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from biodtl :
You should get a week at the beach - all pregnant women need some relaxation time before the storm. Actually, if you have access to a pool, get in it as often as you can. Nothing takes away the pregnancy backaches, sciatica and other random pressure pains like being in the water.
from missy-17 :
hey, so how has it been lately, everything fine?? ;D
from medicswife :
You are freaking fabulous! I read last night for hours and then I realized..holy crap, this is a real person's diary...does that make me like a voyeur or stalker?! ...that is "tres" cool.
from swirl-girl :
Don't worry too much, I'm sure he'll accept it as "one of his own" after awhile. There's some tips out there (my friend just went through this herself with SIX dogs!) like when you bring the baby home, have your husband carry him/her in so the dog can greet you as he normally would. I'd never be able to give up my dogs either (I also have a beagle) so I'd MAKE it work. I know you will too!
from swirl-girl :
My doxie rules me life too! (he's sitting on my lap as I type this). Congrats on being pregnant! I hope your doxie doesn't get too jealous, they sure think they're they center of the universe most days!
from fatqueen :
What about the "starving children of the world"? That must've worked for ME as a child... I think they only had to say it ONCE! I'm a firm (new) believer in Miss Manners, I think it could work.
from fatqueen :
Thank you for making me laugh with your frankness... I will be back -- and OFTEN!
from miramay3 :
your really nuts but its funny! i don't think i've ever known a hyprochondriac
from button-maker :
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from krugerpak007 :
Some people have no tact. I often have people asking me if I am pregnant, and I just think it is totally rude. I would never ask someone that. Hang in there, you are doing so well! xoxo
from g2life :
Surveys! I never even looked at all that. What a fabulous time waster!

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