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from beeman80 :
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from lisa13 :
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from dryad :
Your Clarissa drinking game made me laugh very hard. -_^ It would be hard not to get drunk, though, with rules like that. (the guitar thing alone would kill me!) Maybe you should add "when Dad calls Clarissa 'sport'" and "When Sam bangs his ladder on the window" and "When I get annoyed by the fact that their last name is 'Darling'". -_^ Obviously, I''ve seen too much Clarissa in my lifetime.
from doombilly :
hah, that made me smile
from doombilly :
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from almostreally :
Oh my god, I'm like frosting? That's the nicest thing ever! Thanks for spreading the love. And PS, I just lurve Dan from Sports Night.
from alicatstrut :
Your guestbook is temporarily down, or something, so I am leaving you a note instead. This is not to look down upon notes, just to let you know that my original intent was to sign your guestbook. And I feel quite silly babbling so because all I wanted to say was "I'm a fox." "I'm a hound dog." That movie makes me cry like a baby. I can't believe they let kids watch that. And the Tigger Movie.
from doombilly :
thanks for adding me to yr faves.
from xeriphism :
XeriphisM was Here
from lindsdnc :
i like your site! i will have to come and visit again.... take care! =)
from invisibledon :
thanks for visiting
from glittered :
the same dream? wow.. that's amazing and SOOOO beautiful. *_*
from akopunk :
ooo, pretty flower
from twirlygurl :
heh sorry... just testing
from twirlygurl :
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from pyxopotamus :
sorry, still awake. i just read your info and wanted to genuflect before you. gigantic and through the looking glass on the same page. amazing. not to mention the rest. kudos.
from pyxopotamus :
as soon as i get the bills paid, i'm so getting a giant white rat. and naming him gandolf (i used to have this whole lotr get-up planned, but i'm just keeping the rat's name). rats are so damned cute. today i gave my kittens a bath, and they looked like rats when they were wet. cuteness. i've got a hamster, too. i used to have two, but one got really sick and died. :( why do people love squirrels and not rats? don't they know they're just rats with fuzzy tails? the same for my kittens. you can even see the rat in the runt one when he's dry. hmm, sorry, it's 3 a.m. and i'm not tired. i'll stop babbling now. g'nite.
from almostreally :
Oh thank you so much for the love! I have a story: the other night I was having to talk to this random near-relative woman and didn't know what to say until the topic of Trading Spaces came up and we bonded over a shared hatred of Doug and love of Vern. TV brings people together! Now I will know the joys of BBCAmerica, VH1 Classic, and whatever channel it is that broadcasts the Facts of Life Reunion 24/7.
from choco-chan :
whoops...sorry,that was a stupid mistake,anyway..I love your layout it's so pretty and the entries are really
from choco-chan :
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from choco-chan :
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from whichwitch :
hi there! kute kat! thanks for the pics and your words.. keep 'em coming..
from jointhepunks :
aww... the kitty was really cute. i'm on another diaryland name, so my real diary is shelbyhul. but anyways, bud looked really fluffy!
from bratqueen04 :
i love your layout, i wish i could do something that good
from ihatepizza :
Oh my gosh, I saw your banner! It's so lurvely too!
from sad-doll :
your layout is beautiful heh glow worms are cool but they do kind of remind me of .. yeah that's it i know its corny when people say this but keep writing :)
from tobascoovary :
Thanks for the tip on the Lorax. The name was right there on the tip of my tongue but it wouldn't come out. Rock on
from monkiebob :
oog. i hate when the catholic songs from church get stuck in my head. damn them and their catchiness.
from monkiebob :
Kerouac rocks. I still haven't gotten around to reading On the Road in it's entirety, but I will maybe. And i still have to read 100 years of solitude by gabriel garcia marquez. I'm so fuckin lazy. anywho, later.
from monkiebob :
hey thanks for leaving a note on my site. it makes me feel all gooey inside when people leave a note for me. ok, later tiger. -Allison
from x-kitty66-x :
Yeah, alot of people think I am a goth, well maybe I might be because I'm so pale from not going outdoors.The only reason for going outside is for Spagetti-O's!
from ihatepizza :
oh you're so pretty!
from raverfaerie :
I REALLY liked your survey. You should check out my answers. IF you care. I am also a senior in college. Thanx for a good time taker upper
from almostreally :
Hey, so was Crossroads as good as I imagine it would be? I'll just have to wait for the video release to have my Britney Moment. Hey, you know what's cool? You're a [former?] punk who likes Britney and golf. This I like.
from rockstarkat :
Hi Hi Hi! I am WAY discontented here. I live in a trailer park in a crappy suburb. Okay the trailer is actually a modular home, and I do love the house (sattlite TV, jacuzzi, pool table, fire place, karaoke machine, etc.) I should be living in the west. Yes I love Hello Kitty! I have since I was 5 (I have a picture of me getting some HK items on my 5th birthday in a Hello Kitty frame) I'm a nerd. We should talk.
from ezmerelda :
Thanks for the advice. I think I will, and hope that he won't think I'm a freak.
from dreamhead420 :
sorry, it wasn't lame. i just reread your quiz and itz cool. #8 and #9 didn't make much since to me, but it was a cool quiz. i had just been doing suveys for like the last 2 hours and was getting a little tired of them and drugz have me pretty fucked up so no telling what i'll say! LOL! but anyway, sorry i said it was lame cos it was actually cool. one question though, do you have something aginst punks?
from nu-vastard :
Thank you :) Someone appreciates Mr Men :):)
from beeman80 :
Gidgetg has pretty hair and all are in envy of her beauty, grace, and genius. Men want her, women want to be her.
from thequietloud :
hi. i've been reading. a lot recently than a month ago, too. [what? i'm confused]
from comestomind :
from comestomind :
You put me on your favorite diary list.

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