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from virtualcrack :
when, my friend? when will you have the time?
from bloodfalcon :
Yo Dood, How life treatin ya? Meh, i'm bored >.< I got the munchies sumthin fierce >.< Gonna go munch on some good ol' wotsits....And yes...Weed is AWESOME! :p Snoogans!
from bloodfalcon :
Haha, CHeers Dude, You're also Proper Ace! You've probably actually seen me in person. if you go to the Electric Ballroom in Camdon i mean.....I go there alot :D *Sigh* I Want some fucking weed >.< I haven't smoked a joint in months :( LOL!
from bloodfalcon :
Haha! Dude, I read your diary :P It's funny >.< Not that i'm calling you a clown..Don't go all Joe Pesci in Goofella's on me for saying so :P Snoogans
from diaboli :
Hi... It's 'leilo-' I saw you left a note on my diary lol... Just saying that my diary moved to this one now... Hehe, sorry should have left an entry explaining... Hope to see you around... Lise x
from death-never :
hey you left me a note AGES and AGES ago and I've decided to return the favour your diary is cool your a kewl person, you woubndln't mind if i added you to my listy thing? soph
from purplebanana :
I don't know why you wouldn't be real; I was just checking. You know, to make sure that robotic typing monsters hadn't taken over diaryland.
from purplebanana :
Camping, drugs, music. Are you real?
from starkitten01 :
Glad to hear from u! I hope you're doing well- I try to get on here just as much as I can, despite the major pursuit I've got going on of my love interest right now! LOL--I have been trying real hard to keep up ;)
from secretsiren :
thanks for checking out my diary! your is pretty badass too. and gratz for quitting smoking. that's some tough shit to pull off. i'm still trying.
from bodyinchains :
thanks♥ i appreciate it, love. i find your diary rather interesting. youve got a new reader.
from lokinyx :
What can i say i have no life and lots of rambling. Uh i have msn, my addy is: [email protected]
from theidiotking :
from nataliecook :
Hey, thanks for the note! You sound like a fun person, you know? I like your taste in music. Anyways, I'll see ya around. Bye!
from lostgoth168 :
hey. thanks for the note. nobody likes rammstein! ha ha! i�m not really sure why that�s funny. it isn�t, is it? i just love them for some reason. i�m a nut for industrial music, maybe. i don�t know. i like the picture on your diary, though i�m not sure who it is. you like a lot of bands that i don�t really know a thing about...your hair is red? awesome! i wanted to die my hair orange and green, but my parents said no. i also asked about purple or black, but �no.� well, when i move out, guess what the first thing i�m going to do is? well, the, third. i�ll have to put on makeup and jewelry first. i�m a freaky dork and i don�t care...anyway, i hope that nobody makes fun of your hair, becauee if they do, they�re incredibly stupid, i think. i mean; what�s the point in having hair if you don�t do something wild with it? i took the personality disorder test too. i�ll probably put ii in my diary. it seemed accurate.
from novamorgana :
hey. thanks for reading my stuff, and liking it, apparently. though I don't know who you are and how you found me (?). I read your diary (well, not everything) and you seem cool, so I'll surely check back also. ~nova~
from sexy-bex :
hiya, wots da deal wit the splittin in 2 thing, i havent been on here ages so ull hafta xplain. ure diary is sorta scary but kewl. lol. leave a note. luv bex
from filapinoluvr :
hey! i really enjoyed ur diary! thnx 4 signing mai notes! i agree w/u about the music stuff! evry one has diffrent types of music they like. but NE liked ur diary!
from cherry-girl :
from imperrfectly :
woot! ehe.. yeah you were my first noter *huggles* i finally got done with making my diary.. it looks pretty good i guess :D so like, sorry for the late reply.. but iw as sooo busy with making my diary.. anyhow ttyl :)
from gothic-baby :
hey lol thanks for posting amessage on my note new to this diary thing...and no i wasnt serious about killing myself thing at the time i felt like it but not no more...anyways my friends suck so now i have all guy friends no gurls anymore...i dont get along with the same sex i guess...and i only bought stuff for them b/c i had a job+money so they asked for it and i bought it so yeh thats why lol i didnt by them stuff so they would like me though....anyways you have very very good taste in music to...MUDVAYNE rocks *so does killswitch engage* saw them at ozzfest woohoo anyways talk to you L8er kris
from cherry-girl :
Oh, well that's cool.
from countto1000 :
Hey, You left me a note so I decided to return the favor. So how is life in the UK? I'd imagine it's the same as here but I might as well ask. By the way, the movie It is extremely frightening. Do you agree?
from redlantern :
hey :) you signed my friend's (why-me03) guestbook a while back and i just had a look at your diary, i love the layout. stop by mine if you ever get the chance and leave me a message, cheers :) rach xxx
from integrating :
thanks. when i saw your layout i said "fuck yeah!". really like your writing. lates.
