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from typelove :
hello. i saw your link on the online love ring and i was wondering if you would like to join my diary. it's a place for people who are involved in online relationships to write their feelings and support each other.
from drisel :
Just wanted to say I miss ya
from drisel :
Thanks. It's been hard and its nice to know someone is listening.
from mugbug226 :
John Saul and Gaelic Storm.. whatta mix. Must say I agree.
from alya1989262 :
Religion in Egypt wouldn't be defined as "Muslim-influenced"... 90% of us are Muslims, or claim to be (Atheists, Buddhists, etc. aren't recognized here, not that there are many, but I am an atheist myself.). The remaining 10% are mostly Christians (Copt Orthodox), but there are about 200 Jews. ~Ivec
from multiple :
heya... i'm a moron, i can't find your email address, i was going to send you a password to all our diaries if you wanted it... drop me an email if you want it, k?
from sillybeth :
Really?? Thats interesting. One of my close friends from college was Egyptian. I remember when she took her citizen exam! Her name was Neveen. :) I wonder what my Egyptian name would be. If I have one. My name (Bethany) is a Hebrew name.
from sillybeth :
Hi! I was wondering what Ankh-esen-Aset meant. :)
from sillybeth :
Hey! Im a regular diary reader of dont forget to send me the password! How come your making it private (if ya dont mind me asking?) And Im sorry that you and J arent doing so well lately. And Im sorry to see the puppy go bye bye. And I thought Im the only who gets lazy with the pill and then munches on 4 pills at once(i know your not suppose to)...Im thinking about going off the pill till my next appt (which is in Aug) and then suggesting the shot or something. Cuz I hate having to remind myself. ANYWAYS...this is your note to tell you...I READ YOUR DIARY!
from girlwcurls :
Hey :-) I found your diary through the most recently updated list.. just wanted to let you know I stopped by and enjoyed the visit. By the way, I used to be a Sims freak. I stopped after a while - that game is addicting!
from cat-rowan :
hey hon!! Yep I'll get pics up as soon as my mother emails them to me. I got her to take some on her Digital camera, and she hasn't done anything with them yet.
from anakinvader :
Thanks alot Heather, I hope things are well with you also, and who knows, we might get to see each other, I am going to Ft, Eustis VA, right near Norfold VA, and there is a possiblity that I will end up in Italy Germany...who knows right?
from coldsunshine :
i just wanted to say that i really like some of the authors you've put down. i love anne rice, tolkien, and pratchett. presently i am totally addicted to pratchett, so if you could recommend any specific discworld novels that you liked, i'd love to know. i've read all the "death" based ones, and LOVED them. anyhoo, i promise to drop by soon and read some actual entries. all best.
from drisel :
Thanks sweetie! Oh and do you realize that you are well the only person to ever leave me a note? Oh well if they are only going to be from one person I'm glad they are from you! :P
from starlight42 :
Just saying *hi*-checking out some random diaries. I like the useless fact! I do like the layout, but as I see you are thinking about lightening it up, I think it would be a good idea. (I recently did this to my diary too)The entry is really hard to read. I know it's hard to please everyone...hope you don't mind the suggestion.
from maralisa :
people keep saying that - the "xx" wasn't part of the password, looking back it seems a bit confusing! It's passport and control.
from maralisa :
username=passport, password=control xx
from kentraine :
ahh, sister... has it come to this, that we never talk?
from rustycup :
Nice to find u again. A soul like yours deserves all the happiness life can give it. Take care.
from drisel :
Yes yes and did I say yes? That would be great sweetie!
from taffy77 :
i don't need a reply, i don't need the shit i'll hear.....but i wanted to tell you that in a few months you won't be worrying about any of us, and i still appreciate you buying me a supergold. people come around....give it time.
from kentraine :
Ankh, dearheart, I'm sorry I haven't been around to talk... been kinda quiet on all counts lately, and now I'm back at the parentals' house... and I'm going up to KC on Friday. But I'll try to find you around when I get back to school...
from drisel :
hey hon just wanted to say hi. I don't seem to be catching you online anymore which really kinda sucks. If you would like I would love for you to do a template for me. Yack at you soon. Drisel :P
from multiple :
falling in love with your best friend? yep, done that. mind you, i kinda knew i was in love before he became my friend... does that count? *wanders off, thinking*
from cassiopeia- :
I hope you feel better and get a phone call soon! kisses, cassie
from mynameiscat :
yes, you are absolutely right. Redheads do rock, and that is why I love being one. I hope your foot gets better!
from elateddream :
Hey there! Your diary rocks, keep up the awesome writing. I was also hoping that we could link back and forth through our favourites. If you're interested at all, stop by and drop me a note or email me: [email protected] If not I completely understand. Just keep up the great writing. Katie
from of-her-soul :
I wish I could catch a falling star.
from ravenheart :
Thank you for joining my Nightheart ring, you are welcome!
from sleepingbear :
Your welcome Heather! As soon as I saw that I knew you would like if for your birthday. Wear it in good health :)
from kentraine :
Love you Heather! *hugs* Not mad at you now. Really. I was upset but that's all. And I'm okay now. So if you want to talk to me, or anything, please do so?
from kentraine :
You kind of told him anyway, didn't you? Since right after reading your email, when he got online, I started to talk to him about it and he already knew? I'm glad he wasn't angry with me. I wish you weren't.
from laaien :
I read your post today, and you are right, i enjoy your words..thank you.
from kentraine :
*hugs* Love you Heather
from kentraine :
No! I refuse to admit that. Since it isn't true. Yes, Heath Ledger is a sexy man and I know at least three males who are straight and will admit that, but I'm not actually a mass drooler or anything like that. *sticks her tongue out at you* You liar, you.
from anakinvader :
Hey I thank you for all you did for me and those that are here, but please don't be too mad at me, I am fine and I did what I wanted to do, I am sorry if I upest you. . .
from bop-reviews :
Your review has been posted. Nicole
from boutish :
Hey Ankh. You have to make your image part of the background using CSS. I don't know if your used to it...The code is something like: BODY {background image: URL:'your url'}{background align: right; background attachment fixed} I'm not really sure about the code, but you can find it at : Hope this helps! Boutish
from kentraine :
Well, look at it this way... No, actually, wait, I don't think I can put any good spin on it. Plus, you have to consider what I told John earlier today: "Your girlfriend just publicly declared your hatred for your boyfriend at Momma's." I really did _mean_ to say "_best_ friend"... Really... Uh... to quote Lizabet... "I love you, don't kill me?"
from sacredspiral :
Greetings! I found you in the member directory and thought I might leave a message. I've noticed that your user name is an ancient Egyptian name. I take it you're facinated with that culture? Write back if you wish! Goddess Bless -Ariadne ShadowFire

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