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from bitterwineuk :
hello, found you by accident through another readers site but i like your diary and will be adding you to my favourites. i like the hp temp too and i am in the process of moving into a new house this coming weekend. nice to meet ya. becca
from dr-evil45 :
Got guy problems? Go to and let us know about them! Then pass this site on to all your friends, and heck, even link us! Spread the word! Thanks!
from aliboomboom :
Thanks for the note, it is good to know that it is normal for me to be this obsessed with my situation. I don't think that Jolene will end up with Ian. He doesn't even really like her. I just don't want them to see one another and if they do, I just want them to say hi and be done with it. I just don't have any control over any of it and that is killing me. I guess I don't want her to talk to him since I'm not. I emailed him yesterday so hopefully he'll reply soon and we can start talking again as friends. I feel that if I asked him not to talk to her anymore, he wouldn't. I don't feel the same way about her. Anyways sorry I am so caught up in my drama. I hope that things are getting better with your boyfriend and his roomate, that really sucks.
from sheisbliss :
money does make the world go round...blah & I hate it
from sheisbliss :
yay for you being back. I thought you were gone for good. I love being spoiled like that. Build-a-Bear is so much fun. It brings the inner child out in me.
from dmbjoshp :
Hey I would like to continue reading you if you don't mine. Thanks Josh
from kristiel :
I hope I don't sound repetitive but I tried to email you a couple of time and I kept getting error messages. I'm a fan of your diary and would love your new address. Our lives are very similar in the relationship department. My email address is [email protected] I hope to here from you. I hope everything works out better with you with the new change. Good Luck! Kristiel
from suckitreview :
Your review at Suck-It reviews is finished!
from miss-marsh :
Hey! I love reading your diary :) I'd love the new url :) thanks!
from beccac :
I totally understand you wanting a diary where no one you know can read it. I had to do the same thing. I would love a link so that I could continue reading...thanks :) ([email protected])
from crashintome :
i've loved reading you! so i definitely want the new URL and it will be a secret i promise :)
from sheisbliss :
Ahh! We have one of those build-a-bear places here too.The first time I made a monkey & put alittle heart inside him & named him Cha Cha.I had this really scary lady helping me tho.She made my two other friends & I sing a birthday song to my "baby boy monkey".She was a bit too into her job.It was sorta embarrassing but fun.I made a giraffe at this festival too & put a star inside of him instead of a heart.Sorry I'm rambling!
from frogs8me :
Yes, I really do wish d-land had a spell check. I would make everything easier.
from cateldragon :
that film 'i am sam' made me cry sooooooooo much. i dont think ive ever cried taht much in my life!
from cateldragon :
love your diary :)
from fl1ps1de :
AMEN to what you put in the design page.
from sheisbliss :
I had the same trust issue with my boyfriend.Well I really dont trust a certain one of his female friends.The stituations are kinda different.But he thought I was making a too big of deal out of it.I dont think I am.Nice diary just the same.I checked out your design diary too.take care -mel-
from uberhopeless :
I went to your design site, and I'd like to use the 'Hope' layout, but something's wrong with the picture. I can save it to my browser if you could possibly send it to me. Thanks.
from priscillar :
I grew up in louisville (I live right across the river now). What a great city it is! I'm still in there all the time...and I love Cherokee park, too!
from jenne1017 :
no harm taken. and don't take offense to this, but we basically have done that. Aside from the past 10 which I guess you are referring to. Whether or not we like it is what counts, not where it comes from. If that was the case, we'd just being reviewing sites that design templates for people. A person picks a template/design because they like it. We critique the design -- heck if they want they can learn to design one themselves, you know? Thanks for the heads up. Maybe when we start the new ones, we can say --not a self-design but... Or are you a desinger looking for a link?
from diaryevals :
it's jenne1017 -- you left the note under this name. What do you mean?
from jenne1017 :
you left me a guestbook message...and I have no clue as to who you are!
from jenne1017 :
what are you talking about?
from speakoff :
hi. y'know what? i had a boy just like josh once, and for some reason i stuck with his crap for almost 2 years. im proud of you, you did the right thing with josh. i hope you and the new guy end up happy and in love. i love your diary, keep it up.
