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Yea, um, I'm me. This journal is about me, and for me. You don't like what I have to say, well, I didn't ask you to read it, so FUCK OFF!

My favorite diaries:

boutish profile - diary
comments: An online friend. :)
redqueenmeg profile - diary
comments: Another redhead, gotta love us. *grins*
oskila profile - diary
comments: A darling discordian that's also a weather geek! WOOT!
nakedxsoul profile - diary
comments: A sister in arms
herbgurl profile - diary
comments: A friend from Momma's
ravens-tears profile - diary
comments: Laura's home here
panic-life profile - diary
rokenn profile - diary
comments: Thought you'd hied from me, huh? NEVER! WUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
drisel profile - diary
comments: HA! Found you... *grins* Not like it was overly difficult, though... :p
multiple profile - diary
comments: Jenn, whom I still consider a friend, and maybe an estranged sister. Matches my real ones. :)
confession profile - diary
comments: Found this linking through people and it's just so sad... The final entry is a suicide note.
kentraine profile - diary
comments: My adopted little sister, who somehow went missing from my list...
lunablossom profile - diary
broomcloset profile - diary
lastyeargirl profile - diary
comments: Rather enjoy this Scottish lass, and am more than a bit envious her location. :)
prostituee profile - diary
comments: "Oh geez. DELETE MEMORY! DELETE! Nothing worse than walking in on your parents doing it."
cat-rowan profile - diary
princess-liz profile - diary
comments: To remove or not, since I can't get in it anymore anyway... :p
raevyncigany profile - diary
mesbast profile - diary
comments: Casie!
siet profile - diary
comments: Seth! *hugs* Hello to my long lost brother. :)
asheki profile - diary
comments: Ashton. Still as brooding as ever. :)
shawnisi profile - diary
comments: Nisi. Really a sweetheart. :)
akado profile - diary
comments: Blake and Siet. Don't know them well yet, but getting there...
kytilbound profile - diary
comments: Kytil, whom I adore and wish I could hug and protect.
korrin profile - diary
comments: Korrin, dear, I do miss the chats we've had.
ariari profile - diary
comments: Arianna, wonderful lady.
stitcheroo profile - diary
comments: The Littles
attic-girl profile - diary
comments: Poe!
artemys profile - diary
comments: Xek.
alterwords profile - diary
comments: House poetry journal
tatano profile - diary
comments: Jenn's poetry journal
mattat profile - diary
comments: House Debate journal
taneki profile - diary
comments: Jeff, a wonderful man, and a good friend.
eternalcalm profile - diary
comments: She reminds me of me, Goddess help her...
yitai profile - diary
enchancea profile - diary
comments: Bats in the belfry, gotta love it. :)
behindtheeye profile - diary
crazygurl30 profile - diary
dancingbrave profile - diary
fivefootnine profile - diary

My favorite music:

Blackmore's Night
comments: I can't say enough about them. The more I listen to 'em, the more I love 'em
comments: Good for so many things, from sex to meditation...
comments: They just keep getting better
Gaelic Storm
comments: Great to wake you up in the morning.
comments: I have one thing to say... Lighting Crashes

My favorite movies:

comments: I swear it's a love story. Really...
Practical Magic
comments: I want the house and grounds!!!
comments: Scottish history and Mel Gibson... *growls low in her throat*
Monty Python and the Holy Grail

My favorite authors:

J. R. R. Tolkien
comments: *bows down before the father of fantasy and elves*
Anne Rice
comments: Wonderful vampire stories
John Saul
comments: Always can give me the willies when I want them. :)
Terry Pratchett
comments: It's Terry! And Discworld. What more can I say?
Laurell Hamilton
comments: Anita Blake ROCKS!

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