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from dangerspouse :
Yes you did. What happened?
from greatestpan :
from rana-kane :
About the phone-phobia. Yeah, it is like I'm afraid I'm going to disturb someone. I just can't bring myself to do it. It doesn't matter that it might be someone's job to take my call. I can't keep my thoughts together when I HAVE to call someone and do get through to them. I start forgetting things or getting things confused. I become so afraid that I won't get what they're saying that...I don't get what they're saying. It becomes a mess of misunderstandings and my mind turns to chaos. It's terrible. Why can't everything be handled by automation, recordings and emails? If not for caller ID, I'd be in a psych ward. The National Do Not Call list isn't doing much for us, either.
from diaryguy1 :
I am new here and I love the way you think! Rick
from rana-kane :
I remember that episode! Brent Spiner on TftDS.... heh
from rana-kane :
Absolutely, you may link it. Glad you liked it. It was something that just had to come out. :) I hate what fan-fiction has become in this age.
from hkg1314 :
I totally sympathize with the whole death thing. I just don't get it- i don't comprehend... it's something that's way beyond us, and i feel like its this scary thing that is hovering above us every minute, and we never know when it'll strike. I really like your diary... really deep... kinda like me :-)
from rana-kane :
Men can clean a room, leaving little messes in four other rooms. Maybe better to send them to watch tv so cleaning can be done right.
from rana-kane :
Quite a strange coincidence. I mean, whoa. And I dig your layout. You mentioned you've "grown up." Seems you've gone a little the same way I have. How best to describe? Cynical? In any case, I like it. Welcome back! :-D
from elliestuff :
wow..most people would love to talk to a rep..when you need can never get one.

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