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from musikoid :
So we must have been about the same age when I was reading you like 15 or 20 years ago. I probably had a different name then. Well, good to see you again. :)
from minstrelite :
Nice writing, yours. (As usual.)
from minstrelite :
My oversight -- I simply neglected to include you among the list of my favorites when I asked everyone to email me through DiaryLand in order to obtain my username/password combination. If you can do so, it would be better than my posting it in your notes, which is a public arena.
from minstrelite :
"China has accused the Dalai Lama of masterminding the protests, but the US has urged Beijing to begin dialogue with Tibet's exiled spiritual leader." -- What paranoia! Leave it to Beijing to portray the Dalai Lama as a bad guy.
from minstrelite :
I did get your detailed note the night before last, but I needed to wait until I was sufficiently undistracted to read it a couple times and absorb it. I suspected while writing the note that there might not even be a such thing as a class action suit in Canada, but now that I've read the note, I am also compelled to research the laws governing the issuance of such suits in America, and California specifically. The suggestion was the first thing that came to mind, but my guess is that even in California, one hurdle might be that a group of property owners (or even renters) would have to be able to establish some definite commonality that enables them to act as a "class" before they can take any "action" and initiate the "suit." I have never been involved in one myself, but at one point I had an ugly job in which I was representing a company who was trying to avert one on the part of a certain constituent of boat-owners. At another point I researched enough laws to be able to threaten an abusive employer with a class action suit on the part of his clients, but that was mostly a way of getting him to back off from badmouthing me to our colleagues upon my quitting that job due to abuses in the workplace. In your situation, it might be easier to find specific laws and ordinances that the landlord has broken, and see if you can press charges against him on that basis. Good luck.
from minstrelite :
At first glance, it sounds to me that he's got the dollar in mind, is going for quantity rather than quality, and is generally sloppy and in a hurry. I'd think that you and others in the neighborhood would be able to file a class action suit against him.
from minstrelite :
That sounds really scary -- what kind of neighborhood do you live in? Is there Neighborhood Watch? Not quite sure what to say.
from minstrelite :
I also like the way you worded the last sentence in your note to me, and I agree. Thanks for the encouragement.
from minstrelite :
Thanks for noting me back in detail. I did notice that you embrace some very strong positions, and I think this is a good thing. It's good to stand up for what you feel strongly about. Myself, I have noticed that I tend to be more open in my diary about some personal beliefs and feelings than I ordinarily am in my everday life. I think this is natural -- I guess the irony is that it's an online journal, so I'm allowing a lot of people to know my personal beliefs whom I wouldn't necessarily discuss these things with in other life-contexts. But that's the beauty of it, in a way.
from minstrelite :
You diary is very informative and well-done, funny in places too. I like the link from the word "Church" to the story about the spirits being cleansed from the library.
from hbaybee :
Lookin for a diary review? Don't be silly, of course you are! Come to Hitlar Baybee Reviewz for the best review this side of the time-space continuum =D x
from jeweltones :
Hello Finkbrau, You haven't set up your profile yet, so I haven't found a way to contact you. Maybe you'll see this. I've read CS Lewis' Narnia stories out loud to my sons just as with the other authors listed. I guess he isn't on the fantasy list for the same reason Hans Christian Anderson and the Brothers Grimm aren't. Fairy tales and legends were a fascination with me when I was in school and I read everything I could lay my hands on. The Narnia tales echo those so closely - think of "The Snow Queen" or the "Magic Flute" for example - that I didn't think of the stories as being unique in the way I think of the Hobbit, for example. I do realize that some of Lewis' material is quite distinctive, especially the unifying themes around Aslan. It is odd though, because there was a writers' group in England in the first half of the 1900's that met to share their writing and their struggles with each other. Two of the members were Tolkien and Lewis, so it would make sense to weight their work the same. I just have never thought of it that way.
from finkbrau :
You like Cooper, Rowling and Tolkien, and not a mention of C.S Lewis?? Wow.

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