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from othelladub :
still a great, great diary. nice art!
from evilgal :
I'm whoring out my Air diaryring because I spent a long time making an image-map for the link. Check it out it out on my page and join if you're interested --!!
from out-of-tune8 :
Great survey (artist). Don't know why but i totally mistook honing for promoting lol. But yeah, keep up the good work. I haven't seen that many good survey's on art..:) thanks.
from out-of-tune8 :
Great survey (artist). Don't know why but i totally mistook honing for promoting lol. But yeah, keep up the good work. I haven't seen that many good survey's on art..:) thanks.
from funnyfrog :
hey i enjoyed your doodles, im an artist too..good luck with your nose, i know what you mean by not being able to cover something on your face. toodles.
from prowlingleo :
I know this is officialy random guestbook signing week, but I'm making it a 'thank you for reading me' day. So here is me, thanking you, for continuing to read me.
from chilindrina :
Hey Good luck!!!!!!!
from theadvisor :
Congrats on starting the Berserk diaryring! :)
from crazyspade :
i didn't think you sounded narcissistic. if getting a nose job is how you make peace with your nose, then so be it! che será, será. you're right though, about not being able to hide things like that. hope it all went well and junk. ♥ ya.
from theadvisor :
Hey! Thanks for visiting my diary!
from crazyspade :
creating and abandoning, eh? i can relate! i go through the same bloody unfortunate cycle... but it persists into every other area of my life... ;) lol ♥
from darkfairy13 :
awsome "doodles" and diary. I love art so i'm happy, i'm also an artist (but sucks)
from raven72d :
Lovely work! And great drawings...
from chilindrina :
from squirrelx :
Thanks for testifyin' to the existence of black squirrels! Best, Xtine / Squirrel X
from chilindrina :
aggghhhh I sooooo can relate to that. Grrr
from mojo1915 :
Hello. Have an awesome day! :)
from chilindrina :
You have great taste in music.
from chilindrina :
God I feel the same way too!! I feel guilty about it, because maybe the girls you are talking about (and me too) don't know they're pretty, but still, it makes me so sick!!!!!
from stephielove :
lol, my font only has a problem on random computers, it's weird. The way to change it is to go up to "view" and it'll give you an option to "change text size" or something along those lines, it'll make you able to read it :) Thanks for stopping by!
from milly-bloom :
Yeah, screw him. He probably can't "doodle" worth crap. ;D
from sylviashadow :
Thanks for taking my ana and mia survey-mia=bulumia by the lingo i guess. Take care and come back soon--sylviashadow
from first-blush :
>_< You're great at art. Okay, not great.. Super-great.. Like.. Godlike in art. Or something..
from luciyen :
Thanks. Keeds is just a fucking asshole looking for attention. I never said I was a good "doodler", but it pisses me off that he would just leave rude, snide comments about how much "better" he is. Screw him.
from milly-bloom :
Hey! I think your "doodles" are great! Don't be so hard on yourself. :D
from chordchild :
oh, um. chord runs caged, if that was confusing. one girl, several million journals. ;)
from chordchild :
thanks so much for your support. I definitely understand you on the "not wanting to talk about it" point. I'm in recovery myself, and I go through phases where I want to discuss anything but eating disorders. but a big part of my own illness has been silence, so I guess I'm developing a tendency to err on the side of vocalization. or even, trying to develop that tendency. :) take care.
from caged-freed :
saw you were a member of the anti-anorexia diaryring and thought this new forum at caged-freed might interest you. check it out, if you can, and take care.
from luciyen :
lalala seeing if this feature is working now

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