from hatred69 :
huh.... i wass making fun of them dur
from mteyes :
Damn, you've got a lot of notes! hm, well. I don't know you but you left me a note, I don't think I'm giving up though so I'll prolly be writing in my diary still. Find me online or something if you wanna talk, until then I'll add you to my favs! -HL P.S. I like your's interesting.
from fallenjewels :
hey there, thanks for writing me. europe was a blast and i will check out ur blog when i have time. have a good day and take care of urself
from lilskipster :
ur diary is awesome. u seem like a really cool person...
from cherry-girl :
How did you find me? My username and password are spidey and undies. :D
from goth69 :
hey there thanks for checking out my diary..I'm sorry if it is boring. I think it is because I think I'm a very boring person and I hope I'm doing everything ok because I just started a diary online not too long ago. Thank you though. I'm glad you like it.
from krissy65 :
Hey Thanks for the note. I like ur diary too
from lovechild82 :
Hi!Thanks for the advise. Made my dog shit on her stupid lil my little ponies^-^ Well it looks as though you have great taste in music also. Not very many people, or should I say girls, know whats good for them. Or maybe everybody elses lives are all flowers and sunshine. Well screw those people. Anyways thanks again:)
from why-me03 :
I know exactly how you feel...once the exams are over there is absolutley nothing to do...and then you end up bored and in a mood with everyone then it turns into an "i can't be arsed to do anything" kind of mood...bordem sucks!! Plus my friends have abandoned me as i can't walk (due to my dislocated knee) and they said they would come and see me and have not!! xXx
from tek3000 :
hey hey, yep Fallen To rule, i aint seen them live yet tho, just found out they wer playin in manchester the other nite :o( u sound pretty cool :o)
from katehackett :
Why would you DYE your hair red? Blah. :O)
from bradliford :
Hey, Nice diary you got here. Sorry it's taken me a while to respond. ~B
from kurt4cobain :
awesome diary n awesome pic in it! just one question: who is that?? ~tata, ~Rebby
from xeriphism :
hey, i noticed u like some metal figured i'd leave you somewhat of a 'present' for a musichead, that is if i'm right in presuming ur as fucking crazy about new stuff as i am and love having a list of new bands to listen to bleh etc anyway fuck it here goes try these bands if ur bored samael, entombed, in flames, immortal, marduk, grave, moonspell, type o negative for something new try these ; velvet acid christ, godflesh, g.g.f.h cya. XeriphisM (
from psychovoodoo :
hello! dude mudavyne rules!!! you're so cool...
from technaraver :
helllllooo its me rainbowpunk0 only i have a new name...because my other one fucked up...AHHHH! or maybe its because i forgot my password and then rememerbed it when i got this new name...they world may never know AHHH! OK im spent byebye!
from asiponder :
hi! umm i completely agree with you about not wanting to grow up. The way I see it, there's too many mature people in the world already, and if it weren't for the spontanious, slightly immature ones, we'd all be really bored. So yea, stay as awesome as you are. haha
from dilutedxpink :
hey, thnks for the message. personaly, i odnt find myself too intresting.. but thanks.. you seem pretty cool yourself
from shadyslayer : left me a note, so I thought I'd leave you one too. Your diary rocks dude...definetly gonna add you to my fave's list....
from me-whoelse :
you don't want to go to college? I mean, I suppose at 16 it's a bit of a leap, but, I'm still looking forward to it. eh. mixed feelings.
from pinkstar10 :
What is your screen name? Sometimes I need someone to talk to...especially in times like these...leave me a note. -Megan-
from yourhate :
yay!! a MuDvAyNe fan!! i love you!! hehe... (per)version of a truth is my faaaaaavorite :D... wow i sound happy...
from damnhippy :
hey you came across my diary apparently weird/cool. mostly cool. i poked around in yours a bit, it was good. i would imagine you found me because we both like elizabeth wurtzel, as everyone should (ha) cool thats all
from georgetown :
Just like to say thanks for Visiting my Diary(Journal) and Mudvayne kicks ass! I have been listening to them since I got the first CD when it came out. "Fire, fire...I disolve and solidify, destroy to recreate, disassemble to assemble something pure, our rubric sol-ve-et-co-ag-u-la...kill to be born again, cycled a thousand times..." If you like them you might like Slipknot. If you don't already.
from eljaynus :
Hey. Thanks for signing the guestbook, I'm amazed people actually read my random witterings..... Liked your diary page, looks more intersting than mine. And no, I won't kick your ass! :-)
from drewe11 :
Thanx, yours is amazing. You have an interesting life. I just write ramdom crap thats happened in my day. *MEH* love drewe x
from why-me03 :
hey! you signed my friends guestbook, thenyoutry!! i have one too so feel free to sign it when you like!! it's great to see that someone else has poblems too..i'm going through an akward time too!! Carrie xXx
from nocterro :
Hmmm. A visitor to my site. How frightfully unusual. I'm adding this note because all the rest of them are deppressingly happy and seem on the verge of promising that everything will get better. It's always darkest just before it goes pitch black. I'm bored of this now. May you live in interesting times.
