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from luciab :
I don't think it was an "exclusion"-- I didn't know either. Love your hair, BTW. ;>
from ayo :
Yes, the relo would be closer to you! It's in Waltham MA. They seem to really like him. Three interviews, salary and relo discussion (yes, they will pay for the moving truck). *hugs* And Happy Thanksgiving!
from pornoviolent :
from justus1199 :
Hey, I lost your email address, could you send me a note? I'd like to come give you a hand with your puppy fence. Justus
from rosine :
Hang in there, hun - it is, honestly, right and proper to feel as you do today. It is the marking of the passage of a long period of time and care, the closing of a beloved book with the knowledge that there's no more to read in that story (although you know that there may be a sequel it's still never the same). You know this will pass and temper - you've told others exactly that when their times came. Know that you are loved and thoughts are with you during your pain and already minds are looking to your future happiness. Allow yourself to mourn until the need is past and then come out to joy again. You both did the right thing.
from redswanne :
*hugs* Thanks hon... *smile* Yes, you are the Mistress of the 9 inch nails. I always remember the "cat claws" you gave out one year... *smile* Will miss you too. Thank you for NOT using the "abscence makes the heart grow fonder" line... I hear it one more time and I may have to grow some 9 inch nails of my own *hugs* Alianor
from squirrelx :
Thank you for the note you left me! It was the verbal equivalent of a hug, delivered at a moment when it was sorely needed. Your kindness is profoundly appreciated. :-) Love, Xtine
from mitake :
should be fixed now. hope to see you soon. -Mitake.

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