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from rocketsauce :
yeah i'm friends with all those guys too! maybe i'll see you this sunday. maybe. but if you see me, make sure to high five it.
from rocketsauce :
hi. your diaryland is really interesting and cool. i go to sway sometimes but usually it's too crowded and i'm lazy. i only go sundays tho. smiths.
from candidreview :
Hi, I'm the new mod of Candid Reviews, and I wanted to know if you still wanted a review. Please let me know.
from triponmysoul :
I just don't get it.
from dinahsoar :
Hi B.S. (okay if I call you that?)! Love, love, love the new pics! We must have gone to different schools together, 'cuz I swear that was my geology teacher, too. Mrs. Rohr, right? She gave me my first 'D' and I had to go to summer school and everything. Then I couldn't go to the sock hop. I hate her! (Sorry 'bout the limp, though).
from dinahsoar :
Hi Bobbie Sue! I think it's so ginchy that you're back!
from deadasaghost :
Thanks. i'm glad someone likes it, since the first comment about it was 'Ergh, I look manky in that photo!'
from dinahsoar :
Dear Bobbie Sue, Will you be my new best friend? At my sleepovers, we sing along to West Side Story and sometimes we find my other best friend's older sister's Shelly Berman records, which she hides. They're nasty! Then we drink Coke with an aspirin in it - it's dangerous, but kind of fun. Do you know how to Cha Cha? I do. I'm a modified beehive. My mom won't let me rat it too high, 'cuz there was this girl at another school who didn't wash her hive for two months and a black widow used it for a nest and she didn't know it until she died. But mine's platinum blond, which really shows off my black eyeliner. There's this girl at another school who didn't wash off her eyeliner for two and a half weeks and when she finally did, all her eyelashes fell out. You have to be really careful. Did you see Joan Crawford in Berzerk? That's my favorite movie, next to Blue Denim, which I'm not allowed to see. I'm going to be a famous writer, too, so will you be my new best friend?
from delirium21 :
you've only got 8 entries so far, and like, 41 people have buddied you (including me!) - you got skillz, girl. :p i LOVE this diary.
from breezip :
Oh my god, I fucking love you!
from pokadot-lips :
i have to say i love your diary! its just awesome! i like how you write and everything, dont stop keep going, its awesome!
from starlight42 :
you're back! Keep writing- I love it :)
from lifeasme66 :
Oh my gosh, I clicked on your banner and... wow, this is the most unique diary I've ever seen! Crazy! I read all of your entries and I'll definitely be back for more =) **HUGS!!**
from catinasnit :
Wow! I've read all your entries and absolutely love the old '50s pictures. I haven't figured out if you're a young person speaking from a 50s point of view or these are memories of your past. Whatever... it's great.
from stillalone :
erm. bobbIE*
from stillalone :
bobby sue! it's kristy, aka CRAPFLOWERS aka SNIFFFLE. gosh, it's been forever. this is my old old old diaryland account. i can't find the password for snifffle. but i miss your diary like whoa and i changed my screen name.. i guess we've lost touch. but i'd like to talk again. aim>> starshineslush. new diary.. email>> [email protected]. get in touch chica.
from starlight42 :
come have to come back & write for us!! :(
from macfarlane :
You diary is nuts, I love it!
from freaktard :
from nirvana-rose :
wow...your diary rocks so much!!!fuck,Its also funny, and you seem pretty nutz, yet cool!
from moobiejoe :
oh man bobbie sue dicks... you own. you kick. you dominate. the 00's aren't ready for you. it's so awesome how you put the pics in there... don't ever, ever stop. ever.
from fifties-doll :
hey4eyes..very cool diary.
from horrorglam :
OMG I adore your diary!!! its the best thing ever! lol....
from duckykong :
update update!!!! :) i can't wait!
from duckykong :
oh i wish you would update i love your diary
from chaos-here :
from la-volonta :
what are you looking for? toffee boys. apple string. live like an island
from sunnflower :
Paris - lucky you! Forget the graphics if you must and just write without them for now. You can always add them later. I like your idea of internet graphics. I bet there are some out there you could use - maybe ones that refer to things/places/people of the times rather than the yearbook photos. I am glad you are going to try to keep writing this journal. I really enjoy it. Have a wonderful time in beautiful Paris!
from sunnflower :
Hey 4 Eyes - where are you? This is such a great diary concept. Hope you update soon and don't give it up.
from starlight42 :
ah, darn! well, have a great time on your travels :) Maybe you can write about them when you return! Have fun.
from starlight42 :
I'm having withdrawl's...
from snifffle :
alright! i added you to my buddy list. that's so odd.. i'm always on, i don't know what's the matter. but when i see you sign on, i'll message you. can't wait to get my button!
from snifffle :
hey bobbie sue, how are you? haven't forgotten about aim/buttons have you? hope you're doing alright.
