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from breakfastaco :
You know what? It still hurts. Everyday. I don't even have to date him, he's already put me through the ringer. I miss you on this thing. You make me laugh. Make me laugh, damnit! xo T
from rotted :
i like your description of me... when ya comin' back?
from rotted :
i'm so glad to see you back!
from fastredcar :
hey no problem about the fave diaries. you're a good writer and i like to read interesting stuff. didn't scare me away, i like stuff that's real, even when i don't act like it myself ;) later.
from whiskeyblood :
that gave me a woody. hrm. I guess that means i'll have to come over wearing my Condeleeza Rice mask, eh?
from sabathine :
i love the mask story. how kinky and totally exciting is that? yay for long posts
from whiskeyblood :
Everytime i see your profile i think you say "Todd is my tuber lover" and I sea cucumbers? It's an odd reaction and reoganization of letters, i realize, but i'm crazy. so. suckle my buckle bottom feeder! ;) love ya, fauxbo!
from dyingisanart :
my username is ciara and the code is 171 but judging from your fave i don't think youll like my diary. not that i'm judgemental. ahem. yes so check it out if you like!
from whiskeyblood :
LET ME PUT MY LOVE INTO YOU, BABE! Slap my ass and fuck a baby if that wasn't the cutest story i've heard in ages. MISSED YA BIG GUY!
from circusfreak :
bitch please. my grammar isn't very good. plus, i'm tired. so he was laying with a piece of glass. so? so? SO? want to make something of it? excuse me while i locate my brass knuckles.
from whiskeyblood : are an idiot...this is me. gagfactor...the one and only...only now much different and more mature...or something. So yeah...note how below the msg saying "this is the new me" is..well..from me as you didn't lose it so much as just didn't notice. I still heart you big time wampum buddy.
from whiskeyblood :
the new me..honey!
from shakefist :
and johhny cash died today. man. if my name was john I'd look out.
from lovely-freak :
thanks for the compliments! there's this diary... he writes sex stuff... he's gonna write a story about me soon.... here's the link...
from gagfactor :
It's not so much dead animals as it is dead cats. I'm a cat person through and through and there just isn't anything I can do about feeling sad when I see one splattered across the road the way the one was this morning. I think of my cats and how happy they are and how awful I would feel if I ever found one kersplat on the road. As for frogs..well..I've accidentally run a few over with a lawnmower that's ucky.
from indie-snob :
Hello there! I juat added a review for a Liz Phair show I say tonight in addition to my review of her recent self-titled album, so I thought you may be interested. I have a bunch of other concert and album reviews here too, including Modest Mouse and Sleater-Kinney. Check it out, thanks!
from gagfactor :
What other TESLA is there?!?
from gagfactor :
see..and I'm retarded to boot! "YOUR ROCK LIKE TESLA" should read "I'm a big fan and I wish you well on the journey of life." MY most humble apologies for the typo!
from gagfactor :
p'shaw. you're a good read and frankly funny as shit! there are numerous occaisions in which my monitor was washed with whatever liquid substance I had been drinking at the time of perusing your diary. YOUR ROCK LIKE TESLA!!!
from sockit-to-me :
I stumbled upon you today. (I hope I didn't hurt you) :) I have read thru a few of your entries and I have to say, I really enjoy your writings. You, sir, possess the ability to make me laugh at my computer screen. I hope you find the enclosed cookie an acceptable gesture of my gratitude. :)
from justmouse :
thanks for checking out my page. i met my best friend online, and we "clicked". i only got to meet him once....a week before he died. maybe i just get disappointed because i try connecting with ppl online, expecting it to be that cool again, but it never is. but i'm annoyingly persistent and optimistic when it comes to meeting ppl. oh, i read your page, do you know how freakin' LONG it's been since i had a newcastle?!? i LOVE those above all others! now you got me jonesin' for one! tee hee. oh, i tried to sign your buggardly guestbook, but for some reason i couldn't, so i'm leaving you a note instead. i'll check out some more of your entries later (when i'm not supposed to be working!) cheers!