from drummasta2kx :
lol i didn't think anyone would even bother to look at my little journal other than my girlfriend... nice to know there are people interested in the workings of my one out of 7 billion life : )
from my-last-word :
ooh.. thank you :) i <3 compliments. i'm doing my a levels at the moment, so i totally know what you're going through with your exams - after three constant years of them, you'd have thought i would know when to start revising, but i dont. stay good. xx
from why-me03 :
hey! how are you?? Your diary is really interesting to read, a bit sad in some places, and i feel quite sorry for you, but i'm guessing you don't need that coz i don't particulary like it when people feel sorry for me! We seem kinda similar, listening to the same music, going out with mates etc. and i agree with you that evanescence's songs do sound similar but they are good!! Well hopefully speak to you soon! xXx
from boltedwrists :
and you mean something to me to. you are so special. don't ever forget that <3
from boltedwrists :
yes they are darling. <3
from why-me03 :
Hey!! What a fantastic diary!! i really enjoyed reading it!! Are you going to Reading festival?? i live in Reading!! Well speak to you soon!! Caz xXx
from murderd0lls :
hey, the sick dude here. luv ur taste for metal music. nice diary too. mind sendin mi a photo of urself? haha.
from antny :
Thanx for reading, and thanx for enjoying. As soon as I'm not as busy as the proverbial one-legged man, I'll scour your diary. Cheers.
from tenaciousnat :
oh man i so fergot these fings existed!! haha i jus checkt mine n o0ppps! sorreh i not replyed em sooner but yea better late then neva rite? hehe exams almost over now ;)
from spoonlover :
port o potty
from jaydub14 :
hey man thanks for checkin out my diary, kinda cool to here from someone in the UK. but it doesnt really look by the style of your diary that your a soccer fan. Well anyway i am making a movie and its pretty cool with some hot chicks in it so check out the website
from notverysane :
Hey, Gem! left me a note, so I thought it would be the proper, nice thing to do and leave you a note, too. I dunno about you, but getting notes makes me feel a bit...special. Yes. Anyways, you have an AWESOME diary!! Grr, I can't add pictures or anything to mine, which sucks. Oh, and I WOULD comment on how you said you wish you could be a little kid again, except, I'm technically still a little kid (in some people's minds). So, I guess I should enjoy myself in the next 2 years I have until I'm 16! G2g, but before I leave, I would like to say that I hope your life is prosperous and good. (which means, in other words, "may you get lots of penis".) Ha, I need to stop talking about penises... -Jessica
from fallenangl13 :
Hey...thanks for the note. I'm glad things are goin good with us again too hehe. I totally agree with you about the being a little kid again thing. I always wish that.
from midget87 :
hey gem! thanks i love my layout. i'm just proud that i made it myself. well damn, i haven't talked to you in a while, i've been so preoccupied with many things. well hi.
from boltedwrists :
+Keep it real even when the chips are down!+ Keep your head up soldier! Love you! Peace out. Laura xox
from boltedwrists :
lol yeah...i learnt some new things too!! Catch you up Later! Peace out!! Laura xox
from chaosmonster :
hey there! due to my crappy ass parents reading my site i've had to lock it so yeah... user:bleed ; pass:black enjoy! adios.
from noodlecheez :
Hey.. yeah MUDVAYNE iz frickin AWESOME!!!
from misfited :
Hey where you been for the last couple of days...are you avoiding me? lol...((sighs)) well Later days ameigo! Missy xox
from crosover :
You are such a cool reporter of your world. Go on now, have some fun.
from leftunspoken :
'lo then sugar. All not well in your world? Sorry, lovey, but misery is better than nothingness any day. Too much smiling is bad for you. Kisses anyway...Sky is mostly intact in my world. M.
from morningstar3 :
Hey thansk for writting in my guest book what your wrote made complete sense I wish the whole world had common sense but I guess that will never happen people are stupid. I enjoy reading your journal I have depression to it sucks but just hang in their things will eventually get better.
from jhp :
Heyyy there trainwreck.. Got your note.. Didnt exactly follow it.. Was that bit in English???
from konstantly05 :
wow.. your journals rock. I feel like im not the only person in the world who isnt happy all the time, and thanks for reading my journal.. you may be the only one who does, but thanks. I sincerely hope things get better for you. Feeling bad sucks...keep writing though, maybe it will help. all my love.
