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from anthronut :
Saw your diary banner and thought I would say hello! Good job on the lack of alcohol over the past 10 years. Those fruity drinks are hard to say no to... :)
from pernickety :
You like Airplane too! Always makes me so happy to see someone like Airplane too, oh wait, I actually haven't seen anyone on here who also likes Airplane. :/
from urbancadence :
5 weeks?? Wow, that must be a record!! Haha! Thanks for your note - I'm gonna enjoy it while it lasts... and then you can give me that punch! And GOOD LUCK!! Let's hope for 5 more weeks!!!! :)
from urbancadence :
Actually, the 'miserable' part I was referring to was about being a misanthrope, not so much about being alone. I don't want to be a miserable misanthrope, as in I don't want to grow so bitter and jaded to the point that I'm a nasty old guy who just drives everyone away just because they're living and breathing. I don't want to be so cynical to the point that I'll have no close friends 'cos I'll just stop trusting everyone. That's what I actually meant... I agree with you about being a whole instead of a half, but while we're on that topic, I actually think that being in a healthy relationship involves being two wholes instead of two halves. There are lots of people who are halves, but that's really not the way it should go, IMO. :) And as for the rebound/schoolboy crush/whatever it is, it feels GRRREEAT!
from urbancadence :
I think it's been a tough past few months for the both of us :( I am so sorry about everything on your end. Sigh. But you're right... things can only get better, right? Let's hope so! In the meantime, please update more, I've missed you!! Let it all out! And you hang in there too...
from dragprincess :
Email me. Let's talk. If you need to get away and come to NYC, the couch is here for you.
from dragprincess :
now listen (or don't, it's only a suggestion) -- if this is relationship isn't moving forward, if the conversation isn't positive, if there are resentments flying around -- then what needs to change here??
from smokefree-me :
Hi - banner clicker here. Caught the post on narcissistic partners/friends/what-have-you's. So many of the signs & symptoms you listed sound the same as those of an alcoholic. Just another addiction I suppose, only in one case the person is addicted to themselves (or the attention) rather than the booze. Your writing is quite captivating. Looking forward to reading & commenting in the future.
from kestra :
Hi! I just clicked on your banner, read a couple entries, and wanted to leave you a note giving my unwanted (?) opinion; well, I hope it's not too unwanted. ;-) As much as we'd like a good reference for knowing what to do, I don't think there is any set rule for how much you have to put up with before you are justified in calling a relationship quits. I mean, we know the extreme cases when someone is wrong for leaving or staying, such as leaving over a misplaced hair brush or staying in a clearly and severely abusive situation, but what about all of the situations in between? Where is the exact moment where a person draws the line? I don't think it is the same for everyone. All I can say is that every person has to decide for themselves what they need to do to find the most happiness - and self-respect - in their life, because only you know what you can put up with and what you need out of a relationship. I think you were right on the mark about dealing with the silent treatment by ignoring its existence. However, I see it just ratcheted up the psychosis by degenerating into a one-sided yelling match, and so... No, you're not leaving over a dirty dish... You're leaving over someone who is miserable, brings misery to your life, and refuses to do anything to turn it around. When you have love in a relationship, you can deal with the little annoying details, such as dirty dishes around the house, but when that person is more like an acquiantence than a lover, then it's easy for every little detail to drive you up the wall. I remember before my mom and dad split, when we were eating dinner, my mom yelled at my dad about my dad scraping of the fork against the plate... She didn't normally act like that, being usually a quiet type, but for some reason, out of the blue, it seemed to really drive her nuts. But it wasn't that stupid little fork that was really the problem. She didn't love my dad anymore, and now every little thing was going to drive her nuts... because she knew she shouldn't be there, and that's what was really bothering her. (I try not to blame any of my parents for the divorce, because I don't feel it's my business to do so. Besides, it's safer not to get involved in their problems!) Anyway, I just feel like that's the way it is with you... She gives you the silent treatment for months, and you know there isn't love... and then you have to deal with dirty dishes too? That's why it feels like the "last straw," I think... but in all honesty, I think it was not a causing factor for why you needed to break up, it was a symptom of already knowing that you needed to break up.... and let me end this note with saying that everything I typed out may be completely wrong, because I don't really know you. Ah, I hope not, because that's ten minutes of my life I'll never get back. :-P
from dragprincess :
And where does it leave you? What gets to change -- better yet, what WILL change?