from dialytip :
I am just spreading the word around about my diary dialytip. Now I know that it is suppose to be dailytip but have a laugh then come check it out. Everyday I am putting up great tips, poetry, and stories. If you would like to enter a story or poem or tip that you have email me. So stop what you are doing and come check it out. You might help someone out. :) Add me to your favorites so that you can enjoy everdays tip, poem or story.. :o)
from starlight42 :
come on, come on! We need an update Bobbie Sue, don't leave us hanging. And I see someone mentioned buttons, if you make any, send them my way! I'd love to plugg you even more, I've got your diary as my fav. today :)
from snifffle :
bobbie sue.. don't become a beehive.. i like the flippy hair you've got now.
from snifffle :
sure i want a bobbie sue button! AIM me- crapflowers, and i'll give you my address.
from theclash80 :
Hi, Great diary.. I have to say, I'm enthralled. =] Keep the updates coming, eh?
from paricouture :
Hey Bobby Sue, please update before I depart to Australia, I can't wait until I come back and I would really like to know about the latest developments in the Beehives-story. It would be nice for you to have some new, cool friends, but be careful, they might have a bad influence on you and being a bad girl in the 50s is not easy. Greetings, Julia
from hippiesoul :
AWESOME diary. I love are truly a talented writer! peace-out! ~~Eleanor~~
from starlight42 :
Bobbie Sue, thanks for the note. I was wondering how you were doing. Ya, I don't blame you for getting out of class like that. The Beehives do sound pretty cool. Your hair might look good like that too! Great entry.
from jeanketeer :
Hey4eyes--who are you? Do I know you? So, my fave French movie ever is Ma Vie en Rose. You like? You're crazy.
from sunnflower :
Hi from Suburban Island and welcome to the Paris Diaryring! I went back and read some of your earlier entries including the one about NYC and Paris - it does sound very glamorous. Now that I've had a chance to really read back a bit in your diary, I know I must add you to my Dland Favorites immediately - and that is what I am going to do as soon as I am done typing this note.
from snifffle :
i haven't seen this banner everyone is speaking of... what does it say?
from snifffle :
I LOVE THE NEW ENTRY! haha.. beehives!
from sunnflower :
What a great diary concept! I dropped in on your diary from your banner. I too was a four-eyes. The yearbook stuff is great. Hope you'll stop by Suburban Island sometime!
from paricouture :
Hi Bobbie Sue, thanks for leaving a note, I always love to have people around. The casting at DIOR today was really good, but I guess it will take some time until they let me know if I get the job or not. I have been living in Paris since last September and I LOVE this city - its culture, architecture, funny inhabitants... I try to go out whenever I can, though I am usually pretty busy, so it would be great if you could give me some tips. However, things are changing very fast, and for instance, the Cabaret, which was really good, moved to the Nouveau Cabaret at the Palais Royal, which consists of bad music and wanabees. Greetings, Julia P.S: I love your diary and the whole idea to set it in the 50s. Were you inspired by an old yearbook you randomly discovered in the attic?
from snifffle :
hey bobbie sue dicks. ::shrug:: when i was a kid i dreamt of being a well-known real estate agent and wearing those little business suits and being all independent and rich with a nice house, nice car, and some land for a goat. i got older and realized i don't have the social skills for it nor do i want to get butchered while showing a house by some maniac. so i don't know. my guess- i'll end up being a nasty crack whore living in a cardboard box. no joke. can't wait for more entries.
from jeanketeer :
Oh that Jenny Dooner! That really curls my toes, the way they wouldn't let you in! Who needs them and their lesbo party anyway? You know, with that big Spring Dance around the corner, it's time you knew that...guys don't make passes at girls that wear glasses. It makes you look smart and unattractive. So hey, kudos on yer website, neato-mosquito! I saw "Fat Girl" in the theater and fucking loved it. I don't think it came out on video...I guess a lot of critics panned it for the ending, and it being too, um, "didactic" or something. I loved it. I had a manipulative and super-sexy boyfriend once whose witholding of his lovin' was torturous, and felt sane after seeing "Romance". Really appreciated it. I think "Fat Girl"'s pretty subversive and daring though...has Breillat done anything else?
from somthin :
Hey, you asked me a question the other day and I haven't answered yet, my most humble apologies. What do I do for kicks? Well, that would be a long list involving a lot of things that have to do mostly with arty BS. Mostly I enjoy movies and painting -- but to be honest my fave thing is eating, I think -- the worst for you foods too -- hamburgers, cookies, ice cream ... I used to play in bands but have not felt it necessary to continue. I was never very good at it anyway. I haven't foudn out what I like to do in Greenpoint yet. I might like to plant explosives under the BQE which runs along the end of my street, but that would be a real bore once I ended up in the Tombs, you know?
from soursaurus :
no no no. marty the cuban boy. he's pretty like stone work. and stoic like bridge work. make sense?
from beatlesgyrl :
Fab Four Forever.
from snifffle :
lots of hugs for bobbie sue dicks.
from anti-gens :
i just counted the people on my buddy list in french. randomly, that.s where you fell in the order. if you.d bother reading you can email me and i.ll set you up.
