This Girl Is Never Finished;

Her Story Never Ends.

Just not all of it goes in here. Caerydd( the diary, not the person) is dying through lack of enthusiasm.

My favorite diaries:

firespirit profile - diary
comments: "It has come to my attention that I am having an ego problem. Bad entry. No biscuit for you."
i-girl profile - diary
Girls-suck profile - diary
comments: "Is there anything worse than a girl touting that her best quality is in bed?"
xylem profile - diary
comments: "Only now I'm listening to Mint Royale being scarily bouncy, so all I can see is bouncing cute cartoon characters."
th3dhorseman profile - diary
comments: "If you want Dave to talk to you, greetings like "Hey Motherfucker." and "Dave eats the cock." aren't very good ways to achieve your goals."
evil-edna profile - diary
comments: " I could live with flares and even blue eyeshadow again......but American Tan tights. Yeurgh."
weetabix profile - diary
comments: "Not that walnuts are giddy or anything. I'm just writing here, folks, nothing to see... move along."
zor profile - diary
comments: "Unfortunately, I was not standing with my pants around my ankles, though had I been, I'm sure the words would be the same..."
luciangrey profile - diary
comments: scary.very. But compelling nonetheless
blondefox profile - diary
comments: "well what the hell would she say?! 'god damnit I told you not to bathe in that radioactive sludge EVER AGAIN!."
uber-bear profile - diary
comments: The rory attacks. Damn, I must find a quote from his diary sometime
diepvriez profile - diary
comments: And no words would be enough right now.
caretaker profile - diary
comments: "The room in the last house was 'Room from Hell'(tm). "
boogabooga profile - diary
comments: "And then, I typed this, and now I am posting it, unless you are reading it after I posted it, which would make it then, instead of now and this is why I should not write entries when I am sleepy"
hardlyasaint profile - diary
comments: Perceptive and thoughtful.
candora profile - diary
comments: There are no words that would match her own sleepwriting
scraps profile - diary
comments: Sweetly beautiful
autumnal profile - diary
comments: Recommended.
candoor profile - diary
comments: Because there is never enough
raven72d profile - diary
comments: A vur small hedgehog, an intriguing read.
seven-five profile - diary
comments: "I can never seem to find what I'm looking for when I leave, actually I don't seem to know what it is I'm looking for."
nebulous615 profile - diary
comments: "At Least *I* Think I'm Funny "
fuzzycircles profile - diary
comments: One of the best friends I've ever had
obstinacy profile - diary
comments: She knows Cerys Matthews....bizarre.
ravenheart profile - diary
comments: "Passion of the moment: swearing at CNN."
erato profile - diary
comments: "Every sentence that I write is ridden with hooks."
vividdreamer profile - diary
comments: "The System- (a.k.a. the School Board) is something I TRULY despise. "
soap-box profile - diary
comments: An opinionated grey princess that I'm glad I rediscovered
some-trouble profile - diary
comments: "The first record I ever bought was Wake Me Up Before You Go Go by Wham. (I can't believe I just admitted that!)"
splorch profile - diary
comments: "She mimics adult mannerisms and holds conversations. Admittedly, they are often strange non sequiturs, which segue into a stream-of-consciousness kind of thing, but funny as hell. "
the29th profile - diary
comments: "I surrender to what I am. I capitulate, cave in, concede, consign, cry uncle, entrust, fall, fold, forego, give in, knuckle under, let go, quit, relinquish, submit, succumb, yield."
redness profile - diary
comments: "I need a support system, and I need it now. Because I need someone to catch me as I fall."
elliorange profile - diary
comments: "It's cold outside, but it doesn't feel like Christmas. I just want it to snow and snow and snow... so I'll be locked in here. "
forestdream profile - diary
comments: "I wanted to get her something she'd really like. Now I'm impatiently looking at the wrapped packages, wanting her to open them right away. "
stumblebee profile - diary
canuckred profile - diary
comments: The one who goes by the name of Loki in my diary. He is a better writer than he thinks he is
liquid-mojo profile - diary
comments: "The diary you see before you is real or some embellishment of reality, I forget which. "
linktherat profile - diary
comments: *hugs the fella*
squishyvan profile - diary
comments: ""So..." I began, wondering what one is supposed to do in such a situation and trying to think of something to do or say that I wouldn't kick myself for later."
liadlaith profile - diary
comments: "She also, in telling us what happened to Legolas and Gimli after the Ring quest, said that the pair �[went] off to explore each other�s favourite places.� We all erupted in juvenile giggles."
rosie-glow profile - diary
comments: "Whose life? Mine. How's it going to be lived? Well, that's up to me."
and profile - diary
comments: " I chalk it up to hormones, but not the regular everyday hormones I get running willy nilly through my bloodstream. It's the X-File Hormones that wear party hats and dance around in their granny's panties riding mechanical bulls through my
sundry profile - diary
leapyear84 profile - diary
comments: "There I go, justifying myself again."

My favorite music:

comments: They replace Jimmy as one of my top bands. They are much...rawer. the nerve endings, the pain is beared.
Tori Amos
comments: Could she be any more fantastic?
comments: Welsh punk rocks :D
Manic Street Preachers
comments: The soundtrack to my mid-teens, so evocative and tragic. The soundtrack to a million self-destructions
Dashboard Confessional

My favorite movies:

Watership Down
comments: Purdy and scary!
10 Things I Hate About You
comments: Shakespeare and Julia Stiles: COOL!
Stand by Me
comments: River Phoenix *awwwww*
Flight of Dragons
comments: Captured my imagination
comments: Bowie, *drools*

My favorite authors:

comments: Do I NEED TO COMMENT!?
James Clavell
comments: East meets west, well written.
Terry Pratchett
comments: sah-weeee-tah!
David Zindell
comments: Very...philosophical. Takes the idea of the Ubermensch and runs with it.
Sylvia Plath
comments: Her poems prod buttock

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