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from rurisue :
Just thought I'd let you know that I was actually able to sign your guestbook on the first try, woo!
from rurisue :
Fuckity fuck fuck! I tried SIX TIMES yesterday to sign your guestbook, and then another four today. And it just won't let me! Grr. But I'm leaving a note now instead, so yay. ^__^ Anyway, congratulations on the happy breakup. I've been through that myself once (we like each other, but as soon as we started 'dating' I realized I didn't want that AT ALL with him). Good to know God's making life easier for you... Neat-O indeed.
from snowshops :
from guderian :
Aloha, I just want to say I love your banner and I enjoyed checking out you diary. I'll be returning, I'm glad to see You trust in the truth, the way, and the life! Rock on Sister Christian! God Bless You, Guderian
from lilmasochist :
cute banner
from phyntosia :
Loved the banner, and felt morally obliged to come over and introduce myself to the banner, it was so very polite and friendly. *shakes the banner's metaphorical hand* Right, I'll be off to do something completely useless then. Nice meeting you, banner (*inclines head politely to macky as well*)... I really do think the banner's pretty funky, good job :) *thumbs up*
from lameassgirl :
130 lbs aint nothing to worry about! fuck all those skinny ass anerexic bitches!!!
from familydollar :
Goodness! You sound just like me! By the way, your kittie is precious!
from macky :
just checkin. i'm awesome
from charingx :
LOL reverse psychology, i didnt think people would click it, i guess. I dunno.
from chocogurlie8 :
You're very welcome! I really enjoyed reviewing your diary =)
from blondedoll :
I liked your site:)
from shydaisy82 :
You're right...that was definitely awesome!!! J. Knapp is so fabulously not like I thought she'd be.
from shydaisy82 :
Thanks for visiting my diary. I really like yours. I went to a Jars of Clay/Jennifer Knapp concert Saturday and it was awesome! You should go to this tour sometime, if you get a chance...
from zmasterio :
i'm back. sorry. anyway, just wanted to add: you can be a writer not to worry... :) most writers are quite self conscious about their work. a suggestion: as soon as u complete ur work, keep it right away until the urge to edit has gone away. then you can sit down and read through it calmly and re-edit it. :)
from zmasterio :
hi :) thanks for leaving a note at my diary. it's nice to know i'm sorta being heard anyway. and yes, i do believe the Him upstairs has his own plans to send me such a friend someday. :) btw, you can write as many times as you like on my guestbook. I don't mind!! :)

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