from snifffle :
thanks :)
from snifffle :
hello bobbie sue. this is stillalone. i've changed my username. my username is now snifffle. take care.
from somthin :
Yes, you've won a spot on my much coveted list of faves -- I'm pretty picky about these things, or am I lazy? A question I can't be bothered to answer. It's true about the priss music in Greenpoint, you just don't want to mention it to the fellas as they have a rather blunt look to them -- you know, like hollow-points. I'm still charmed by the area but am starting to look at my watch a little more often while waiting for public transport. Oh, the news is telling me that our nation is on Yellow alert now, whew, THAT's a real relief. Now I can go back to caring only about myself. All these colors are starting to make me think of those rainbow bumber stickers ... you think Mr. Ashcroft is trying to let us know of his most dark secret?
from somthin :
Amy was a high school crush/ nemesis -- that part was a josh. I'm in Warsaw West now -- I mean Greenpoint. I like it just fine except for the lack of a good train. Plenty of kielbasa though, which may make up for it.
from flint-frame :
you are my favorite!
from somthin :
You'll have to be quick to catch me at Verb -- like, superman quick, like to the point where he goes back in time, yeah, that quick. Because there is no way in heck anyone will ever see me THERE again -- especially not that Amy Sarkesian. She's so mean now that her braces are off! I mean who DOES she think she is?
from kittenclaws :
thanks for joining the girl gang ring.... low rider bike and brass knuckles not include. sorry.
from kats :
hey 4eyes, you've got spunk! i admire that and hope to hear more of your keen adventures. remember: 4 eyes are better than 2. for both me and you. xo.
from somthin :
Williamsburg has it's ups and downs -- ups their asses and downs their noses, still, I can't entirely condemn the place. Or can I? Oh, by the way, I hear the boys are planning on peeking in your window at the next shindig you gals pitch. Prepare your most winning underthings.
from mais-oui :
that.s amazing, how did you find out about me posting your journal on cal punk? bobby sue dicks, got ALL your basses covered.
from mais-oui :
this is fucking spectacular.
from duckykong :
Hi! I love your diary. =]
from starlight42 :
any idea who this wadewilson guy is? what an a**hole, he left me a rude message. What is his problem? If he's reading this- get a life looser.
from malice :
you rock my socks, bobby sue dicks.
from wadewilson :
so finally I have made it to this site, after weeks of searching, I can say that I have survived Bobbie Sue Dicks.
from stillalone :
good job!!!! i loved it.
from starlight42 :
thanks for letting me know about the update Bobbie! That's sad to hear that your friends were treating your poorly. I bet the other girl you met will turn out to be a good friend. Maybe she can even introduce you to someone that you can take to the dance as a date.
from stillalone :
hey starlight, you kick since you are a bobbie sue lover as well.
from starlight42 :
ok, we're all waiting...bobbie sue dicks didn't get into any trouble did she? Is she grounded?
from stillalone :
i can't wait. go bobbie sue dicks. you kick. added you as a favorite, by the way.
from stillalone :
and what's the deal with you and this abhorgod fellow..
from stillalone :
you're welcome. you have to write more entries though. please?
from abhorgod :
oh and yeah, im not really angry. i just have a small cock so im bitter. bitter. bitter baby, like a lemon. how is that for a good analogy and fine art. i bet you read a book by Celine and maybe one by Proust maybe even memorized some Whitman poetry and claim to dig shakespear. I bet all this makes you think your some kind of intellectual guru. but being as im just an angry kid. ill just say Fuck You instead. (IM me later, maybe we can cyber.)
from abhorgod :
yeah im like so angry i just like cant like deal like with it like you so like pegged me like so like right like on. i just think like i should like keep saying like because like, you are so like smart and i just like, cant like react. like wow
from stillalone :
this is so strange and funny. i love it.
from starlight42 :
keep writing! I love reading your diary.
from mentalscars :
Haha, quite different from the average diary. Keep writing.
from hattaway :
Wow... I hoe you don't get a new brother or sister soon. That's what can happen when you go to church and leave your folks at home, especially if they're Catholic.
from cowboyhitman :
uh, maybe. but don't tell anyone! *SHHH*
from beagle47 :
hi, bobbie. umm, well. uh...can i be your friend too?
from cowboyhitman :
nope! ha! you don't know me!
from rosepedal :
funny diary... I don't really get it, but funny diary!
from cowboyhitman :
shutup, dickdork!!
from owcowkee :
what a nifty idea! So why you doing it?
from starlight42 :
Thanks for the note. I am sorry to hear that you didn't get your jello. At least jello doesn't contain a lot of fat, so I don't think you need to worry about putting on weight for your future husband. Keep writing!
from starlight42 :
I think this is hilarious! I've added you as my recommeded diary of the day!
from ingerrr :
What the .....? Hey, where am I? How did I get here? Wait a second, are you guys ga-ga-ga-gay?!? YIKES!
from starlight42 :
I love your diary!! It's so funny. I've added you as a fav. How creative. Keep it up!
from emogrrrl :
cool banner, and I live in PA too. I feel your pain.

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