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from herdarlinsin :
what happened to you miss?
from radiogurl :
I took the compatibility quiz - got "I'm a generally unfuckwitted, liberal, not-too-generous, not-too-selfish, seizure-inducingly boring spod! Don't have a clue who they said I matched, it was a Hotmail account somewhere.
from englshfreak :
I'm on your notify me list and just a note... my email has changed from [email protected] to [email protected] *smooches*
from strangerlucy :
hey, hello and welcome- that LA! :) I like your UP journal layout- beautiful scenery. i'll be back to read more after i quit pulling her leg.
from all4clay :
Happy birthday!!!!! *throws confetti* Have fun with all those things you have planned...hehe.
from marsist :
doeth I qualify for yon password? I hopeth so... ([email protected])
from musone :
Hi! I was wondering if you would please let me have the password - I've had you on my favourites list for a looong time. <3.
from englshfreak :
password pplleeaassee..... and thank you!!! * smooches*
from moviegrrl :
*worried* - password pleeeeeeeeease
from inkdragon :
I'm on the outside and it's really cold.
from irispetals :
You can email me at [email protected] <333
from all4clay :
Hey! Sorry about my email thing I havent quite got it figured out yet but if you could please email me at [email protected] that would be awesome. Thanx!!!
from moviegrrl :
hope it all doesn't get too worrisome... take care luv xxx
from apocalizardn :
I almost choked on my coke when I read your 'Peeve Petting Zoo.' The reviewer comment is oh so true, and seeing as how I used to be a reviewer, it's sad. Thaks for making my day! I'm adding you to my faves list post haste.
from cosmicrayola :
Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours!
from who--knows :
Lord Voldie Rules
from geeky-kiki :
Yea, yea, yea to the casting mini-movies to get to sleep. And there I was worried that it was ever-so-uncool. Glad you are going to try it (I'm not alone, finally!) and thanks for the note :)
from irispetals :
If those quizzes are true, you are a very cool 30 yr old. <3
from banshee-rose :
Glad the writing is going well. Good luck lol don't worry about the legs Im sure they'll come back.
from inkdragon :
I'm glad you're not that easy to get rid of! Did I just end with a preposition? :( Poop.

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