from icedrops :
thanks so much for the note! i hate online diaries but i figured what the hell, mine as well. cheer up sweetie. bye!
from lullabycure :
thanks for the note! by the way, i checked out your diary, and i love the layout. -s
from rice-cakes :
yeah sikth are rad, mudvayne r wicked to, id luv to see them!! ur a lambrini girl?? yo!!! is it 2 quid a bottle where u live too? :P c ya graham
from geekgoth : note??? did you not? well, i'm 14. i guess you are real then. okay well i like you're diary a's cool...and i think you should check out my friend: she's cool and she reminds me of you...metler aswell. i'm bye???
from evilphish :
Really? cheers. :) Yours is awesome - gotta love the Mudvayne pic. and seriously, cheer up! -phish
from peaches-grl :
hey, saw you came by my page. i wanted to come back and return the favor! check out my diary any time you want. always glad to meet a new person.
from love-bites :
hey thanx for the note. just read a couple of your diary entries and found it really interesting and good i will be back to find out more! plus i love your layout mine is so boring but dont have the patience to figure out how to change it! anyaway keep amiling xxx
from slccls :
hey, thanks, so where about in the UK are you from, i used to live in scotland, then i moved here to Canada. anyways see ya later
from dollyrocker :
I sincerely loved your diary. You're an amazing writer and you capture how you feel very well. I can't say I know EXACTLY how you feel, but about a year or two ago, my life was real screwed up. (No friends, always called a freak, and sure, i had a boyfriend- but he was extremely ...stoned. lol.) and I felt a lot of the things you do now. I release all my tension in theatre now... and besides making me a HUGE dork for Shakespeare and musicals, it's helps you step out of a life that you can't stand... and become a character with a whole new perspective in life. You might want to give it a try- I say people with problems are always the best when it comes to theatre, and who knows- It could help you get your mind off what troubles you. ;) Anyways- Thanks for checking out my diary, if you hadn't left a note, i wouldn't have been able to read your amazing journal. Keep it up, you're a pretty awesome personas far as I can tell. -mary
from im-a-freak :
aw hun, I know how ya feel, but try not let life get ya down to much. Join clubs or something to make friends who like you and stuff. Try to cheer up.
from omzhaara :
Gem, thank you for your guestbook entry! I read some of your entries so I could get a feel for you... I've been depressed, and I know how useless it feels, sometimes, for folks to say "I hope you feel better".... But it did make me feel better knowing that folks were thinking of me, so just know that you're in my thoughts and (here we go, huh) I *do* hope you feel better.
from rain-blaise :
oh...yeah. your diary is very good. don't let life get you too down, it will get better. too every down, there's an up. at least i hope so.
from rain-blaise :
hey, thanks for the note. aah, yes the pleasures of hearing other people fornicating. anyway, really...thanks for heads up on my diary, or even reading it for that matter. it's nice to know someone saw something it my ramblings that they agreed with.
from lopvin :
erm.. hey.. haha thanks for reading my diary. i read urez.. haha ure actually a cool writer. well ya see my diary entries are good cos ive been writing for a long time (web sites etc) and i like writing and well yeah... haha thanks for da compliment.. :) u rock!!
from sueq13 :
yeah I'll have to agree with just about everything you have to say. shit sucks and for no real reason theres nothing we can do about it..blahh blahh blahh
from a-mistake :
You're not a fuck up.. Don't worry. Thank you for the note, and yes.. it does give me that feeling. I hope you feel better okay? *hugs* I love your layout by the way! And red traffic hair sounds fun! haha.
from choke-me :
hey, Thanx for the note. I think hes gonna be ok hopfully. Your diarys pretty cool too. peace out
from ana-tears-me :
hey, thanks for the note. MuDvAyNe kick ass! I will most likely be going to see them live soon since I've already missed them before. I like your writing it's awesome. I see you are against the whole love thing, good thing you can't let yourself get dragged into someones bullshit. But hey at least you got MuDvAyNe & Smashing Pumpkins, I wonder what life would be like without them....*shudder* I'd rather not it's too scary. Good diary :) keep it up with those thought provoking words.
from devouredsoul :
hey hey!!! thanks yeah i love mudvayne and i got my layout from lissydesigns ...and kittyrash at d-land. they rock. i'm tryin to get tickets to the summer sanitarium tour with some friends. so where'd you hear of me then???
from lancesroom :
Thanks for the note. & I thought I was tough on love. Is this your mission statement? Cool writing.
from willowrain :
thaanks for leaving me a note and adding me to your favorites. I read one of your entries and you have alot of emotion and thought. Things get better, and love will find you. You have to love yourself first though, that is what I learned at your age.
from misfited :
Hey thanks for leaving me a note and adding me to your favs.! :-) I added you to mine. I read soem of your entries and I feel I can some-what realate to you! Thanks again! -Missy!

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