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I am as old as my tongue and a little older than my teeth. I love sci fi, acting, and crafts. I have one small cat who lives with me.

My favorite diaries:

hedgegoth profile - diary
comments: purveryor of cats and dragons
absentia profile - diary
comments: articulate and interesting
tween profile - diary
comments: ?
valerian profile - diary
comments: i defy you to find anyone who wears clothes, any clothes at all, better than her
madmardigan profile - diary
comments: once he's decided you're his friend, he doesn't flake out or bow to popular opinion. that's so rare i can't describe it
lunzie profile - diary
comments: abbandonata?
jaxraven profile - diary
comments: gave me a pick-me-up when i needed it
bredon profile - diary
comments: he rules. he just rules. VERY GOOD FRIEND
kerewyn profile - diary
comments: amy's purty page!
fledermaus profile - diary
comments: he's just so cuuute.
kerisoovery profile - diary
comments: Majestically invading diaryland, it's Keri!
siren-songs profile - diary
comments: another Majestic friend, welcome to Eclipse!
cheshyr profile - diary
comments: believe me, i understand. i've been there. i hope it works out for you as it never did for me.
kentraine profile - diary
comments: lunzie? that you?
kant profile - diary
comments: door prize! harry potter incarnate! whee!
ankhesenaset profile - diary
comments: kemetic? egyptian wiccan? nifty.
rumblelizard profile - diary
comments: I came to read a rant. I stayed to read a life. Kinda made me miss Milwaukee. :)
thespy-j profile - diary
comments: That's "thespy". Not "the spy." Hi, J! Missed you!

My favorite music:

comments: What's not to like?
Jonny Lang
comments: Meow.
Voice of the Beehive
comments: Fun chick music
Seven Nations
comments: Celtic rock. It doesn't get any better. Lead singer is hot.
Apoptygma Berzerk
comments: Despite the prima donna attitude, they have good tunes.

My favorite movies:

A Life Less Ordinary
comments: So nifty I can't get over it.
Ever After
comments: I'm a romantic. Sue me.
Forces of Nature
comments: This movie is all about me. Really. I'm the girl that people take a lesson from and then they move on.
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
comments: Whee!
comments: Obvious reasons.

My favorite authors:

Robert Jordan
comments: Prolific. Drawn-out. Addictive.
Terry Pratchett
comments: Fun.
Neil Gaiman
comments: Spooky. Mind-blowing.
comments: Thought-provoking.
Mary Stewart
comments: Romance & Arthurian legends.

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