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from dangerspouse :
Well, it's now the year 2023, and you'll be turning 58 soon. You were 38 at your last entry, I believe. Your kids, gosh - 29 and 25? Something like that? Hope you've been well. Hope your libido came back, if only for your husband's sake. Hope he got that '64 Mustang together finally. And I hope someday you read this note :)
from coldandgray :
HEY! Where have you BEEEN?!?!
from crazylady :
Hey! Thanks for the note on my entry last week! Nice to know someone is still reading!
from smokeybone :
Thanks for the note, and for adding me to your favorites. I really appreciate the encouragement.
from coldandgray :
Love your diary, looking forward to new updates. Thanks for the well wishes.
from smokeybone :
Wow. You responded. I really appreciate that. I have two entries now. They aren't great yet, but I'll get there. Thanks again!
from smokeybone :
Love your diary. I just added you to my favorites. Are you thrilled?
from coldandgray :
Thanks for letting me find you, I am going to enjoy catching up with your archives...
from madsad :
You like Joe Versus The Volcano. I can't help but respect that.
from squirrelx :
Thank you so much for your support! One message like the one you just left in my guestbook makes up for all the accusations of 'derangement'. With affection and gratitude, Xtine
from piehole :
I thought you were dead! But, apparently? Not dead. YAY!
from squirrelx :
I'm so happy you're back! Hope all is well with you! Best, Xtine / Squirrel X
from lousrose :
i have info on eric of perceptionss, if u want to know email me at [email protected] love, whit.
from raven72d :
I'll hide out on Xmas Day and then go to a Szechuan restaurant for dinner. Never did like turkey... and I was thrilled to realize that at the "first Thanksgiving" codfish and lobster had a bigger place on the menu than turkey...
from squirrelx :
LP, there's no way in this world I'd ever describe you as a 'stalker'! I'm beyond the beyond of grateful for your support and inspiration. As for writin' a book ... I feel like I'm about as qualified to do that as I am to perform brain surgery, but then again, one never knows. Maybe a miracle will happen. Best, Xtine / Squirrel X
from raven72d :
Thank you for the kind words... And for making me listen to Berlin again...
from raven72d :
The platypus is a wonderful monotreme. The most common name for a platypus is "Asmodeus". The Island of Misfit Toys is a brilliant idea.
from gayfraud :
I hate "old school," too. I prefer "seasoned," but probably due to nothing more than my love for cajin food.
from veggiedog :
thanks for clicking the banner. i wanted my handle to be platypus on diaryland, amongst other titles, but it was taken. i didn't have the mind at the time to be creative like you, and add another word to it. sheesh. by the way, 'indie' means independent from major record labels. it's a very respectable thing. 'emo' means emotional - you have to delve further into the scene to understand it fully - i only do partially. these weren't rhetorical questions, were they?..heh...
from gayfraud :
How cool are you? You just made my life with that note you left for me. I have been stumbling around all day muttering to myself about how I hate taking actuarial exams (mine is tomorrow morning), and all I really want to do with my life is write a book. "But no one would want to read it," I think, until reading your note. You're going in the forward as My Inspiration.
from raven72d :
"Lostplatypus" is such a wonderful name... I'm quite the fan of our platypus friends (they're named "Asmodeus", of course) and the Psyduck himself. Chalk. I miss chalk. All the places where I teach use dryboard. And redneck games... well, it may not match "Cornhole", but in St.-Joseph, Louisiana, they go out from the local br onto the levee and do T'ar Throwin'...tossing tire along the levee and betting on distance.
from snotgirl :
//thought i would say hi to a fellow buk fan.
from shutupmom :
from writemylife :
actually, i do have two openings. So, if you want to hop on in you have to do some things to catch up: 1. read all the entries in the diary. these include ALL of the e-mails that have been sent to the contestants so far. 2. join the diaryring and post the code up (this will add 1 free point to your score). 3. list writemylife as a favorite diary (also 1 point). 4. E-mail me or sign the guestbook to confirm your participation and to let me know that you understand and agree to the rules. *****Here are the rules, procedures, etc.***** I will pick the writers who will compete for the prize: A gift basket containing one CD of your choice, one VHS or DVD of your choice and $20 in gift certificate to That is an estimated $50 cash value. Prizes cannot exceed the cost of $60. These competitors will be chosen and ready to write by August 4. RULES: - Writings must be at least 500 words, unless otherwise specified. - They must be orginal, no stealing, please! - Your writings will be scored by a point system, where 0 will be incomplete, 1 will be for late assignments, and a score of 2 (worst) through 6 (best) will be given based on flow, grammatical errors, spelling and content, with the emphasis being on content and your ability as a writer. You can check your scores on this diary every Sunday. - If you miss two assignments in a row or turn in three late assignments, you are disqualified. - The prize for this contest is a gift basket containing one CD of your choice, one VHS or DVD of your choice and $20 in gift certificate to That is an estimated $50 cash value. Prizes cannot exceed the cost of $60. - You must e-mail me a confirmation saying that you will participate in the contest under the premise of these rules. PROCEDURE: - You will be required to check the diary Sunday evenings, beginning August 4. You will be responsible for retrieving the week's assignment. - You will then e-mail me at [email protected] on Wednesday to confirm you got the assignment. That way, if you didn't, I still have time to give it to you or explain it. - Your assignment will be due by 9 p.m. Friday night. 500 words or more, unless specified otherwise. You will post the assignment in the diary and I will e-mail you by Saturday evening if I have not received it. However, any assignment turned in after 9 p.m. Friday will be considered late and the writer will receive only one point. Thank you! ~Emma~
from tatteredstar :
sorry, but i am going to have to deny your admittance to the writemylife diaryring for the time being. the ring is for those involved only...but i am putting your name on the list for the next round of the contest that will start late in october. sorry! but have a great day and i really like your diary, it's hilarious. ~emma~
from tygerchild :
Oh my god, that IBS/pooping at work entry was the greatest thing, ever. (ps Have you thought about getting a guestbook up on your diary?)
from leopardray :
Hello! Thanks for the lovely thing you said about my journal in your profile. You've got a great writing style, and you're quite funny. I guess I'm a little late in welcoming you to this online writing world, but welcome! ~Sadie
from lostplatypus :
Hi - you're different.

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