from daisy624 :
Sorry to hear your relationship has climbed into that old handbasket. But, you know, sometimes these things run their course. And hey, there's no better place to waste all that new free time than myspace!! :-)
from kyboy :
Hi! New reader here! So far can relate on so many levels. Look forward into delving deeper into your writings! *hugs*
from z0tl :
and who the fuk be you, man? go back to mudgirl's notes and lemme, read my latest and then BRING IT, you lita punk! your buddy wuddy, z-dawg-bliZZard. hotdam!
from dragprincess :
I just read your comment about the pictures fucking up my layout. I KNOW! Can you believe how annoying it all is??? I've given up and gotten and will just keep posting pics there. I swear to God, I'm not cut out for technology.
from delirium21 :
thanks for the advice. :) i'm sorry your girlfriend uses silence against you. my gramma does that to me, and i've learned that if you just ignore it, she'll stop. she's a lot like a child, really... LOL but yeah - thanks again for the advice. :) that reminds me!!! i was supposed to go make an appointment w/ an on-campus counselor!!!
from hissandtell :
Hi - thanks so much for reading, and putting me on your list. I was here the other day and read several of your older entries and was absolutely captivated by your story and your writing. I'm looking forward to more. (And sorry, I can't solve the Tampon Mystery. But I hope you can.) Love, R xxx
from delirium21 :
also, thanks for adding me to your list! :) i appreciate it. so... what's your favourite kitchen appliance? ;)
from delirium21 :
i used to do that when i was younger, but somehow it seemed like that only empowered the crazy person. anyway. i think this may be temporary - i hope so, anyway, because i'm really stressed these days and it really makes no sense!
from delirium21 :
haha, rev. phelps. he looks like a sith lord, doesn't he? or a demon, at the very least. evil- that's what he looks like. he's a physical manifestation of creepiness. :p anyhoo, yeah, tomorrow's the big day! but dad says it's so far out in space, the odds of it impacting us are near impossible, but i suspect he's just trying to be reassuring. carp´┐Ż diem like crazy, man. :) i started reading your diary, and i got distracted by all the stuff to do out to the side! i'm going to add you to my buddy list now. and about being reincarnated: i actually think i might just be crazy. ;) but i do feel like that sometimes - like i've been here before. do you think everyone is reincarnated? that's always how i've felt, but i wonder if everyone is, or if some people just... go away?
from delirium21 :
i knew about the NASA Doom Project already, but so far nobody else has even mentioned what you mentioned! it's the same theory that popped into my head when i saw the commercial on National Geographic Channel, and to be honest, it's a little unnerving to know i'm not the only one who's concerned. LOL before now i could chalk it up to pure paranoia, but now i know of someone else who's got the same feeling. either way, don't max out your cards yet. who knows if it'll really happen.
from nessiegurlie :
just crusin though. pink and gwen stefani=perfect, darling. Just a girl is one of my all time fave no doubt songs. Have a good summer. Peace!
from janetplnetoc :
Hiya Konza... found your guestbook entry. Thanks for saying hi and stopping by. The picture of the stairway was taken in Wisconsin at a park near the lake (um, stupid californian here, don't remember which of those big ole lakes it was -- whichever lake is there by Milwaukee). Glad you like it, it's one of my favorite pictures. I have it hanging in my room. It always makes me feel peaceful.
from urbancadence :
Haha! L*O*V*E*Y*O*U*T*O*O*!! Did ya tell the missus about your tit-sucking dream? ;)
from dragprincess :
Day One. I am nobody's doormat.
from urbancadence :
Nah, no summer vacation for me this year. There's stil a few weeks left in the quarter, and after that, it's full steam ahead for the horror known as The MCAT. The 'carefree summer' will have to wait till next year :( BTW, The Kid simply doesn't know what he's got going for him. It really hurts, but it looks the the only way he's gonna learn appreciate what he's got is for him to lose it for a while. Stay strong. I hope you're feeling better.