from candid-revu :
Hi! Would you like your diary reviewed? If so just click the link and get to requesting =o) We�re always looking forward to new reviews. *NOTE: This isn�t spam, I found you through member directory, which is where I find everyone�*
from gabmeg :
hello, umm i took one of your designs from your web page for my eo page and i want to credit it you for that, like you asked to be but i dont know how to do that so my eo is MegHan......could you please contact me somehow and let me know so i can do it?? that would be great and thanks so much! meghan or my email is meghan[email protected] and as you can see my diaryland name is gabmeg
from dipso :
is that youre picture posted at your profile?
from bestdesigns :
Your design has been featured on our Best Designs page. I do feel that I will be changing the template to your design tomorrow. I love your work, and there is no doubt that your site will again be hit for another favorite design. Just wanted to let you know, and if you know of anyone who has used the Kirsten Dunst template and would like to leave a note with comments, please forward them to us. If you yourself have any comments, feel free to leave them. Thanks so much.
from rosarybeads :
Girl, we have entirely too much in common! I read three entries and I'm addicted. Yep. Your layout is yummy; I love love love DMB.
from lovingmusic :
That was such an awesome entry today...I loved your description...not trashy, not too much information...just right. And your words were beautiful...You made me want a moment like that so much more than I already do...Love is so beautiful...thanks for the reminder...I loved it!!
from theoneforme :
i LOVE dave! your diary ROCKS! :)
from jennconqueso :
hey, i'm jenn. i just thought i'd leave you a quick note to say i like your diary. maybe i'm biased because i'm a huge dmb fan. either way, it rocks. that's all.
from spamloaf410 :
I love your diary! Dave Matthews is so frickin hot!!! He's a dreamboat! Heehee...I saw him in concert for the 4th time not too long ago...yay! ^_^
from fishy-review :
Hey! This is a new review site, so if you can plz tell others abt it, or submit ur own diary :) Thanks from Dee~
from rockingal :
hello again-i signed your guestbook as well::just wanted to know if you've read summer sisters by judy blume? i saw she was your fav. author...hmm xcellent book~and xcellent diary! ciAo.
from dipso :
i am not your stalker but did enjoy your entry..well a few of them..good luck with life and sex
from raven72d :
Your entries are a delight, and your bio/info list is wonderful. I have to say that once upon a time I was desperately in love with a girl in Birmingham AL who was a nursing student/ER nurse, and though she had excellent legs and green eyes, she does now seem the embodiment of evil. She despised me because she saved lives and I taught History... You seem a much nicer and more stable person...
from lisdesign :
hehe, again...thanks for supporting me. ;)
from amricancwgrl : jo. female 17. anyways i just read your diary...i love it its so well i dont know any words to use for it but its like reading a book im going to put you on my bl. bye
from blushingcece :
Just Diary Reviews. They commented positivly on the design, they called it simple and cute. I think you can check it out if you go there or if you go on my guestbook and the address is listed.
from blushingcece :
No problem, it doesn't really make that big of a difference to me I was just curious after the reviewer mentioned it. Once again, CONGRADULATIONS!
from blushingcece :
from blushingcece :
I didn't mean to call you a bitch! I was having a bad day as you could tell by my entry for the day. I am struck by terrible, terrible PMS! I'm sorry I know that is no excuse. I was just taken aback how you went from being so nice and helpful to yelling at me when I wasn't aware I had done something wrong. I really don't know all the ins and outs of this stuff. Please forgive me. If what I did was unforgivable you may slander my name all you want and take down my beautiful layout.But I hope you do not.
from the-grinch :
All hail Laine!! All hail Laine!! Thank you, my diary looks WONDERFUL!! I really appreciate you doing it for me; I really suck at html ^.^
from blushingcece :
Thank you anyways. The picture is huge I know. Barenaked500 did it for me just on an email. Next time I scan a pic I will downsize it! I'm still just learning!
from blushingcece :
I have uploaded my photo through boomspeed. Any idea how I could add it to my diary? Possibly instead of Anne Geddes? this is the address: Thanks as usual.
from blushingcece :
Thank you as always for all your help. Now may I ask your expert advice? Is there any way I can put a scanned picture on my diary? Does it involve being a gold member?
from blushingcece :
I'm going to attempt the diary ring thing after I finish my stupid paper on "One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest." Thanks as always.
from blushingcece :
Okay, I'm not a stalker even if I have three messages to you. How do you get diaryrings????What are they exactly?
from blushingcece :
THANK YOU! I really like the design. I'm glad to know someone else feels the same as me as far as the strange occurances. No one seems to understand it, other than Miriah and Bob.
from blushingcece :
I read on Arriyahs diary that you are designing journals. Is this true? If you check out mine you will see it is so bland.

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