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from kentraine :
Hiya, John-Boy. *hugs* I'm sorry I'm never around anymore, and that I almost never get a chance to talk to you, and when I do there's very little actual conversation. The thing about nine naked men was very amusing, though. Anyway... I hope you're having a good week, and I'm guessing maybe classes started for you if you're taking classes, but since I don't even know that... it's kinda sad, losing track of friends, and I don't wanna lose you. *hugs again* Bethie
from participant :
i don't know if you knew it but sleepygirl = participant. Yes your girl's like me! I like coming over to my guy's house when he is all shirtless and unbathed too.
from participant :
Somehow I get a taste of "Bohemian Rhapsody" in my mouth. Molvania? I've never heard of such a place.
from sleepygirl :
Thanks for the tip about HouseCall. I used it and it found 7 malware files for me. Where did you find that? Well nevermind that. You rule. I am sad to hear that you lost your friend Frisky. It always takes me a while to start crying after a major death too.
from mikanie :
::huggs:: This little kitten still loves you! You can be depressed ...I'll hug you and take your mind off of it for a couple seconds at least if it will help!
from participant :
Well thank you, John-boy! It still makes me think of you whenever I hear Moxy Fruvous.
from dove-of-love :
I hope eveything is going well for you... I know this is late but here is one good thing a baout you you are unfailing ly kind when called upon....(rember whenI was spassing out and i needed to talk to you... thanks..)
from firespirit :
She's alive! *points* One entry in '03, two in '04, oh baby here we go! *grabs her fake but favorite brother and drags him about*
from steigler :
Your one of the best people I've ever met. We all have our faults..but that doesnt necessarily mean its a weakness. Simply put, smile. Laurel
from kentraine :
You look a little bit like John Belushi in The Blues Brothers. That's a good thing, right?
from everoboto :
Hey, thanks for all the comments. I know I'm lucky that my niece likes cool music and is willing to accept my suggestions. But, I have 7 nieces and nephews, and so far, she's the only one I have any say with. The others are into their own thing.
from dove-of-love :
Follow your heart.
from kentraine :
You are a silly silly boy. And I love you. *kisses you and showers you with love*
from everoboto :
Hey, thanks for the comment. I did have an awesome, rocked out birthday! \m/
from everoboto :
Hi there! I just noticed that you added me as a favorite. That's real cool of you. I look forward to checking out your page. Thanks! \m/
from dove-of-love :
Hey hope ur okay. good luck with work.
from dove-of-love :
Just wanted to say hey and i hope everything is going well for u. janet
from jenne1017 :
Happy Random Guestbook Signing Week!
from wyndhover :
Hello to you, too. I live in Rochester NY, so my home park is technically Concordia, but more honesty is Nothing, because the shire is quite dead. :/ But I'm like as not to move to Chicago within the year, so that should change. :) Pleased to meet ya!
from xalliamx :
hey, just curious, what kingdom/park are you from? saw the amtgard ring and almost fell over 'cause I didn't think there were any other amtgarders in d-land (not that I've played in forever, no park close by =( ) ok, enough rambling. - Samantha
from alwaysinhim :
everyone is bi-polar....either they don't want to admit it....or they are ignorant of their situation...course. some have it worse than others.
from alwaysinhim :
yes. they can't stand to see you without hope. for that means there is none for themselves. welcome to the real world.
from alwaysinhim :
hey..then we can suck together....cause you're not the only one.
from elateddream :
Hey, wow, that essay really was brilliant. Your teacher was wrong to over-look it in the first place. Keep up the awesome writing, I love your diary.
from master-peace :
Get in the boar with the little pickle! Get in the boat with the little pickle because Johnny can swim!
from alwaysinhim :
from firespirit :
I miss you :( Can I steal you sometime?
from kentraine :
*hugs* Love you John-Boy
from stellamaris :
hello. you rock. as usual. and stuff.
from kentraine :
Hah-hah! I corrupted Lizabet and made her a fan of you, all in the same evening! You helped, I admit this freely.
from firespirit :
But I want to be (what? you decide ;-)
from firespirit :
Or drunk.
from firespirit :
P.S. I'm not gay.
from firespirit :
Tatoos, violence, strippers... it's enough to make a conservative cry. ;) How come we never hang out at stripclubs together? 5 cents says I get more stripper's numbers than you.