from gettingnaked :
For some reason, TypePad hasn't been sending me all of your comments, so I keep opening past entries, seeing your name, and finding myself pleasantly surprised. I haven't told you yet, but I've been meaning to say that I really admire what the two of you are doing for the kid. It sounds like maybe you two don't hear that enough... especially from the people who might matter more than some stranger across the country... it will all be worth it in the end. You know as well as I do that things have a way of working out. And god... I think of the things I put my mother through at 16 and I'm ashamed. This too shall pass. Hang in there. Insert any other lame cliche you can possibly think of here, but know that it's probably true... they wouldn't be cliche if they didn't hold some truth. (P.S. I am not going back and re-reading this to check for errors. Consider that a blanket disclaimer for everything I write.)
from mudgirl :
Konza darling, thank you so much for your note. I felt just awful every time I saw your admonishment that you were all caught up and I still hadn't written. Bad mudgirl, bad evil nasty mudgirl. But now I have written and you have read. Huzzah! I am redeemed! I promise to write more and not make you wait so very long.
from urbancadence :
Sigh... whatever happened to those good ol' days when money can buy you anything, even a degree? :)
from ursamajor :
Wow - just did a little reading to catch up, acquaint myself and formulate some questions and my jaw just kept dropping as I read... I grew up from age 4 'til 13 in Leavenworth, Kansas. I am an only child because my only sibling - my brother - died at age 17. My best friend of 15 years was named Bonnie. (Was being a story for some other time.) Small world, indeed. Anyhooooo... your questions! :) 1. You say that the older you get, the more narrow-minded you become. How so? 2. If you hadn't met the Ms. and been whisked away to the land of Oz, where do you think you would be now and what would you be doing? 3. If you were the author of that teeny little "Life's Little Instruction Book," what would be your first and foremost Instruction For Life? 4. How can you hate us extreme liberals? We mean so well... 5. What are you looking forward to most?
from cactustree :
thank you for the heart. you are too funny. in fact -- and i mean this as a compliment, because it's what we say to each other when we're being loving -- girl, you are a MESS!
from cactustree :
"The Russian judges never score above an 8."
from urbancadence :
Try this site for the emulator: <> After that's up and running, go here to download the roms, ie, the "virtual cartridges": <>. Both Sea Quest and River Raid (And River Raid 2) are on there. You may now feel free to bow down and kiss my feet. MUAHAHAHA.
from to-my-heart :
Cool site.
from urbancadence :
Thanks for your note! I was wondering where you went! But hey... now that you're back, how about some updates?
from jenne1017 :
thanks for dropping by my gmap! :)
from urbancadence :
Yep, fer sure!! "I told you so"... just 4 little words that provides such a huge self-righteous power trip! I need to say that more often.
from urbancadence :
"Holding up the walls"?? HAHAHAHA!!!! The buildings there in the clubs must be real stable, then!
from urbancadence :
LOL, I'll try my best to hang on to my youth as much as I can, but if I'm still doing baby talk when I'm 60, they'd probably send me to the funny farm :) I love reading your entries - you're awesome!
from gettingnaked :
Just thought I'd leave a note to say hello. I think I followed a banner here, but I'm honestly not sure. I'm too young for my memory to be failing me! I was reading your list of 100 things about you, and (being from L.A.) I think I'd miss all of the same things about this region if I were to move. I certainly couldn't agree more about earthquakes! Happy Monday!
from cactustree :
thank you so much. i'm living the program day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute. my disease kicks up in the oddest moments, but i have a strong support network and a wonderful sponsor...and people like you who understand and who know that the program works.
from not-tuesday :
I love that layout. I used it for a months awhile back. :o)
from iamhubpluh :
from lovelydaisy :
I know the feeling on more than one account :) I am glad you have someone to talk to about it :) Hope you have an awesome weekend :) Carrie
from godmoney :
omigod, i love keith urban.
from mudgirl :
thanks for the vote of confidence. I hope my drivel turns out to be amusing....

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