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from kex :
glad you're happy! =]
from dailycomic :
Thankyou for adding my diary-comic to your list of favorite diaries! :D
from pulse-tone :
hey, I got your card today. thanks for liking my art enough to do this, it's just kind of fun. I didn't realize you lived in canada. I am not sure how much it'll cost to get you the postcard, so when i get it finished, I'll leave you another note with the cost & my paypal ID. Shouldn't be more than a dollar, I'd think. I'm going to be pretty busy this next week, but i'll get make it and send it out to you as soon as I can.
from kex :
you're right, i just wished i would've saved a few somewhere. starting over is the best though.
from kex :
i think i'm starting to regret it. :/
from breakthedark :
Thank you Krista, that's very sweet of you to say!
from anassecret :
Hey---you asked me what Ana means. It is short for "Anorexic"'s a code word that anorexics use (and if you ever see "Mia", that means Bullimic)
from pulse-tone :
i just got your message from the 17th. thanks for being happy for me. :)
from cubjam11 :
Re: My point on banners... She deliberately right-clicked on the banner, saved the image, downloaded it onto her hard drive, and uploaded it to her site, putting it on display. That is stealing, regardless if credit was given. She did not recieve permission. The copyright protects that image from this. If I were to, per se, download a Disney image from the Disney site, and use it on my own site, Disney would be on my ass and a lawsuit would be pending. Anyone who has a copyrighted photo or piece of literature who has it stolen, can sue the person who takes it. Hope this explanation made sense. Long day at work and I am *pooped*! ;-)
from thedevlyn :
Not at all
from lillymoon :
3/10 yes that was me ; ) Ah you make me want a glass of wine soo bad. hmmm or tequila!
from pulse-tone :
thanks for signing my guestbook. I'm not bipolar, though. I don't go on shopping sprees, either. ha. some of your entries really resonate with me as well, so thanks.
from theidiotking :
100 Points is just the closest really solid feeling number. If I only had fourty some I would probably go to fifty. It just feels like the end of it. I've felt that for some time, which is why updates have been so sparse.
from dailycomic :
Yes, Gerard Butler. Hes my new obsession. Isnt he FINE!! *sigh* Go visit if you havent already! ^_^
from snow666white :
I have lived within this state many times, before. I hope you be merrier soon. -Snow.
from candoor :
and you fear love most of all?... probably wise, and I think I am learning how (but do I want to?)...
from lillymoon :
Hi there. I was curious of what prompted JT76 entry so I came snooping around and like what I found. I would like to add you to my favs, well as a matter of fact I already did but thought I would tell ya. I catching up on your entries. TAKE CARE : )
from dailycomic :
Certainly you can add me. I didnt have any interest to learn to drive at 16 either. Still dont, but my mom kind of wants me too. *sigh*
from ray0flight :
Don't worry about what people say - you aren't biggeted or anything like that. What you said is true.
from breakangel :
I was noticing the same thing- there seems to be a lot of banners lately advertising homosexuality. Most of the time I don't click on banners anyway, but that one that keeps coming up saying "YOU'RE INFECTED WITH THE GAY!" drives me insane. Yup, let's call it a disease; I'm sure that makes the rest of the gay and lesbian community real happy. Anyway, it was quite obvious that your post was merely an observation and anyone who took it otherwise needs to have their head examined.
from theidiotking :
Thank you for adding me to your buddy list, though I am sad to say that I rarely update anymore and plan to retire TheIdiotKing upon reaching 100 Points. Someday though I would like to publish them in a book, though who knows if it will actually happen. Thank you though.
from angelpunkk :
i dont get it but i think my brother does. seeing him today, it's his 25th birthday :o) the rat is currently bigger than one of my many (15 - 16) cats. she's only a few months old so the rat chases her around the room, quite funny normally. and yeah, i'll have to look out for it eh. i'll ask the brother if they get it.
from angelpunkk :
sorry about that, im in a weird mood. everything's bugging me... the rat is chasing the cat and it's bothering me. it's you're diary, you write whatever you want :o) and, what's Queer As Folk like? i've heard of it but i've never watched it... i dont think it's even on here... hmm
from luciangrey :
...I found your diary through a random occurance. I wanted to thank you for the momentary distraction for the mundane.
from thedevlyn :
O' course eye imbrace mi inpurfections. Nice banner. So topical.
from thedevlyn :
I am sorry to report that I am not a punctuation Nazi. I did, however, stop by and thought I should tell you I like your style. And I no doubt got here through a banner with an apparent extra apostrophe. Will the horror never end? (As a side note to entity-, I wanted to point out that your own note contains errors, but I am sure you already noticed that. Talk about priceless.)
from x-y :
entity- beat me to it.
from entity- :
Not to be a pain in the bum, but your simplicity ad should have a its not an it's. Thought I'd tell you quick afore it got too many views.
from snow666white :
Miss Ire, Cold, much like the 'virgin snow' you care to mention within your latest of entries. A character of much complex intrigue. How I would love to pick at the pieces...
from kristinhank :
thank you. you are very kind.
from jt76 :
Got a little deja vu reading your profile when you said, "Writing is my outlet. Always has been. It's the only way I know of to set my thoughts free without hurting anyone. Yet ironically, that's the way I seem to hurt everyone the most." I ran into a similar situation- my dad's wife (who I do not like) read through my diary and all off the 'unkind' things I wrote about her. Now my dad and I are not talking. Funny how trying to keep things to yourself can backfire....
from blackxxrose :
yes maam i do understand what those words mean and i am sorry about not seeing the sarcacasm <3 crystal
from jadedmoss :
Why thank you babe, Hugs and Kisses, short but sweet.
from breakthedark :
Certainly, thank you for adding me, I appreciate you stopping by to visit. ~J
from girlsuicide :
krista my darling! ive missed you so much too! so much! i sometimes wonder how things are working out for you in your new home, and if you're okay. im glad you noted me darling. ♥!

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