from idiot-milk :
I am completely retarded. Seriously. I read your guestbook entry and I'm like "He sent me an email? And I didn't respond? Huh?" And I'm turfing through my sent archives and the trash folder thingie thinking "I think maybe he's a leetle crazy, for I see no such email". And THEN the clouds of retardation parted, and I finally knew what the hell you were talking about. Sigh. This being a big dumb stupid head isn't as much fun as you might think. So, yeah, anyway, I'm retarded. The end.
from fuzzy-grey :
I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree.....erm... and I'm certain you were looking for my acceptance. (nod)
from fuzzy-grey :
1) Yes, I did take for granted his actual death to pass along the shameless, yet hilarious joke. 2) Try Corium 21. I think you can buy it at It penetrates up to 7 layers of skin immediately, it stays on after you wash your hands, and it isn't greasy at all like other lotions. Unless you like greasy skin. 3) As for your knows, have you considered the possibility that it's not a vampire you're turning into but a dog?
from patadrina :
Hmmm, yes. I was wondering about what kind of pipe that was. In fact, I don't think it even is a PVC pipe- b/c I believe they are made of plastic (?), and this one is made out of metal. I can honestly say, I don't know. Truth is, one of my science fair experiments from grade school dealt with pipes and their tolerance to temperature- so I learned some stuff about pipes way back when. Now, I remember nothing. But thank you for the compliment.
from idiot-milk :
You kids with your crazy computer machine language. sheesh. Belf elfi knelfow thelfe lelfanguelfage! So THERE! Stick THAT in your shoe and rub it. (No, I don't know what that means. But it sounds good) And, so, yeah. The template, she lacks a great deal. I fear my beloved plastic jesus is not long for this world. I'm working on a new template that has all KINDS of bells and whistles! And by "I'm working on" I mean that someone else (who actually knows more than how to check their email; which is pretty much all I know to do with the damn computer machine) is working on one for me. So coming soon to a dork's template near YOU...A NEW TEMPLATE! WITH A GUESTBOOK MAYBE, TOO, EVEN! MAYBE! YAY!
from idiot-milk :
Oh, erm, sorry about that whole brain thing. I only ever had the half, see, and yours was just so pretty; looking all sexy with its pink, gleaming ridges. I didn't think you'd mind, so I just kind of borrowed it for a while. And, you know, since you seem to be doing so well with only your half left, I didn't think it would be a problem. And I would totally give it back, and stuff, only I promised it I'd take it to the monster truck rally later this week. And you KNOW how much half brains like the monster truck rallys. Erm, anyway. So yeah.
from shutupmom :
from angelinlimbo :
Ha ha ha! I just updated my diary because you called me a slackass! how dare you! Hope you and your fork are doing well. :)
from angelinlimbo :
oh p.s. congratulations on becoming a daddy. :)
from angelinlimbo :
Hey E... I just randomly read your diary cuz we both have a liking for Luscious Jackson. And I could relate...I have a bullet wound's more of a stab wound actually and I read until I can barely keep my eyes open, too. It's like being a pseudo-insomniac. Weird. Anyways, I enjoyed reading your diary and it made me chuckle out loud. Take care.
from pixiia-8ii :
Congratulations! Chloe is a pretty name. You are awesome and I love your journal, I really do :).
from pixiia-8 :
You haven't been around in a while...dum dum da dummm...I bet you have a baby!
from pixiia-8 :
Ohhh, it's so true, that kind of fear may have been simple, but it was all consuming. Oh, your tight little four year old chest, sniff, that really does choke me up. You are a sweet writer :). I also vehemently deny the necessity to become an adult, good on ya! Quick still comes in powder too by the way, mmmmmm. Pix
from pixiia-8 :
OH OH OH you are having a baby! That is sooo wonderful! I love people who have babies and still listen to weezer and sleater kinney. PS I know you are a boy, and not physically HAVING the baby...but you are having a baby! That is soooo wonderful! Pix
from pixiia-8 :
Ohhhh, backmeat. Ohhhh. Pix
from blump :
dear eric, of course i hate idiots. you're a fun-loving lad who attempts to fix his own problems instead of being depressed, as you told me yourself. you are not an idiot, even if you attempt to trick people otherwise. THEREFORE, MY ENTRY IS A-OK!!! sincerely, kate

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