The Brazen Hussy Sermons

The username is because of the tattoo.

The diary's name is because that's what I aspire to be.

Welcome to my life.

My favorite diaries:

agentmerp profile - diary
comments: I cleaned my room. As Shana said, "Wow! I didn't even know you had that little rug!" I have a small woven rug in front of my bed. Clearly, it was covered in crap.
boynurse profile - diary
comments: I thought that, as an adult, I'd already viewed my parents as mere humans, but I hadn't. Before, I thought they could do no wrong, at least not marriage-wise. Now I know what "human" means and I really fucking wish I didn't.
Cruel-irony profile - diary
comments: I think I look like an FBI agent. Well, not really, but maybe, just maybe, I look a little dangerous. Or maybe I just look, well, little. Why split hairs?
dancingbrave profile - diary
comments: Wait. Is it wrong that I want to see David Blaine cry?
dichroic profile - diary
comments: How sad is it that my life's theme could be a song by Avril Lavigne?
Hodgson profile - diary
comments: Lord, mighty Jesus, merciful, big, giant, colossal God of all the heavens and earth, please , PLEASE let me have sex with this one lesbian. I'll never ask again.
i-girl profile - diary
comments: Satan strikes me as the guy youíd really want to be friends with, plus I bet heís hot. I mean, heís Satan, so heíd kind of have to be a fox. Besides, everyone knows the bad boys are always cuter. But I digress.
ladeeleroy profile - diary
comments: (You're the sicko here. Not me. Unless you didn't think that that last sentence was about eating defecation at all, in which case I am the sicko. Anyway. Continue reading.)
Minniepearl profile - diary
comments: Well this can't speak well for my mental state can it?
moresarah profile - diary
comments: Gads. I'm a dolt. And a slug. A doltish slug, or a sluggish dolt? Either way, that's me.
misterzero profile - diary
comments: Oh, wait a minute, noÖ I actually jumped out of my seat, knocked my leg on the file cabinet and nearly tipped over the chair while I ran around to the other side of my boss, shrieking, ďMOUSE! I found the mouse!Ē much to the delight of my co-workers.
mitzi-j profile - diary
comments: Oh, and thereís a cute new rabbi. I asked Mom to investigate. By asking her, I have admitted that Iím on crack. Oy vey.
rising profile - diary
comments: Where I was promptly assaulted by a colony of ants. Okay, they didnít actually assault me, but they were certainly attacking the cat food bits the cats had tossed out of their bowl.
sarahjanet profile - diary
comments: Sure, that sounds terribly arrogant, and it is, really. But given how rare it is for me to acknowledge being good at ANYTHING, I think I'll take my feeling of satisfaction with myself for a nice change of pace. I feel like I could take on the world.
Sirilyan profile - diary
comments: How has this city not been sold to the gypsies?
skibigsky profile - diary
comments: Anyway, I must have gotten a cat hair in my eye or Iím allergic to something ,or Iím turning into some bad Doctor Who alien, but I woke up this morning, with one eye completely bloodshot.
Splorch profile - diary
comments: "Enough. WHY is it, to tape a STUPID SIMPLE SHOW on the STUPID SIMPLE VCR, I have to shove a remote up my ass, turn around three times on a lit match, and sing KUMBAYFUCKINGYA in MIDDLE ENGLISH in order to do anything these days?"
drunkyfunky profile - diary
comments: Heather gets the award for Funkiest of the evening, because one else, fortunately for them, came remotely close to throwing up in his or her own hand and then continuing to drink for another three hours.
unchbunch profile - diary
comments: I read somewhere women are more likely to cheat on their partners at some certain point in their menstrual cycle... If only I'd tracked that data when I was working with her.
morganzola profile - diary
comments: He just looked up at me and asked if Iíd ever taken Communion. ďIíd like a big old bag of Host right now. Sitting on the sofa. Watching basketball. Eating God,Ē he announced. Needless to say, weíre all a little punchy.
annarain profile - diary
comments: I have really long eyelashes. Sometimes I complain that I canít wear sunglasses because they touch the lenses, but thatís really just a sneaky way of bragging.
tabbynormal profile - diary
comments: He says mama, dad-dee, cat, no, stop, and cookie. Actually, weíre not sure about the last one; sometimes it seems as if it could be okay, and Shazzer suggested it might be cocaine.
cabbie profile - diary
comments: I got the package open, but I also punctured one of the Coke cans. So here I am in my room, with a fizzing Coke can going everywhere, and I have to shotgun it. Cuz God knows, I'm not wasting my well-earned Coca-Cola product.
porktornado profile - diary
comments: So I had a dream that I had chocolate in my scrote. If that doesnít qualify me for a government-funded study, nothing will.
quoted profile - diary
comments: The best of the best. Sound bites, as it were.
Marn profile - diary
comments: Somehow I also had it in my head I would have this path to myself, what with it being early in the morning and all. Little did I know that I would be playing a rousing game of Smush The Jogger with The Stealth Cyclists From Hell.
lizardspace profile - diary
comments: Iím tired of trying to find clothes that sufficiently cover my astonishingly large ass. I donít mind the big belly, but my ass was big enough before. I donít need it appended.
trinity63 profile - diary
comments: And all of you who think I am horrible because I wish I had a bowl to smoke Ė blow it out your ear. Wishing and doing are two different things.
smartypants profile - diary
comments: Also, I still believe that TiVo needs that irony button.
tittlemouse profile - diary
comments: T875trtr4 f3ejn mhuuh mlo,ikmkmyttrtfvgftv;lp.gvffhujhynjhunnb hc vvhnj umbgvfdftvgrby7ik9u6t5r4t6y7u I typed that with my head. Arenít you proud of me?
Weetabix profile - diary
comments: Itís all the fault of Diet Coke (as is so many things, like fat thighs and inflation and those annoying pill things you get on acrylic sweaters and also the fact that you canít make peanut brittle in the summerÖ yup, Diet Coke).
shannonk profile - diary
comments: Iíd like my shoulders to stop doing that weird rounding-forward thing that they do. Iíd like to stop looking like a schlump. Iíd like to learn whether ďschlumpĒ is, in fact, a word.

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