Pearls of Misinformation

I'm in constant need of Palm Trees.

My favorite diaries:

tygerchild profile - diary
comments: THIS is an adventure in voyeurism. like a wacked out soap opera, so wacky it's poetic.
buttermilk profile - diary
comments: adventures from whitesburg, mamaw used to live there next to the coke bottling plant...we would feed ducks. :)
weetabix profile - diary
comments: wonderful writing, always entertaining a diaryland classic... in my humble opinion
msamy profile - diary
comments: again, classic stuff. she is destined to run a thrift store somewhere and young people will flock to her amazing oddness
morganzola profile - diary
comments: a proud member of the Damn Hell Ass Kings and the OLP...I want to be her when I grow up
dancingbrave profile - diary
comments: another member of the Damn Hell Ass Kings. Great writing is a DHAK requirement.
MisterZero profile - diary
comments: I've always wanted to live in LA.....
DrunkyFunky profile - diary
comments: Inappropriate drinking? Yes, please!!
Quoted profile - diary
comments: the best of diaryland in a nutshell

My favorite music:

Ben Folds
comments: oh the man and his piano...throw in some character driven songs and i'm your biggest fan
Counting Crows
comments: nothing better than a charsimatic lead singer with faux dreds!
Phantom Planet
comments: Good Good's like St. John's Wart but it won't screw up your birth control.
Elvis Costello
comments: look in to the deep dark truthful mirror
The Beatles
comments: I know it's cliche...but Ringo is my fav. $10 says he out lives Paul.

My favorite movies:

Imitation of Life
comments: Lana Turner & Sandra Dee....kick ass old movie
So I Married An Axe Murderer
comments: Come Nadia! Let us dance like children of the night!!
The Muppet Movie
comments: A bear in his natural habitat....a Studebaker!
Apollo 13
comments: I'm a sucker for a patriotic space mission movie
Sliding Doors, Hook, Say Anything, One Crazy Summer, Lion in Winter, West Side Story, Wizard of Oz,

My favorite authors:

Donna Tartt
comments: The Secret History is wonderful, now I need to read The Little Friend
Douglas Coupland
comments: Shampoo Planet, Generation X, All Families are Psychotic...all are brilliant
Dorothy Parker
comments: the originator of cruel witt....could also handle her liquor, my favorite
Anne Lammont
comments: go read traveling mercies. right now. i'm not kidding.
Sarah Vowell
comments: NPR ROCKS.....and yes, I know that I'm a dork, Sarah's writing makes me proud to be a dork.

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