from rabean :
Hey, you. :) The black knight pic isn't working on your diary. A little box comes up instead that says "Remote linking forbidden." Just thought you'd want to know. :)
from katryne :
'Tis about time for ye ta' be tellin' the tale o' me love, laddie. An' if my memory serves me proper. 'tis shortly here afta' that we met. *smiles* Do carry on, love.
from ankhesenaset :
*grins, poking you madly in the ribs* Just thought I'd pester you here as well as every other means of communication that we throughly exhaust to no end, and than wake them up for more. :)
from sleepygirl :
Well John the celtic roots, insomnia, etc aren't the only things we have in common, I got your headache too.
from sleepygirl :
Cool test. I was the MAC-10, FA-MAS, IMI Uzi, Colt M1911A1, etc. (like you really wanted to know that). Sleep!
from sleepygirl :
black hair, oh my!
from deadophelia :
*being tired.
Damn typos.
Sneaky buggers, they are.
from deadophelia :
Uh... are you aware that being revolves around your eyes? It's your eyes that are tired. Not your mind. Your mind is what keeps you awake. Y'know when you're in bed trying to sleep, but you just can't? Ever notice it's because you're thinking. You're thinking away about your day, or things that are going on in your life. That keeps you awake.
Thinking of course, isn't anything your eyes can do.
Have yourself a splendiferous day!
Toodles and such.
from orange101 :
I need a 82x32px image for a link to your site. If's ya don't want to make it then I'll do it. Thanks!
from frunique :
Be a pirate, John-Boy! Ol' Appalachian John, that's what they'll call ye. Yarrr.
from jebal :
Get better, the floor doesn't want you on it, ye bastard! =D Less than a month 'til we can beat each other with padded weapons on a regular basis.
from hermitage :
yay for the arrogant worms!
from katto-chan :
John-boy dearie... I need to talk to you via aim about that braclet you were going to send me... considering I go something that most definatly is NOT a braclet, and the post office has messed up somewhere... SOMEONE is missing a car key!!!!
from stellamaris :
yay for hugs! and yay for celtic music. pffft to laundry though. laundry sucks. well, perhaps I only loathe doing laundry because i'm attending uni and living in a dorm...and doing laundry requires hauling stinky clothes down a few flights of stairs, and money which I usually do not have. the machines do not accept change! only my hard-earned cash. and trust me, I do not earn much. isn't that like, fascist or something? wah. anyway I think you are adorable. what's with people screaming??
from rabean :
Ooooh...archery. I like archery, one of only two things I liked about gym class (freshman year, high school). >>>====> (((@)))
from twenty-odd :
...unless the sorority was Iota Eta Omega. Then, a familiar blonde chica would have jumped up, raced along the wall, done 30 flips in the air, kicked 20 guys in the face Xena-style, then landed neatly in front of you and would have said, "Bow down, or DIE!" :-D Isn't that what friends are for?
from rabean :
*big hugs* Hi, John-Boy! *waves* I miss you.
from caerydd :
RAWR!! Greetings from the Caerydd :). That is, one of Mich's crazy friends. RAWR!!
from cursedfemale :
Large and doofy, eh? That's news to me. Okay.. sorry. I'm just being weird. But that's my job, you see.
from jebal :
I'm leaving you a note because I can. ;P
from stellamaris :
too sweet for a lap dance? that's bullshit, dude : / i would have been all up on you! no seriously.
from cursedfemale :
It's been a while since I've read your diary, but I still find it as interesting as always. If you SHOULD decide to tye dye the undies, good luck. It'd be very trippy for you.. and whoever else happens to sneak a peak. Way to go! Kick sanity in the ASS! Or something.. smile and nod.
from larzdm :
Bite me vile scum! Ummm... yea... hi. lol
from twenty-odd :
Hey, I miss talking to you. We should get together sometime and beat on each other with padded weapons. Yeah! :-) Come home for a weekend, if you can.
from sleepygirl :
john-boy, i really like your layout!
from synthetx :
from suu :
Hey, mifri... ZAP
from twatts20 :
john-boy, I find you humorous and smile alot from your whimsical thoughts. Sorry you didn't get to go home, life sucks sometime, but keep at it. T
from lunzie :
*bites* I like the new format... just wanted to say that in case I haven't already.
from lilredreka :
Freak. *grins*
from faeriesjules :
I'm leaving you a note, so you should love me now, you need to go read my diary once in a while.

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