night. Instead, though, I simply had to click your banner and spend at least a good two hours reading your whole diary. Needless to say I loved it, and I'm giving you this lovely little note to tell you of this love for it. I would also like to smack you now for ruining my hopes of things getting better as life went on, not harder. At the same time, I would like to say again that I loved it, and have decided these two hours would be better saved if I just added you to that list of little red names flashing me nightly. Phew, done. ;)
from sunnflower :
I came in through your banner and really liked your diary entry about daily life and the 15 minutes when you didn't have to worry about anything. I'll be back to read more!
from banefulvenus :
your site is absolutely amazing!!! :)
from faerieclaire :
Hey, i like Margaret Atwood too :0) I love the Handmaids Tale; "There are two kinds of freedom, freedom to and freedom from, in the days of anarchy you had freedom to, now you have been given freedom from. Dont underate it." I read your latest entry. Ive had Kava Kava, they withdrew it from some places because there have been many cases of overdose but Ive had loads and it didnt do nothing to me! <This is not an endorsement!>
from funda :
If I knew how I got here I would tell you, I hope I am not intruding... I probably clicked on something and found myself with empty box in front of me and well, empty boxes demand words.
from persistence :
Damn have a whole cabinet, just for your period. Some girls have all the luck. My man would probably make me sleep out in the yard that one week a month. :)
from persistence :
Yes, hello. My cat is feeling a little....Nostalgic, I think he may be ill.... Nostalgic? Yes, you know, lays around all the time, not his usual active self.....OH!, you mean Lethargic. Yeah, whatever, can I see the vet now.
from hiccup588 :
beautiful layout. just beautiful!! great diary, too! hey i know u don't know me, but hey, don't hurt me, i was only browsing...
from persistence :
I don't think anyone is in it for the love anymore. Look at American pop culture...who wants to marry a millianair, married by america, we have made a mockery of love and relationships.
from persistence :
We are all crazy here, I'm crazy, you are crazy, and the cats, well, one of them choked on a milk ring earlier but he's fine now.
from persistence :
I big ole HOORAH! In your general direction. I had a feeling he would postpone that date. Just a feeling....*touching finger to side of nose*
from keryanna :
My experience is that wine coolers tend to loosen up more than just writer's block. If you drink enough of them that is. Or maybe I'm just being autobiographical.
from persistence :
Thats ok. I'm a monumental dissapointment to my mother too. She would rather I, and I quote, flip burgers than go into social service. But you know what, I'm happy, and thats all that matters.

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